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One Day all to Myself……

Posted by intellisg on May 1, 2007

oneday1.jpgRecently, I’ve realized that many people have been making a demand for the authentic in many areas of their life.

I am talking about the deeper stuff, such as the search for the meaning of life. The reason why you go to work – why you divide your hours into neat packets, where every minute occupies the intensity of a single working day, that kind of authenticity.

I see it all over the place these days. In shopping malls where people queue up just to listen to some religious leader who drives a sports car. They think he has the answers – he’s just in it for the money. If only they just stopped and think.

Usually when, I come across that all too familiar quizzical expression bordering on loss and inexplicable craving for the return to Avalon, it just makes me wonder where did we go so wrong? Where did it start to unravel?

Though the picture on the television might have grown sharper and clearer these few years. The sound progressing from mono to stereo and now to ear shattering surround nothing really that much has changed that much – I am referring to the content of course.

The characters might have sported tinted hair and pierced their ears. Or may have included expert opinions of economist, politicians and even scientist. They may have told us in that monotonous professional drawl like a physician recounting to his patient just after a medical check up; how everything is just hunky dory and we have 2,536.3 reasons to smile, celebrate and break open the champagne. We’re good for another 50 years. That followed by the economist who keeps on telling us; why we have never had it so “good” before in our history. Our gross national produce is rocketing through the roof, (don’t worry someone will come along to fix it) we are finally taking off to join the ranks of the 1st worlders – here we come!

It’s finally happening! Strap yourself in, suck it in and hold your breath – they are really going to hit that button this time and light that candle! Hellaluhya sweet Jesus we are just taking off like helium filled balloons, it’s the rapture. Its finally here!

oneday2.jpgHey! Someone is even building a Ferris wheel over the Marina, the view will be better, we will stand two or three inches taller. Yes, we are finally getting there after all these years of hard work. The gravy train is finally pulling in – make a line!

They might have told us all these happy factual things – repeated them with colorful charts and numbers to convince us all what we should feel – or why we should consider cloning two of ourselves just so that our other half can give us a pat on the back for all the good work we have been doing all these years.

But it’s not working this time, something is broken and I see it all too clearly. And if you just stop what you’re doing. I mean really stop, not the bull shit stop, where ten percent of your mind is still either in the distant past or future and the other is figuring out how to really impress that gal. I mean really stop – you would see it only too clearly: people aren’t happy.

I am not the saying the economist and technocrats are wrong. I am not saying the math is skewered or that the traditional measures of private and organization success just don’t measure or add up. Sure they do. Only something is amiss: people aren’t happy.

They say a man gets assaulted by these doubts at least 3 or 4 times in his life – it’s an occupational hazard for me. I deal with numbers that means like one of those actors in a cheap Hong Kong flick. I just keep talking to ghost while the rest wonders, “who the hell is he talking too?” I see lines, invisible ones cross and intersecting other lines. I see dots, I connect them, they form patterns. I see something that bothers me: people aren’t happy.

oneday3.jpgI ask myself whether perhaps this is one of the perils of having to live in a post modernist society where on the face of it, its just one of the scouring effects brought forth by a society accelerating inexorably towards globalization. Some people are just going to get displaced. They’re just going to get poorer and poorer. The chips are stacked against them – the system is bent. Others are just going to get richer. It’s the new reality of post modernist living. You’ve got to like it or lump it, but that’s how it’s coming out. Only, people are not happy.

Sure globalization is here to stay, we cannot undone the internet anymore than it makes sense to bang our key boards into ploughshares or return to the cottage industry. We have seen the pictures before, Buddhist monks in saffron robes, holding on to their lacquer bowls while they chat about celestial problems blue tooth style on their mobile phones. We have read about those distant call centers tucked somewhere far off. We’ve probably talked to them ourselves without knowing it. Technology is changing the way we work, live and play. Jobs are continually redefined, the future is bright, but people are still not happy.

So let’s get serious to pinning this sucker down! What is this? Man! Is it some kind of debilitating disease, like sick building or Gulf War syndrome? Why are so many people simply assaulted and even displaced by that all too familiar feeling of estrangement from the overwhelming truth – why aren’t they happy?

