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Archive for May 1st, 2007

One Day all to Myself……

Posted by intellisg on May 1, 2007

oneday1.jpgRecently, I’ve realized that many people have been making a demand for the authentic in many areas of their life.

I am talking about the deeper stuff, such as the search for the meaning of life. The reason why you go to work – why you divide your hours into neat packets, where every minute occupies the intensity of a single working day, that kind of authenticity.

I see it all over the place these days. In shopping malls where people queue up just to listen to some religious leader who drives a sports car. They think he has the answers – he’s just in it for the money. If only they just stopped and think.

Usually when, I come across that all too familiar quizzical expression bordering on loss and inexplicable craving for the return to Avalon, it just makes me wonder where did we go so wrong? Where did it start to unravel? Read the rest of this entry »


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