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Brief Synopsis – The Great Debate in Chernobyl!

Posted by intellisg on May 4, 2007

chernobly.jpgDear Valued Readers,

As you all know another great debate will be held on the 6th of May this coming Sunday at an earlier time of 8.00pm (Singapore time).

Please understand this is a “LIVE” debate brought exclusively only on the Intelligent Singaporean in Singapore.

The topic of the debate is,

“What is 2 X 2? Or, how should do we maximize our resources to carve out a competitive advantage in today’s world?”

Having said that all great debates proceed according to the Socratic conversational style, so we cannot assure you for certain the debaters will keep strictly to the topic. It will just go wherever it goes.

Central to the whole theme will be a post that darkness made in Aaron’s blog. I shall insert it here for your perusal:

Darkness Apr 26, 2007 at 5:46 pm

“If you understand a construct precisely in one way, say what does the word “understanding” mean? It’s a difficult word because no sooner do you claim you understand it. You run straight into a philosophical hall of mirrors.

Here’s what I think “understanding” really means and I will try my level best to gut out the jargon. Most of us know how to add, subtract and multiply numbers. It’s a language of sorts to express the size, quantity or volume and how they may behave under a given set of conditions.

So if I asked you what is 2 times 2, you will say 4, that’s the traditional benchmark of “understanding” in the traditional sense. But if I asked you what do you “understand” from this video (and pls take yr time bc if you miss this part. I will lose you!) :

Now again what is 2 times 2? Now we are all in Babeland. Here the familiar is taken away and replaced by the alien – so again, what do you understand?

So if you understand something in only one way, then I claim you don’t understand it at all: you know it by rote i.e. like a monkey trained to pick coconuts or a parrot repeating meaningless words. Where is the value added there?

So you could even say that what you consider to be understanding in this 2 times 2 context is a product of memorization or mugging. You don’t really understand it not at the level of abstraction that allows you to comfortably manipulate it or imagine how it would behave under a set of parametric conditions. Again where is the value added there?”

Dr Chandra’s response is as follows:

Dr Chandra / Imperial College Mafia Forum / London Apr 26, 2007 at 7:05 pm“By now all of you have probably read darkness’s hocus pocus. All I can say is what he saying again is just delightful rubbish. The truth of the matter is this, darkness wants us to believe there are many ways to perceive the world and there is actually value in pursuing this approach of infinite multitudes.

Well I can only say this, it does accord well with what is actually happening in the real world. I am afraid if anything has endless interpretations and meanings. It just means for lack of a better word we, the human race haven’t really progressed to pin down anything, let alone what 2×2 really means. All it really does is cause confusion and takes us further away from the truth.

I’m serious. In the real world, if you have a table and somebody puts an elephant on it, it might break. That won’t happen in the virtual world because the table knows it’s a table and its job is to support something. If it breaks, it’s not because it wore out or got dirty, but because it exceeded its design parameter.

So in the virtual or mathematical absolute world, everything has a purpose, assuming the programmer had one. In the real world nothing has a purpose except we try to make purposeless things do the best they can for us. And that’s why the world is a mess – because the likes of darkness continues to spout his delightful poetic rubbish from time to time.

I’d rather fashion the real to the virtual world than to live in darkness abstraction of multitudes where anything can be a hundred billion things or nothing at all. Really I do not see how this sort of logic contributes to clear thinking let alone anything resembling progress.” End.

Doors will close at 8.15 pm sharp! And please remember it will be steaming radioactive hot! So get on down there by just appearing and reading on the thread we guarantee you all a radioactive blast! You all be glowing happily after that!

Please note there will be a one hour question time after the session and ladies will be allowed to present their case before the debaters.

