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An Amazing Flight Back In Time! – (A Historical Travelogue)

Posted by intellisg on May 13, 2007

Somewhere over Nazi Germany in 1944 in a B-17 flying fortress…..a true story brought to you exclusively by the brotherhood press.

flight1.jpg“We crossed into the enemy territory at 0435 hours on April 13, 1944. I was the rear gunner on board “The Ace of Spades.”

It was supposed to be a special mission – a 30 bomber raid on the heavily defended target, Adolf Hitler’s bunker in Berlin. The Luftwaffe had been alerted that there was a bomber formation heading across France towards Germany. We knew they would scramble their fighter planes once we crossed over to France.

Just before day break when the sun was peeking out, they “the bats” as we all called them, came out like “they’re all on fire from hell” forming up for the kill.

The captain broke through the intercom frantically,

“Get ready boys! There are coming in thick and fast at 9’o clock!”

Some of us looked at each other. Others crossed themselves or hung on to their bunny feet for luck as we readied our guns. The same German squadron had taken out our best of squadrons just the week before. Most of us were scared stiff. Suddenly all hell broke loose as bullets peppered the fuselage. I looked across the deck, the aft gunner an 18 year old from Iowa was slumped.

“The bats” flashed across my port, I let loose trailing them as best I could. From the corner, I noticed one of our bombers had been mauled, it was spewing black smoke from it starboard engines. In a while, it keeled over and disappeared.

Another wave came, this time rolling over inverted while firing. One of them came so close to me. I could see the pilot, he wore an evil grin. I let loose a hail of fifty caliber rounds firing a sustained burst. Suddenly it burst into flames momentarily blinding me. It was then that they broke off. Not before taking out at least 6 of our bombers down. The German fighter planes had mauled us with deadly accuracy. Some of the planes were in serious trouble keeling sideways spurting out precious or barely hanging on for dear life.

Yet it was just beginning. We still had to race towards the target for our bomb run and there waiting for us would be another round of intensely accurate flak fire.

After making the bomb run. I noticed that there were only three planes left. To think that we started with 30 bombers – burned in my mind even today were the voices over the intercom of somebody being hit or going down, the calls to crew to bail out in its death throes, the counting of parachutes as they appeared behind a stricken plane.

Everything still seemed so unreal I still remember the moment like a nightmare in slow motion.

– Flight Gunnery Sergeant Mike Polansky.


We arrive just before daybreak in Peachtree Airport in Atlanta. It’s not everyday that we get to experience a historic flight in a beautifully restored B-17 Flying Fortress. This aircraft is an example of the American heavy bomber that helped turn the tide of battle in World War II.

“Fly a mission back in time,” a banner said. “…and feel the might of this magnificent aircraft, just like those brave young men did more than 60 years ago.” Intoned the seventy something Mike who greeted us that chilly morning as he gave us a brief run down on what to expect – soon we were off.

As the plane started off its port engines, the noise filtered through the wafer thin fuselage, shaking and vibrating as it lumbered along. Mike who was strapped opposite us, smiled,

“Yeap, it was like that then and now! She’s as bare knuckle as they come. You’ve get use to it! Hang on now you hear!”

Soon the aluminum beast taxied towards the run away taking its position. The voice came through the intercom,

“Hold on now, its going to be bumpy.”

As the plane barreled across the tarmac, I felt myself turning back to the period some 60 odd years ago, when young men such as myself once went to war – only during those days, it was real, not like today. But hunching there in the tiny seat, I broke out in cold sweat as we were thrown at one hundred miles across asphalt like a pin ball. Mike curled up into a ball putting his knees on the chair. Later on he explained this was how most the crew took off much of the edge during the shaky take off.

Just two thirds into the take-off everything was shaking around frantically. The engines were opened at full throttled. The smell of kerosene wafted into the fuselage. At that moment, I felt as if everything was just going to give, the floor boards and side panels were rattling and vibrating as if Katrina was outside. The sound was deafening, roaring to a crescendo even our ear plugs didn’t do us much good.