I need to find out, I simply must so I look through the tabula, spread sheets, statistical tables and reports – I mull through the equations looking for correlations both qualitative and quantitative. Comb through the econometrics and scalars in search of a mythical line, but its seamless, long, tall and broad, stretching like an endless barrier like the great wall of China. No really. I am not joking you should happy, but you not, so you have to be the problem. Yes the problem is you! You’re the round peg in a world of square holes. Hey it ain’t our fault that you don’t fit man!

oneday4.jpg“You’re having a nervous breakdown you are not happy when you should be happy.” I say to myself, I panic, I check my savings account, its all there all the magic numbers lined up perfectly. If I don’t do anything silly for the next 50 years, it should all come together quiet nicely – life that is.

I look out of the window, no menacing nuclear fall out. It will be a few more years before the Indonesians decide to really consider building a nuclear reactor in Surubaya. Be cool.

So why does this feeling persist? I know, I need Prozac, depression is treatable I say to myself three times, just to remind myself all the evils of this world generally fall into the category of threes, along with heart burn, hair loss and slippery bathroom tiles. It’s a fact of life.

My condition shouldn’t come as a surprise, since the only problems worth advertising solutions for these days are problems treatable through the spending of money. But money cannot solve all the problems of this world a part of my mind whispers (I am starting to hear voices now. OMG! I am really losing it this time!) – you know what I mean by, “only problems” – the guy who doesn’t have the courtesy to keep time, he keeps you waiting while you chug down another cup of coffee that you just know will keep you awake. The chatterer in the darkened movie theatre who just has to spoil the moment by taking that call from his stock broker, **** his mother. Those stuff money can never ever solve.

Yes a pattern is finally starting to form, I see it now, it’s a bit fuzzy, but I the edges are coming together – I think, I may have even discovered a cure for my debilitating condition which describes why, people are not happy – I haven’t given this disease a name yet, but it should rhyme with “globalization” or “progress” just in case anyone doubts these ills are the result of the age of communitarianism (that’s a big word, where did it come from?)

Till now the golden rule of economics has always been that “homo economis” (economic man) will continue to serve as a reference point, if he has food, security and a roof over his head, he would hardly have any rhyme or reason to grumble. That’s why homo economis needs to get that promotion, that car, that girl with a cute smile, 2.9 obedient, well-adjusted kids, that condo overlooking the bay. More money? More opportunities? Homo economis can’t help himself, it’s a vampire thing – he’s hard wired that way, nature programmed him that way. Right? Wrong!

The truth of the matter is despite our bludgeoning GNP, GDP, PCI our GNH has never ever been so low before. Yes, its time for you to learn a new performance index – gross national happiness.

Why is all this happening now? Well one reason is only in the last decade have economist, psychologist, biologist, philosophers and intellectuals begin to begun to decipher our minds. You know that joy center of the brain roughly the size of a pea that lights up and says, “whoope!” Whenever we ace our scores, find that parking lot or when Friday winds to a end and it’s the guy you hate in human resources turn to buy the next round of drinks.

Of course, the idea that money isn’t the center of the universe isn’t exactly a new thing. Its being around for an awfully long time, when the first apes discovered they could just as well use that wide and broad femur to crack another apes skull as easily as splitting a nut – man it seems hasn’t really changed all that much, and most recently even in the 18th century political theorist such as Jeremy Bentham argued for the need to incorporate a “happiness” index to define personal and organizational success. Long before him Rene Descartes declared that all the problems of the world, was best solved by being ignored and just being happy (the first recorded seminal study on how to be an 18th hippie. He was certainly ahead of his time. Now you know why they wore wigs and flared collars). And there are some philosophers who still agree with him. They argue that the supreme difficulty of the problem of our times is a result of the fact that the human mind just isn’t built to understand its own basis – rather like the impossibility of an eyeball seeing itself.

Fortunately these happy pessimist remain in the minority tucked somewhere in the lunatic fringe, but of late they have been making a come back, and. If you think it’s just a passing trend like a trail of meteorite, think again. Recently Thailand has already adopted a happiness index. After last year’s military coup, Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont (who doesn’t look like a very happy chap himself) promised to make Thais not just richer but happier as well. Long before that in the tiny kingdom of Bhutan where people often refer as “the world” as another celestial body completely divorced from Buddhist cupolas and spires gross national happiness measures have led to smaller class rooms, wider seats on trains and even promoting the green movement by inspiring the creation of national parks.

oneday5.jpgClearly the irony is lost on the Singapore government. The whole idea of well-being, not just money should be the benchmark of personal and organizational progress sounds a bit like the science of transmuting lead to gold – alchemy.