Nacramanga (Chairperson of the Great Debate)

(The Great Hall Debate / Chernobyl / EP – Non Specified / The Brotherhood Press 2007)


44 Responses to “Brief Synopsis – The Great Debate in Chernobyl!”

  1. sphgirl said

    hello webmaster & all,

    I found this in Mr Wang’s site:

    “Hi all,

    In my view there is only one way to deal with these vermin. Since they came into blogosphere, my blog has more or less fizzled out.Its not worth blogging any more because everyone is reading them.

    Most of the time when they write it is pure sensationalism with very little intellectual content. I personally find Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi has more substance that those 16 year olds.

    Like I said, the only way is to name and shame them. A few years ago a photo was accidentally posted by one of them in a forum called was downloaded by a few forummers, I have a company, it is about 3 years old.

    It depicts a group of mountain cyclist abt 40 or 50 of them in Bukit timah nature reserve.

    There is a man in the middle, the one with the demonic good looks and arrogant stance, I think that could be their leader.

    I think with the kind permission of Mr Wang I will post it here for all of us to see and shame them once and for all.

    We all have to fight the brotherhood, they are vermin. Wherever they go, they just build up their own readership.You notice they never ever talk to us. Then they gut out everything and just sell it. There is no heart, no soul and definitely no passion to the true spirit of blogging. It is just money at the end of the day.

    If we dont stop them soon everyone will be only reading them. They you tell me where will we be? This is not a matter of who can write better or who is right etc. It is a matter of survival.

    May 4, 2007 1:33 PM”

    I think that spooked Bambi and his motley crew. I have seen many things in the net, but this takes the cake for being the most underhanded and dastardly threat ever made.

    This along with Bambi’s post lastnight to the rest of the boys.

    “darkness Says:
    May 4th, 2007 at 7:16 pm
    To my dearest brothers,

    “I want to talk about the important things of life, of happiness and well being, about those unexpected moments when the world suddenly stops twirling and you simply fall silent and you at one with the universe.

    I want to talk about tubular bells in Bedok jetty in early May, about the harmony and blissful rhapsody of blissful nothingness, about distant supertanker harbored in the distance, yellows, reds and blues darting past the blue of the eaves.

    I want to talk about the pleasures of ordinary conversations, the type where you say to yourself, “perhaps I will see the world slightly differently after this darkness.” About what happens to your mind when you step into the afternoon sun and feel the warm embrace of air as it curls around you like balm.

    I want to remember the cerulean skies, in the earlier morning in Bukit Timah, the languorous period just before dawn, when we are all one for all and all for one.

    I want to remember it all, if all is too much to ask, then some of it and let me say this to you all, “long live the brotherhood!”

    It has been a privilege. May I salute you all, I am darkness.


    I followed Bambi for years. Its a coded farewell message. No doubt abt it they have all skipped town.

    I hate Mr Wang. It’s all over. I hate him so much. Those lost boys were just looking for a place called “home.”

    I am never ever going visit another blog ever again in my life.

    Farewell Bambi. Love. Sphgirl always.

  2. inspir3d said

    er… why so drama… bambi boy will be here this Sunday for the debate… =)

  3. Azmodeus said

    “What is 2 X 2? Or, how should do we maximize our resources to carve out a competitive advantage in today’s world?”

    A very large scope for 2 men to cover in a single debate, I don’t suppose that they could even find a single harmonized result after 3 days.

    So perhaps are they going to argue about the intrinsit values of 2 X 2? 2 square? 4 X 1? 8 / 2? So where these results lead to the maximizing resources to carve out a competitive advantage? And based on what assumption, platform, background is this advantage going to express into?

    From what I could see from the last debate, its a non-sequitur. And if this coming debate is going to be anything like the last. *smiles* Which there was no apparent result apart from knowing that one man would love to change his POV 400 times a day, and the other preferring to compare human moralism to machine heuristics, and other colorful profanities that marked the exchange.

    Visiting the wine company for a good vintage might be a better pastime than viewing a comic relief perhaps.

    Have a good day.


  4. third wife said


    Those spaceboys are just remarkably similar to a pack of monkeys.

