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Today’s Reads (May 08) – Gays & the Law

Posted by intellisg on May 8, 2007

Gays & the Law – See YB for a series of essays


6 Responses to “Today’s Reads (May 08) – Gays & the Law”

  1. whybegay said

    Why do people still don’t get it?

    I have said many times that homosexuality is a serious misuse of a person’s body as a form of pleasure escapism. Therefore it should not be promoted in society as something natural and positive.

    The Law represents society’s moral guideline therefore it does not promote a serious psychological disorder as something positive.

    Homosexuals can continue to do their consensual thing but homosexual activists groups in Singapore should not promote it as something natural because it is not natural to misuse people’s bodies. They are being myopic of the kind of escapism they are promoting in their websites.

  2. Another reductionist.

  3. Sama sama said

    And wouldn’t hetero casual sex also be considered ‘escapist misuse’?

  4. Sama sama said

    Define ‘misuse’.

    And how one should interpret ‘misuse’ in the context of ‘mutual consensus’.

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  6. Many Teddies said

    Whybegay still whybegay…

    So, is ethics natural?

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