The science remains unclear, fuzzy even to suggest it’s a playground for hucksters and charlatans as happiness can be attributable to virtually a few million factors ranging from the mean average rainfall, to whether the train runs on time or whether any one of the respondents are suffering from an in growing toenail or terminal brain cancer. Its hocus pocus – they say then and now.

The whole idea of happiness is multi-factorial, it’s a spectrum ranging from the deeper philosophical questions such as “what is the meaning of life,” to whether you favorite football team managed to win the cup that season – to exacerbate the complexity, the former could well be discovered just as easily while reading a tome by Aristotle or while perusing graffiti in a toilet cubicle. Its mumbo jumbo the hard nosed experts say, hardly qualifying as serious science. Anyone could be expert, what should be tested? What can be tested? How do we reconfirm the results of the test with theory? Does happiness even have a law? How long is a piece of string?

Perhaps our intuitions about happiness just makes sense in a senseless world – perhaps what really makes life worth living is the small stuff that has nothing to do with GDP or GNP – the really mundane stuff, like whether our kids rush to the door when we return home – the strength and trust between our loved ones – the hope of spending more time with them to reclaim back what the world may have once leached away – perhaps it’s the wit in ordinary conversations over satay and a cold beer, that golden moment when it just comes together, camaraderie between family, friends and our loved ones – perhaps just perhaps that really is what life is all about…..happiness…..I feel much better already….yes its another beautiful day.

(By Darkness / Socio / Political / Philo – EP 993287-2007 / The Brotherhood Press 2007)


39 Responses to “One Day all to Myself……”

  1. HAL 9000 said

    Darkness do you mind?

    For boats, seagulls and those we leave ashore…one day…alone?

  2. william lai said

    Hey land boy, you used the wrong knot! lol (joke ok)

  3. anongal said


    This is a very clever rib dig. They dont have a happiness index, so if they say, people are happy, you can challenge it. You would win only because they cannot rebut you. They can’t prove what you say is true or false either, but neither can you, because like I said, we dont have a general happiness survey.

    However, if I would have to make a guess, I would go with your analysis. As for me, I note it; but only in half measures, people seem to be more stressful about jobs, future and long term prospects.

    For me although times are good, I am still reluctant to spend or commit myself to any long term financial arrangements. One reason is because many of us have grown wiser and a bit cynical after the Asian finamcial crisis.

    I think as far as the thinking people are concerned we all know despite what the govt claims. In reality, they DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER OUR ECONOMY OR FINANCIAL WELL BEING. All it takes is for the NYSE or Nasdaq to lose 10 index points and Singapore will just follow, that really shows how connected we are. So when politicians say they delivered the goods, I really believe it is for the 12 year market segment that they are trying so hard to convince or the taxi driver and ah beng crowd. Most of the thinkers just know, the govt isnt even in the success or failure equation.

    Coming back to your point, people in my opinion are not happy. Very sensitively and humorously written. I am happy to see that darkness bad boy is writing again.

    Thank you for bringing back the red eye on the left side of the IS again. I felt very uneasy when it disappeared for a few days. I am also happy to see that many of you have taken our suggestion to open the debate to women as well. May I ask will there be any female debaters?

    Sorry for rambling.

  4. guppy said

    Why can’t those journalist in ST write like this?

  5. Sumiko said

    Dear Harpoon,

    I would just like to re-confirm a rumor that has been circulating around the local scene.

    Is it true that the brotherhood has sent a team to North Korea and another to Saipan to do a travelogue abt Iwo Jima?

    I have also heard there are plans to collaborate with a US / French firm to cover the olympics in Beijing.

    It seems all this travelogue is just one giant training program.

    Why is the brotherhood declaring war on the current editorial leadership of ST?

  6. Akikonomu said

    Dear intellisg and inspir3d,

    Is it true that most of the questions asked by commentors here are actually posted by the brotherhood itself, in order to create an image of a mystical and shadowy group?

  7. Teck Wee said

    Dear Sumiko,

    Is it true that ST has some editors who have PhDs?

    If so, how did something like this happen?

  8. inspir3d said

    “Is it true that most of the questions asked by commentors here are actually posted by the brotherhood itself, in order to create an image of a mystical and shadowy group?”

    Akikonomu, you don’t seriously expect me to answer this question, do you?
    Don’t think so much, just enjoy the show =)

  9. chronicler said


    You are too presumptous.

    The Brotherhood does not consider blogging a serious enterprise.

    We have readers but no where near the numbers of the MSM.

    You have to bear in mind ST is multi million dollar organization with thousands of employees.