    When they feel threatened, they just sit in the dark looking at each other.

    Quite hilarious if you ask me.

    But Bambi is a lau chaiu, so I am confident it really is just a speck for him.

    Besides when I went to Mr Wang all I saw was two people and probably his missus and filipino maid making repeat post and trying to make up the comments numbers.

    And of course a certain lame duck short cake called Miyagi, writing one of his play scripts that no one seems to want to go too, even if we all regulary get free tickets. (good to boot!)

    So yes, I think the threat of the photo is the main issue here Sphgirl.

    I bet those boys are frantically working behind the scenes.

    Its hilarious! I can just imagine them sitting in between their weekend morning rides in BT. Each man to his thoughts.

    I am really not surprised by this turn of events. This just goes to confirm what all of us have been saying for years.

    Time and again, they just prove LKY true, the internet doesnt deserve to be a free place.

    I am personally boycotting Mr Wang and co (not that there is anything these days except that legend in his own mind).

    Him being a family man and now a banker. It disturbs me when a man doesn’t even have the basic moral bearing to know what is right and what is obviously patently in bad taste. No level playing here ladies, no Queensbury rules either.

    Very disappointing indeed.

    Why is this line open? Can someone in the brotherhood pls answer me.



  5. KOHO said

    test link SLF @ 1 . Urbana

  6. KOHO said

    test link SLF @ 2 . Urbana

  7. KOHO said

    test link SLF @ 3 . Lon

  8. KOHO said

    test link failed /

  9. KOHO said

    Lon / too slow. Reset to 4 / seq / Urbana you are green for a go.

  10. KOHO said

    “Why is this line open? Can someone in the brotherhood pls answer me.”

    Pls go away. We have work to do in preparation of the GD.

    And take your whining committee with you as well.

    I just want to tell you all when it finally comes out. I am the guy 27th from right 2 row, wearing the lime green jersey leaning against the litespeed pigsah titanium hard tail / its not my best angle / darkness is the one smack in the middle sporting the spandex black jersey riding the Klein with XTR set up.

    I have never ever been prouder or happier before in my whole life to be publicly associated with such a fine collection of gentlemen.

    It has been a privilege to serve!


  11. steamboy said

    I my name steamboy. I am the commanding officer on board the largest space station in the strangelands the “Dimitri.”

    I report directly to IMG (Interspacing Materials Guild).

    I used to be an avid model train enthuist in the real world.

    My role now involves monitoring the defence of the brotherhood homeland in Primus Aldentes Prime and controlling space traffic.

    This is a variation I enjoy very much. I designed the Dimitri with my sister and darkness.

    I am the 46th person on the third row from the left in the photo.

    I dont smile very much and I am a bit of a geek, but the brotherhood has given me alot of confidence and I am proud to call them my family.

    It has been a privilege to serve.

    Steamboy ensign 0393

  12. nacramanga said

    70% of the ppl you see in the photo belong to the 130th.

    I report to no one, not even that looney called darkness.

    The 130th is a law upon itself. I was one of original founders of the brotherhood.

    I am the evil looking one standing next to darkness. The big guy who rides the capitalist tool.

    I am going take your mama and your sis for a nice candlelight dinner with some soft music just to show you my appreciation.

    You can come along and watch and bring along your piggy bank.

    So where is photo? bc I am just in the mood for love right now. You have no idea how committed I am to seeing this through. Absolutely none.

    As for your co accomplice black mailer, Mr Wang. I say go and **** his mother! This is war!

    Doesnt matter I have my own business. Think what you want.

    These are the finest people in Singapore. The most disciplined men who I am proud to call my family.

    So where the **** is the name and shame photo?

    It has been a privilege!

  13. nacramanga said

    Another thing especially the young ones.

    I am the recruting officer of the brotherhood.

    Every three years we have an open house recruitment day.

    Anyone can join after a two year limited review.

    Anyone who goes to Wang, you are out.

    I will make sure you will not even get through the first stage.

