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The Great Debate in Chernobyl! This Sunday at 8.00 pm.

Posted by intellisg on April 30, 2007

Dear Valued Readers,

I have good and bad news for you. The good news is that another great debate will be held on the 6th of May this coming Sunday at an earlier time of 8.00pm (Singapore time).

The bad news is we have been kicked out from the “Great Hall.” I will not elaborate further except to say it is in part due to darkness colorful usage of language and Dr Chandra’s personal references.

But I am sure Chernobyl will do quite nicely to accommodate us all. We in the brotherhood did not encounter any problems making a booking in the town hall in Chernobyl. We have the whole town hall to ourselves (not that we needed any advance reservations).

Please understand this is not an easy task, but we spare no expense in bringing you this exclusive debate once again “LIVE” only exclusively on the Intelligent Singaporean in Singapore.

chernoblydebate2.jpgJust make sure you bring along your radioactive free water bottle, pillows and teddy bears to witness the clash of titans between darkness and Dr Chandra.

Please note Dr Chandra and his ultra rationalistic wing has requested a rematch.

On this occasion each side will be divided into 3 debaters. I harphoon will be one of them (please wish me luck, it is my first. I am very nervous), representing the brotherhood faction. As you can see I am very excited about all this, but darkness has reassured me it will be a walk in the park in Chernobyl! I really don’t know which of the two, I should really fear more, darkness or the park.

The topic of the debate is,

“What is 2 X 2. Or how should do we maximize our resource to carve out a competitive advantage in today’s world?”

The debate will cover a discussion on the merits of the current scholarship program and touch on many topics such as ministerial pay, the divide between the arts and sciences. It will also include a brief synopsis on darkness foray into Aaron blog and I am sure true to the brotherhood spirit cover other areas as well.

See you there all in the town hall in Chernobyl and remember the last one will be made to run around the reactor 3 times naked!

Doors will close at 8.15 pm sharp! And please remember it will be steaming radioactive hot! So get on down here and we will see you all in one of those hot seats! It will be a blast! You all be glowing happily after that!

(The Great Hall Debate / Chernobyl / EP – Non Specified / The Brotherhood Press 2007)


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