Then as soon as it all began it all smooth out, the noise softening to a slight drone as the B-17 lumbered slowly skywards. The ride was bumpy and we found it difficult to maneuver, till Mike gave us a tip,

“Try to walk side ways, like a crab, bent your knees a little and keep them soft and make sure you keep your hands on something at all times.”

It worked. There were plenty of ribbing to hang on too. Unlike a commercial airliner, the B-17 is as seat of the pants rudimentary as it gets – no panniers or fancy paneling here, just lots of bare aluminum ribbing and a few open cut outs. It reminded me of a flying barn house.

“Everything is functional here and everything that isn’t just doesn’t get to go up.” Mike sniggered sensing our fear had turned into relief.

“Let me show you a neat trick,” the veteran said as he shuffled expertly to the back of the plane.

“See the space where the rear gunner sits, we used to call it the dead pan…You know why?”

Before we could answer the veteran gunner squatted down on a narrow cross-section and wedged himself securely. We got the hint, this was where they crapped during those long haul missions,

“This way a man can his business in peace and he doesn’t get bopped around. Best thing is its down wind.” That broke the ice. We all laughed.

Ten minutes into the flight and the plane began to level off into the slipstream, it was flying just below 8,000 feet and as we looked out through the port holes of the side gunner. Mike turned around and said,

“This was where the best gunners were usually placed, they (the Germans) the really deadly ones would come in from the side, because that’s where the armor was the thinnest.”

Holding the guns Mike showed us how it was done in an up and down fashion.

“Short burst, no longer than 5 seconds at a time. Otherwise they will jam and when that happens you’re as good as dead meat. I remember it got real cold in this section because the whole of the Atlantic comes right in. If a man sweated too much, he could just as well freeze to death. It happened a few times.”

Turning to a blind side just below where we stood, Mike pointed to the belly turret position. For a while he smiled as if remembering something from the distant past. Then bending really low he opened the hatch which revealed a plexi-glass bubble hardly large enough to fit a fully grown man.


“This is where smallest guy in the crew goes, the eight ball that’s what those boys called it. Did it a few times during those days and when I got out, they had to nearly pry me out. My hands, foot and balls were all frozen solid. I was about 2 inches shorter after that.

The belly turret is the hardest gun to handle – visibility ain’t too good there and it takes a hell a lot of skill and guts to go one on one with a German fighter that’s trying to take a bite out a piece of your ass. When you in that eight ball all by yourself, it’s a mighty lonely place. Sometimes when the ball gets shot up real bad, it gets jammed and we cant get the man out till we reach back home. It’s always scary because if the plane needs to ditch, well you know.”

Peering down the hatch I wondered how it must be like to be suspended in free space with German fighters swarming menacing around. As I looked up, the rest had followed Mike to the bomb bay area which was now just an extension of the fuselage.

Drawing an imaginary square roughly the size of two pool tables, Mike mentioned this was the section of the aircraft that carried the bombs.

Surveying the bay, it didn’t look like much today. I reminded myself the B-17 we were on board had been extensively gutted out and modified to met modern safety standards.

“We all called this the balcony and during the bomb drops, someone is supposed to stand along the edge to make sure they all drop. When the first fortresses rolled out they had a problem with the bomb bays, if you asked me someone in Boeing screwed up big time. Sometimes one of those bombs would get stuck and we’ve have to use a wrench to pry it loose. I remember the boys hated it and we had to draw lots, because every now and then some so poor grunt would just get sucked out along with the bombs.”