    Do you understand me? Do I make myself crystal clear?

    There is a whole world here. You have no idea with spaceships, planets and everything more that I cannot even begin to describe with words.

    Remember this. I am nacramanga.

    Now you all know what to do. I will see you all tmr in chernobyl.

  14. funny said

    I prefer Mr Wang cos he does not censor Brotherhood comments (got balls, like Darkness said) but in this place – I already saw a few censorship. I guess Mr Wang is a tough act to follow. By the way – the debate – yeah – I guess you guys need to get all the Pre – prepared scripts ready. Hahahaha!

  15. shoestring said

    Anyone who resorts to “name and shame” threats and related dirty tactics does not deserve respect or have any credibility in my books.

  16. scholarboy said


    name and shame. I went through that, it didnt work then and I really dont see how it can to work now.

    All I know is civilized people do not resort to black mail or coercion as a measure of any form of persuasion, not even animals do that, so when ppl who call themselves a lawyer cum banker decides to silently endorse this sort of unethical threats remain silent.

    I really cannot see how ordinarily moral people can support it.

    Mr Wang you have committed on line hara kiri bfr every single reader. Even those ppl who hate us hate you even more than us bc you have demonstrated you do not even have one iorta of moral currency. I pity your children, your wife and your employers.

    You had nearly 24 hours to remove that post, We kept our silence, what did you do? Nothing.

    Instead you sat on your fat broad stem of your fence, so you have more or less stated your case quite clearly to us.

    Let me give you an education of how civilized people progress, they compete will sportsmen. You ****.

    In my book you can **** off! And anyone that goes to your site can do the same!

    I dont want to associate with shitty people. I only live once.

    I am the guy on the 4 row from left 12. I know its just my head sticking out, I am a short but I have a nice personality – I dont fight fairly.

    Name and shame me! Be my guest, why should I be ashamed of being in the company of a few good men?

    It has been a privilege!

  17. scholarboy said

    “Mr Wang is a tough act to follow”

    You are.

    You have no morality.

    let tell you what darkness would have done, if it was the other way round. He would just tell the guy **** off from here. This is not the way we do things. We pride ourselves on being sportsmen. And there is no honor to this name and shame shit! So I am not going to condone it (full stop!)

    Just to let you know our readers are sicken by you! I had to cut off 3 SLF’s just to stop the IS from clogging up!

    **** u! Mr Wang. This is war.

  18. inspir3d said

    er… i think u guys are seriously overreacting… it was just some anonymous commenter who made the blackmailing remark… (obviously someone who knows your history)

    i’m not sure mr wang had anything to do with it, nor does he have any malicious intentions towards the b’hood…

  19. darkness said

    Hey cool bros!

    You ppl r taking this too seriously; this name and shame thing only works in Maoist China where they hang a typewriter around your neck and make you wear a cone hat.

    You all know who you are; so I dont see where the name and shame shit kicks in.

    That can only happen if you don’t know who you are or you’re confused.

    This guy is a jerk, if he post the pic the only thing he would be doing is raise the temp of on the net a few celsius and all those bitches will be wet between their legs – so who is going to hose them down?

    Who is going to lower the temp?

    If it comes it comes. I am cool. I have done my calculations, it just means I have to be more careful when the girl next door comes over and ask for sugar, bc she knows I have a double life.

    No big deal, I just need to pretend not to hear the door bell.

    But I am a gambling man, so I think he used to be one of us.

    I probably taught him how to climb or ride a bike. I probably looked at this man and said, you are doing all wrong, let me show you the way. He probably had our camaraderie.

    For all you know I probably took him to one and we both looked up at the stars and I shared with him my dreams and hopes.

    Now he wants to betray me? Now he wants to throw all these things in my face? Now he wants to disrespect me?

    I really dont think that’s possible. Like I said, I am a gambling man and I have always respected others, so I really don’t see how that is possible.

