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Today’s Reads (May 02/03)

Posted by intellisg on May 2, 2007



5 Responses to “Today’s Reads (May 02/03)”

  1. funny. said

    Yah hor. Given Vivan his $1.4 mil- is he not going to lose his work ethics? Give that man $290 per month.

  2. Kudos to the Governor.

  3. Ned Stark said

    Hehe. If the governor’s doing is put to a certain someone, that someone would probably say its an admirable sentiment and that we have to get real, yada yada because the country is mediocre etc etc. Unfortunately it seems that in terms of education Singapore is going to follow what “mediocre” Finland and Denmark has done, ie get more people to pursue post grad degress.

  4. Trajan said

    slumming anyone?

  5. kussel said

    Please post this video:

    Poverty in SIngapore

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