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Weekend Bulletin (May 13)

Posted by intellisg on May 13, 2007


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An Amazing Flight Back In Time! – (A Historical Travelogue)

Posted by intellisg on May 13, 2007

Somewhere over Nazi Germany in 1944 in a B-17 flying fortress…..a true story brought to you exclusively by the brotherhood press.

flight1.jpg“We crossed into the enemy territory at 0435 hours on April 13, 1944. I was the rear gunner on board “The Ace of Spades.”

It was supposed to be a special mission – a 30 bomber raid on the heavily defended target, Adolf Hitler’s bunker in Berlin. The Luftwaffe had been alerted that there was a bomber formation heading across France towards Germany. We knew they would scramble their fighter planes once we crossed over to France.

Just before day break when the sun was peeking out, they “the bats” as we all called them, came out like “they’re all on fire from hell” forming up for the kill.

The captain broke through the intercom frantically,

“Get ready boys! There are coming in thick and fast at 9’o clock!”

Some of us looked at each other. Others crossed themselves or hung on to their bunny feet for luck as we readied our guns. The same German squadron had taken out our best of squadrons just the week before. Most of us were scared stiff. Suddenly all hell broke loose as bullets peppered the fuselage. I looked across the deck, the aft gunner an 18 year old from Iowa was slumped. Read the rest of this entry »

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