    While we are an outfit that is still struggling to make ends met.

    So Sumiko I hope this puts it into the correct perspective. How shall I put it, it is really like a mouse taking on an elephant.

    You don’t seriously expect me to respond to this question, do you?

    Don’t think so much and remember happy reading.

  10. chronicler said


    You must always remember this being a journalist in Singapore is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

    Pls do remember take your vitamins, green tea and do have plenty of rest.

  11. chronicler said

    “Why is the brotherhood declaring war on the current editorial leadership of ST?”

    How is this possible? All content in the internet is dubious (this fact has regularly been reported in the MSM as fact).

    While the content of the ST is widely known to ALL Singaporeans as king.

    Your suggestion is completely absurd.

    As you know very well. The internet is an unreliable domain of half truths and lies.

    Resided predominantly by charlatans and confidence tricksters who are out either to corrupt, cheat or date rape you.

    Surely even you will agree such a rogue’s gallery is quite incapable of organizing anything, except perhaps getting themselves in trouble with the law.

    Let alone take on the valiant hard working journalist in the SPH (the sisters of perpetual hesitation)
    who have dedicated themselves through their abstinence to nothing but bringing us the truth.

    I really do not see how any of our readers can even take us seriously.

    So why should you? Or for that matter anyone?

    We are trully insignificant. You are thinking too much.

  12. Trajan said


  13. Trajan said


    You should go into politics.

  14. Harphoon said

    “It seems all this travelogue is just one giant training program.”

    Sumi, you don’t seriously expect me to answer this question, do you?
    Don’t think so much, just enjoy the show =)

  15. Harphoon said

    Actually the rest dont want me to tell you all this – but I will.

    We all post using what we call a SLF, which stands for single line feed – it is actually a compression feed developed by Dr Chandra which basically allows up to 3 to 4 thousands readers to use a single IP to either post or surf – there is a simple reason why we do this to make sure that the webmasters knows its is an authentic post from us – the only limit abt the SLF is it requires a controller, someone to manually control the traffic – so in short, we the brotherhood never ever post on our behalf.

    I dont want to lie so I just need to tell the truth – I feel better when I tell the truth. Harphoon.

  16. Dr Chandra (Dear Netizens Pls Read!) said

    Dear readers,

    I have just received confirmation from my agents that the Intelligent Singaporean and the site owner has been effectively hijacked by the evil forces of darkness and his gang.

    Please be informed, it is useless to write directly to the webmaster as a puppet figure is already installed. Disregard his denial as well, they have all been prepared in advanced. I am sure it too will come with standard denial software.

    Please note these are serious allegations but I have conclusive evidence and proof which I will share with all of you on the 6th May this coming Sunday at 8.00 in the Chernobyl debate.

    I think it is high time we all found out more about the real intentions of the brotherhood! And reclaim back the blogosphere for ourselves!

    Dr Chandra (The Light!)

    (Pls note to the junta operating this site. I received a note of apology from darkness. I have tentatively accepted only if this post is not deleted. If it is deleted the apology will be considered null and void. Dr Chandra, “the light.”)

  17. sphgirl said


  18. anongal said

    Dr Chandra,

    With the greatest of respects, but these are very serious allegations, could you pls provide us all with some tentative proof. Otherwise it will really sound as if you are just fabricating this whole incident.

    For the time being, I really want to keep an open mind so I am not making a conclusive decision concerning this matter. But if it is true, then I am very disappointed.

    Why is there no response from the brotherhood and the IS?

  19. passerby said

    Mr Chandra

    I just want to ask a few questions. What harpoon mentioned is it true? How could this have been done? Is it the first time that the brotherhood has used its seige machine to hijack an innocent site? Did you receive an SOS or mayday from the webmaster of the IS just bfr it capitulated?

    Thank you. Pls note we reserve to use it as a reportage material.

  20. caleb said

    Hey this is not very funny. I dont know what to believe any more. It is all very confusing, like some kinda of Cluedo. Dr Chandra, I really dont want to say whether I believe you or not, but if the brotherhood take our the IS what could be their motive? As I see they seem to have a very good relationship with Inspir3d who is doing a terrific job of bringing news to the rest of us.

    Since last evening I didn’t like Mr Chroniclers reply to Sumiko. I already suspected something is very strange and not quiet right. Neither did I like the rest of the bro’s response, it sounded very sinister, as if they were planning something. I am always fearful when ppl ask me not to take them too seriously; I guess, its because I am Chinese ed, so it reminds me a bit of Sun Tzu Ping Fahn,

    “When weak pretend to be strong, when strong pretend to be weak.”