    As for Wang let him be. He has told ppl expressly not to read bro stuff, but I am going to tell the rest, read on. Because no one has a right to tell you what to do or how to lead your life. We do not live in the Soviet Union and I am not Uncle Joe. So you do what you want. Infact I will even encourage you to read his stuff. You know why because I want you to learn to think. So that you can compare between what we churn out and what he does.

    I am a sportsman a gentleman, thats how we do things in the brotherhood.

    We live and let live. We dont hold grudges. There will be no war. The net is quite smart, ppl read they make up their minds and they will decide.

    Trust me, they love us all!

    I do not want to see another post on this again.

    Half a hour bfr the great debate starts KOHO pls see to it all post here are deleted, we need a clean slate to do our magic.

    Tomorrow is the day, they will just say “Wow!”

    Good Evening.

    darkness. 2007

  20. funny. said

    inspir3d – your friends quite moron lah -of course this is not Mr Wang writing lah -he too busy studying for his exams. Anyway – SPHgirl is a girl or guy ? I mean bitches and all, “fetch” and she/he still around?

  21. darkness said

    I dont have time for this shit!

  22. inspir3d said

    hi i think we should create a fresh thread for the debate

  23. funny. said

    yeah – and censor all the comments not from the brotherhood. No balls! Right darkness?? Actually, some comments from Darkness were also censored where Darkness apologised to Nacra etc etc – taken offline by Inspirid. Quite funny lah, all this. I should leave all of you to your debate tomorrow. what is it ? 2+2 = 4. Damn profound navel gazing, I must say.

  24. astroboy said

    When is the pic coming out? I am the cute one 8th front row leaning on the grass.

    What a wonderful world. Oh yeah!

  25. inspir3d said

    funny, you are really making a fool of yourself.

    go to the thread and see the comments are still there.

    in any case, what is wrong with censorship? i like to keep my website nice and tidy.

    and how come u got so much time to hang around my site?

    go and do something more productive la!

  26. inspir3d said

    harphoon, can i have an agreement with u.

    from now on only u have the authority to ask for comment deletion.

    i will disregard all other requests esp. KOHO


  27. Harphoon said

    Its best that way.

  28. Harphoon said

    could u pls delete 19 or censor it or something. I dunno. I have a feeling some of it came out bfr it went through his brain, if u ask me. I dont really dont want to get another round from those girls. cannot tahan already. harphoon

  29. inspir3d said

    or 19 or 20? the one by funny or darkness

  30. funny said

    Thanks inspir3d for the question below –

    I think I get what sph girl was saying – that this is a private site for the brotherhood to have some private space.

    Why am I here?

    1) I see Darkness write on the blog on Aaron’s site and I cannot stand it –

    2) Next minute all of you hijack Mr Wang site cos he made a comment about the brotherhood (cos someone wrote about it to him, and he made a personal response which you guys cannot politely disagree)

    And someone asked what I was doing last night? Navel gazing – of the highest order. It was quite a wild ride, I must say.

    What you guys do with your computers is really up to you. You talk about non censorship, freedom to express, and next minute, I get a Big Brother asking me about funnies, and the whole thing smack of North Korea, USSR, Mao, and someone putting a typewriter on someone’s neck (?) (Thanks Darkness)

    I wish you all the best for tonight’s debate, especially Harphoon. You sound like a cool chap. I will get out now from your sight, and like Mr Wang suggested, stick to the aggregator alone.

    Inspir3d – I appreciate your work on the aggregator. It is the best thing to happen in blogs, and I need my daily does, and I thank Mr Wang for pointing me here. The rest of the gang – happy cycling. btw – it was post 19. the part about how girls see Darkness photo, they will get horny etc etc. Darkness is quite funny, once I get used to his language….

    But the comments on ‘bitches, fetch’ – I am not sure how listerine / sphgirl and the others stand it…… But I guess, birds of a feather sticks together and you chaps have your own code of honour , code of conduct where girls are concerned. Personally I have a great mom / sisters and I think girls should be held in the highest regard.