Moving to the mid section of the fuselage, Mike turned his attention to the forward section,

“That’s where the pilot, navigator and bombardier did their stuff – the officers that is – we called it all kinda of things in those days, the office, high ground, John, but it was the most dangerous place in the plane. The really good Germans fighters would take a bite out of there first usually closing in from a head to head position. That way they could more or less come in at roughly 600 miles or so, too fast for us to even line up to let loose a burst. No sir re, no armor up front it’s as soft as an underside of an alligator. Just a whole lot of plastic and a few wires holding it all together. We once had a flak shell come right through there, taking out two men clean. The skipper brought her home though, till today. I don’t know how the hell he did that. I guess they don’t call her the fortress for nothing. This old lady can sure take a beating. They don’t build them like that anymore.”

As we followed him into the cockpit area, the plane begins to lurch violently. In the cone section light spewed in from all directions and we could see clearly the panoramic view of Atlanta and beyond that the city in the far distance.

‘That’s the bombardier’s seat… We used to call it the eye, because you get to see everything from here. In those days when the navigators needed to check off their positions, they would try to spot something like a church or railway tracks. Not like these days. In those days, it was not uncommon for planes to get lost and even end up hundreds of miles of course. Seems crazy these days, but the navigator was a very important guy, he could make or break a mission. You see that thing like a microscope that’s the aiming device, it’s a complicated piece of hardware and if he (the bombardier) gets it wrong, it just means those babies (bombs) don’t end up where they are supposed too. I remember some intelligence guy telling us once, that if we were ever to ditch the bird (plane) in enemy territory, this was the first thing, we had to destroy. It was top secret, real hush- hush and all during those days.”

Mike peered out of the plexi-glass studying a few cumulus clouds in the far distance. It looked as if the weather was going to change for the worse.

It was time to return back to base.

As the plane began its bumpy descent Mike motioned us to strap ourselves in. Looking out of the porthole, the veteran gunner said,

“I’ve done this a thousand times and I like this part the best. The return that is, usually when the boys saw the white cliffs of Dover, it meant that we were home and safe. It’s always good to come back home….home sweet home.”

[Historical Flights onboard the B-17’s usually cost around US$390 per pax plus insurance. There are less than 50 operational B-17’s flying today. Catch them before they go off. Relive history!


Please note EAA members get a 20% rebate. And remember donate generously to those brave flyboys who once fought so bravely to preserve our freedom! The Brotherhood salutes you all. Tally ho!]

(By Atomic Monkey, Repairman and Praetoria / Travelogue Series / EP 992828 – The Brotherhood Press 2007)


41 Responses to “An Amazing Flight Back In Time! – (A Historical Travelogue)”

  1. jujube said


  2. sumiko said

    Dear Sir,

    I was personally given an assurance by the chronicler, the brotherhood press will NOT be covering the coming Beijing Olmypics.

    I was also informed ALL this travelogue business had nothing to do with training their writers to report on the go.

    Could we pls have an official response by the brotherhood press. What is your long term plan with regards to the MSM?

    I really cannot see why you ppl are all so stubborn and not simply join the YPAP. I am sure they will be more than happy to accomodate all of you. Even giving you all a private space to do you thingy.

    I do hope someone will reply and this will not go down into a black hole of no reply again. Many Thanks.

  3. Chronicler said

    Dear Sumiko,

    You presume too much. For us to do all these things successfully. We need a network and serious organizational skills. We do not have these capabilities.

    You take us too seriously. After all we believe content is king, how is it possible for us to assume this mantle?

    Really it is unrealistic. You should not take us so seriously. We are just fooling around. No one takes us seriously, not even ourselves, so why should you?

    I am sure all these are just unfounded rumors, surely you don’t expect us to do all these things? You cannot be serious.

    After all one of our leading intellectuals in Singapore has categorically stated to be a journalist in Singapore is the hardest job in the world.

    Surely, even you must agree what you people typically do cannot be easily emulated.

    You are thinking too much.

    We wish you happy reading.

    Yours very respectfully

    The Chronicler

  4. inspir3d said

    “I was personally given an assurance by the chronicler, the brotherhood press will NOT be covering the coming Beijing Olmypics.”

    Sumiko, why would u be concerned about this?