    This is obviously the latter part.

    Another thing just bfr and during labor day holiday, I noticed there was alot of mail posted, then it suddenly all disappeared like magic like that. I dunno whether anyone else notice. Then the site suddenly became funny as if someone started to change it or there was a management change. I even wrote that the HAL red eye was missing etc. Then in the night there was more post and then the webmaster just went suddenly very silent. It was as if someone silenced him.

    I really dunno but it reminds me very much of what happened in Thailand recently wake up morning and there are tanks and soldiers at every street corner. Dont like it at all.

  21. Harphoon said

    Anongal, sphgirl, caleb etc,

    Dr Chandra has made a very serious allegation.

    He says, he can prove it conclusively at 8.00pm on the 6th May, this Sunday – OK. We shall see, but I am inclined to believe, he will once again demonstrate to us all what a fool he really is.

    I like to say many things abt Dr Chandra but I will just inflame the situation further.

    This will not be wise, so I have taken the liberty of blocking all the comments on our SLF since Caleb’s comments.

    Can we please have another run of the latest travelogue? Oh I forgot, inspirid is tied up somewhere, it shall probably have to wait I fear.


  22. Darkness said

    Hey Harp boy,

    Apology didn’t work man.

    Chandra is out for blood. What u say if we avoid eye contact and just back track very slowly into the car and go back where we came from?

    What you say harp boy?

  23. Darkness said

    Hey run the travelogue, we need something to take the edge out of here!

  24. Harphoon said


    I dont want to do this to Mr Wang. I think I could have overeacted a bit to his comments. Really its not his fault.

    His blog has gone all dead now.

    I have never ever asked anything from you bfr, but I like to think we are buddies.

    Could you pls give Mr Wang back his blog darkness?

    I dont feel right about this.

    I just dont feel right abt it.

    You know I always tell the truth darkness.

    I just don’t feel right.

  25. darkness said

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm OK. What r friends for?

  26. darkness said

    Hi all,

    You know I am just fixated over this volcanic ash from Iwo Jima.

    I mean I have a jar of it that scholarboy brought back and I looked at it through a microscope.

    Did you know that every since particulate looks exactly similar!

    I bet you didnt know that.

    And if you pile them up they form roughly a conical shape where the ensign angle is roughly 36.3 degrees.

    Doesnt matter how high it is, it is 36.3 degrees every single time.

    I just want you to tell scholarboy and KOHO personally that I really enjoyed that report.

    I even took out a few tissues on the tail end at the end part. Really it was touching scholarboy.

    I just want to tell you, inspirid and the rest. We are getting there finally. We just have to keep on pushing on and working as part of a team.

    You are all really doing a great job here and I just want to thank all of you from the very bottom of the heart.

    However, I think is time for the boys to start writing the serious intellectual stuff.

    You need to get them organized again. If you need me to lead the way just led me know. I will start the ball rolling. But the serious research stuff must come out.

    All this wallowing in the mud is just for bitches like Crystal Gayle (I had no idea she blogged in singapore!) and Kitana.

    We are men, we roll with the punches rite?

    I really need to go now.

    See you all this Sunday.

    Bye. Darkness

  27. Harphoon said


    We need to get back producing the serious stuff.

    I have been reading a few e-mails and I know although we never ever talk abt it.

    Many of you have been downhearted by this whole ministerial pay thing.

    So I want the rest of the older boys to drive this and take a leadership role in getting the ball rolling again.

    Thank you.

  28. Harphoon said

    New Line Up for this quarter.

    Team A

    Trajan / Pumpman / Lead: Scholarboy.

    Team B

    Praetoria / Atomic Monkey

    Team C

    Astroboy and myself.

    This will be the line up for this quarter. Thank you. Harphoon.

  29. true or false? said

    what they are saying on Mr Wang’s blog?

  30. LWL said

    “All this wallowing in the mud is just for bitches like Crystal Gayle.”

    What kind of MCP rubbish is this!


    Someone should shoot you with a tranquilizer gun and brush out your foul mouth with a toilet brush.

    I am very disappointed. I really hope this doesn’t happen again.


    It seems to me we have to regularly remind this idiot every 3 months, because either he has a very bad memory or he just wants to test the boundary.