    I will quietly move out now. Have a good session tonight Harphoon.

    inspir3d Says:
    May 6th, 2007 at 12:33 am

    and how come u got so much time to hang around my site?

    go and do something more productive la!


  31. harphoon said

    “But the comments on ‘bitches, fetch’ – I am not sure how listerine / sphgirl and the others stand it…… But I guess, birds of a feather sticks together and you chaps have your own code of honour , code of conduct where girls are concerned.”

    I understand where you are coming from, but assure you, this is not what it seems, not to darkness or even his long time readers, at least.

    Having said that, I agree we seriously have to work on our speech bc new readers are coming on board. So I do not see how we can re-invent ourselves if we do not resolve this issue.

    However, Funny what we cannot do is to edit the way darkness has historically spoken to his long time readers and vice-versa.

    Much of the talk style developed during the forum days when darkness wrote love stories for predominantly a female audience. During this period there was no brotherhood even. It was well before my time even. So I want to impress upon you all these things happen a long long time ago in another galaxy, that kind of feel la.

    That is why today many of them insist on refering to him a Bambi instead of the darkness (the former was his old moniker bfr the brotherhood).

    As I understand it during those forum days, I understand the mood was very rowdy, playful and even coyish. Bambi would often trade insults with them and they would call him names. They would tell him certain characters are real bc a woman doesnt wear red shoes with a white cheong sam that sort of thing. And the next day, the character will be wearing red cheong sam and white shoes etc. You get the drift. Of course la it was really hair on the neck standing and toe curling stuff, but what can I say that was the general mood la.

    Many of these readers have a relationship with darkness, that is to say, they have organized themselves into read clubs. Some of them run into the hundreds. Others occupy whole floors in a firm. They have also met up with him for tea parties, makan etc.

    So when they talk to each other there is a historical sense that remains confusing to even our present readers. They don’t take his insults full frontal / neither does he take their condescending style of treating him as a infant as necessarily confrontational either.

    I have taken the time and trouble to explain this to you and others bc I believe it is very important funny. So that you may better come to understand the relationship between our long time readers and us.

    We wish you happy reading


  32. primadelli said

    Even the RSPCA have to put down old dogs! bc they cant learn new tricks

  33. KOHO said

    Speed check @ SLF 1 Chernobyl Debate 6th May 2007 / 2000 hr (local) / KOHO

  34. KOHO said

    Speed check @ SLF 2 Chernobyl Debate 6th May 2007 / 2000 hr (local) / Urbana

  35. KOHO said

    Speed check @ SLF 3 Chernobyl Debate 6th May 2007 / 2000 hr (local) / MIT

  36. KOHO said

    Speed check @ SLF 4 Chernobyl Debate 6th May 2007 / 2000 hr (local) / SG

  37. KOHO said

    Speed check @ SLF 5 Chernobyl Debate 6th May 2007 / 2000 hr (local) / lon

  38. KOHO said

    Speed check @ SLF 6 Chernobyl Debate 6th May 2007 / 2000 hr (local) / bipi

  39. KOHO said

    Speed check @ SLF X darkness / chandra Chernobyl Debate 6th May 2007 / 2000 hr (local) / ED

  40. KOHO said

    unable to connect / steamboy 003 SLF 7 / KOHO pls take the remaining post line / disable all post.

    We have a problem with the 7. A serious problem.


  41. urbana said

    Dear IS webmaster,

    Pls proceed to clear all post from Great Debate thread we will be docking here in 15 minutes.

    Thank You


  42. Urbana said

    Dear IS webmaster,

    Note for security only @001 account will carry all transmissions / turn on to maximum filtering / disable all incoming till question time



  43. inspir3d said

    hi i have created a fresh post. please proceed there

  44. Urbana said

    we copy that friendly IS webmaster . docking in 3 minutes 2 sec

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