    Surely SPH, which has a monopoly on the mainstream press, 400,000 regular subscribers, an army of journalists, the backing of the PAP, and seasoned, capable business leaders, can’t possibly be afraid of a measly blog that hasn’t even been around for a year?

    Surely you are aware that AsiaOne gets more than 300,000 hits a day, while the IS & the B’hood can only manage a paltry 1,000?

    Surely a World Class Newspaper with all the following awards:

    Excellence in Feature Photography
    – Winner (The Straits Times)
    Excellence in News Photography
    – Honorable Mention (The Straits Times)
    Excellence in Public Service Journalism
    – Honorable Mention (The Straits Times)
    Excellence in Newspaper Design
    – Honorable Mention (The Straits Times)

    can’t be concerned about a tiny, obscure website which has gotten no such accolades.

    Really, Sumiko, there is simply no reason for you to even be remotely concerned about IS & the B’hood.

    Like I always say, don’t think so much. Just enjoy the show 🙂

  5. Chronicler said

    Today none of us went to church again. How long is this going to go on?

  6. Harphoon said

    It may take years, but even the pastor who preaches in the mall and drives the sportscar needs to appreciate the cost – he and his hucksters will capitulate – it will take time, but I dont see how they can bear the cost of not doing so – it is tragic, but they will have to learn the hard way.

    Find out where the deacon is, it is time, we make him lose his job again! Chronicler.

  7. Chronicler said

    By yr command. I have put our best ppl on the job.

  8. Chronicler said

    I think he is working as a clown in a circus. I am serious.

  9. astroboy said

    A clown huh! Why doesn’t dat surprise me?

  10. astroboy said

    We should seriously consider sending a delegation to negotiate a truce.

    If X > = Y / by the sum of X (Y). Any rational person will agree there is no value in prolonging this embargo.

    Do you agree Harphy?

  11. shoestring said

    Haha, how can anyone take you guys seriously? You are as funny as clown themselves.

  12. harphoon said

    “If X > = Y / by the sum of X (Y). Any rational person will agree there is no value in prolonging this embargo.”

    Your calculations are ALL wrong.

    Q that all of u have to ask is; what r the measurables in doing all this?

    Since darkness incident, so such incident has ever occured again.

    But why hasn’t it reoccured again?

    Precisely bc we have pursued a strategy of non-engagement and zero cooperation.

    What is the pay out? I dont know, but I know some poor sod doesn’t have to go through the injustice darkness went through that is all.

    That to me is not a perfect answer, but is it good enough for me to con’t indefinitely with this strategy of non-engagement.

    We are not fools, we all know what the cost will be – and so does darkness.

    As for the clown – what can I say? – he is a clown.

  13. prima delli said

    I don’t want to stick my nose into things that don’t involve me, but I have been following this saga for years. Personally, I don’t like that church either and I really think they are just out to enrich themselves, just bc a few really brainless corporate honchos, ministers and even fading TV stars go there regularly doesn’t change anything – god isn’t there (full stop!)as for the pastor, he just wants $!

    But I never agreed with the position Bambi took – at first I saw his defiance as noble, but in the years I realized, it changed him so completely. I just didn’t feel comfortable with it.

    Today it saddens me very much to say this, but he is too far gone, beyond economic repair and I don’t see how it is even possible for him to return back to the fold. Neither is it even worth reaching out to him.

    Having said that the rest of you are still young and you should not follow in his footsteps – remember once you go too far off the edge, you will never be able to return home again. At the end of the day, the lord is all about the journey back home.

    God Bless and I will pray very hard for Bambi boy that he will find peace. Love.

  14. sphgirl said

    Words of wisdom are so rare these days. Yes, thank you.

    However Prima, I dont agree that Bambi’s beyond repair. You make him sound like a horse that has just broken his leg.

    One day like all the heroes of his stories. They alway manage to return despite the odds.