    I really hope the brotherhood continues to adopt a zero tolerance to this sort of disparaging and humiliating language.

    It doesnt matter whether he is the leader or not. The rest of the brotherhood should hold him to account when he does something wrong or inappropriate.

    I am really disappointed! Another thing recently the chronicler referred to the SPH as the sisters of perpetual hesitation. See what I mean, very disappointing because the read of the bro press is good but all this foul MCP language really puts most readers off!

  31. lassie said

    What really disturbs me is the casual tone of it all. Its as if they are talking abt home improvement or their mountain bikes. That could be one reason why they have always distanced themselves from girls, little boys need to play little games to seem larger than life!

  32. lassie said


    Another thing I dont want to be a popper, but some of my friends are attention this chernobyl do for the very first time, perhaps someone could just come out with a brief outline, like the last one in the great hall to give us all a short sypnosis? Good idea? Yes.

    It is nice to see that on this occasion, girls are allowed to attend and even ask questions. Its an improvement.

  33. yenyen said

    cannot talk like tat wan, tsk tsk tsk!

  34. cowboy said

    figuratively? lassie is a ….. I am out of here

  35. shoestring said

    Battle of the feminists and chauvinists? I am out of here too.

  36. darkness said

    Dear ladies,

    I know some of you fine ladies are mad with me, but I just want to say I love you all.

    And I will seriously reform myself. I promise.

    I want to make one thing very clear.

    We value the relationship with those readers who work in the SPH. They form a core intellectual grouping in our readership who we all cont to hold in high esteem.

    I give you my word, we will pay closer attention to your concerns – I need to go upstairs now. Bye.

    Btw, “fetch!”

  37. darkness said

    To my dearest brothers,

    “I want to talk about the important things of life, of happiness and well being, about those unexpected moments when the world suddenly stops twirling and you simply fall silent and you at one with the universe.

    I want to talk about tubular bells in Bedok jetty in early May, about the harmony and blissful rhapsody of blissful nothingness, about distant supertanker harbored in the distance, yellows, reds and blues darting past the blue of the eaves.

    I want to talk about the pleasures of ordinary conversations, the type where you say to yourself, “perhaps I will see the world slightly differently after this darkness.” About what happens to your mind when you step into the afternoon sun and feel the warm embrace of air as it curls around you like balm.

    I want to remember the cerulean skies, in the earlier morning in Bukit Timah, the languorous period just before dawn, when we are all one for all and all for one.

    I want to remember it all, if all is too much to ask, then some of it and let me say this to you all, “long live the brotherhood!”

    It has been a privilege. May I salute you all, I am darkness.


  38. Sunimal Alles said

    Happiness – By Sunimal Alles

    A human being has three basic aspects that define happiness: The spiritual, value for others, occupation and personal.

    My studies and research since 1986 in around 16 countries indicate that between 90 to 95% of people are unhappy. Unhappiness starts at a very early age when children are prevented from doing what they really like to do by parents and teachers. The suppression of natural talents and definition of “what is best for children” at an early age prevents children from being creative at a later stage. They are generally oriented towards learning and practicing a profession or trade, which is alien to their natural talents. Once children are forced to study in domains selected by someone else, they are trapped and have to continue until they graduate. This makes them become employed in a profession where they are not creative and have to invariably continue until retirement. In their spiritual life they are forced to believe in dogmas which do not suit their thinking and are again trapped unless they decide to be free thinkers, break away and select the spiritual guidance most suited for their own spirit. One must keep in mind that every human being is different and is born with his/her own thinking pattern based on the level of evolution of the mind. If they are blocked or prevented from evolving further, it results in unhappiness.

    When a human being does not value another, he/she will not be able to live peacefully and also not find the market to sell his/her products or services.

    However, the manner in which they select their partners accounts for most dilemmas related to unhappiness. Most young adults when they are economically sound go about seeking partners to share their lives in an unrefined, illogical and unscientific manner. They base their selection on mainly what they feel either at the point of first encounter, astrological readings, obligations (ethnic, religious, family, childhood lovers, school mates etc) or possessiveness and rarely examine each other’s future aspirations/goals and mind evolution speed. This spells disaster after a few months or years of living together and ends up in divorce or separation. Therefore, either succumbing to circumstances, adhering to cultural and family norms and pressures or possessiveness and allowing external influences take over their lives, brings about the unhappiness or discontentment of human beings.

    [this section has been censored – adverts not allowed]

  39. darkness said

    Is that my favourite William? Who lets me park free?

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