  15. guppy said

    aiyah! most of the thinkers have already left that temple of $ – most of them who know abt Bambi’s matter at least – in his writings, you see it everywhere, not specifically, but I always sense there is a deep struggle between searching for faith and not actually find it – but I agree with sphgirl, at the end of the day – the hero always makes his way home. He may be a bit bruised and chewed up, but he always manages to come back home safely.

    Sorry for using this line to post.

  16. a very small animal said

    hmm… There’s no such thing as myth without faith.

  17. a very small animal said

    ‘…it changed him so completely.’

    this would fall under the dangers of metis.

  18. obby said

    ‘it changed him so completely.’ – I saw it all first hand. At first he tried so very hard to believe. I saw him struggle so to speak, to find God that is. But somewhere along the road, he must have figured out, he didn’t exist.
    After that he started cycling alone all by himself in Bukit Timah, he even took pride in it. He climbed alone and again he became convinced there was no God.
    It was sad for not only him but all of them all – but no one dared to oppose him. You see they all respected him too much to question him.
    You are right, he has crossed the line and too far away for anyone to reach him – that in my view is the saddest part – the man who gave it his all only to lose himself in the wilderness of the world – its tragic even.
    I saw it all – I am obby – the longest reader who followed the brotherhood.

  19. scholarboy said

    You r obby the fool – I am cancelling your access to the SLF!

  20. obby said


    I am the longest reader that means, I have rights scholarboy – I know abt 10 or 20 ways to contact darkness directly that you don’t even know exist!

    He will not be happy that all of you are bullying me! He will not be happy!

    So pls dont threaten me. I have a right to speak the truth!

  21. nonsuch said

    funny… i live near bt timah…

  22. harphoon said

    Ob, dark boy isn’t going to get mad a you. He never ever for some strange reason. But if u go on talking like this. You will end up damaging him and probably all of us as well.

    Do u want to do that Ob? Is that what you want?

    No one can destroy the brotherhood.

    We are like roaches, we can even survive a nuclear war.

    History is on our side – you can’t stop a man from writing anymore than you can stop a baby from crying and anyone who doesn’t know it is a fool.

    But if we are not united and we have to deal with the enemy within – that’s a different matter Ob.

    Do u understand me obby?

    So I dont really give a shit abt your longest reader status.

    I am issuing a warning to you. If you break omerta again. I will not hesitate to cancel all you access codes.

    Do you understand Ob?

  23. boneman said

    Free Masons don’t talk about their secrets in public – neither do the skulls & bones – not even the vatican or for that matter the illuminati – so I wonder whats observers problem? – I say cancel his subscribing!

    We all know that idiot is a liability that will sink the boat one day!

  24. guru said

    In 1,000 problems the brotherhood gets themselves into – 100 is bc of darkness, but the other 900 is due to observer – simple calculation – let’s just hang him la!

  25. harphoon said

    Meanwhile to AB, SB et al

    This post was forwarded to me by KOHO this afternoon. I want all our writers to read it as there a few good points that we may wish to draw out of it.

    “They are producers. And if you notice, they are always experimenting with a wide range of articles from travel, history, politics, plays, stories, debates etc.

    Ppl who say that the only reason why they visit the IS bc they are doing a good job of aggregating are in my view not very good liars.

    As for characters like Mr Wang who demand a boycot – I say dream on. People will read as long as someone is producing and it need not necessarily be the b’hood either. I could be anyone, its demand and supply.

    I think providing they keep producing, they will just cont to grow. It is just a matter of how fast and in which direction, but if they didnt produce, no matter what you say. You are not progressing, you are just regressing. That may hurt as the truth, but thats as real as it gets, it doesnt really matter how many people are boycotting their articles either. If you look at their attitude. They seem to be saying you are most welcome to jump off the ledge, doesn’t matter whether it is galye, kitana or Buddha even – go and die la! is roughly the mantra of their attitude.

    I spent a long time with my colleagues asking this question and I think they know for everyone who goes there will always be a new reader. As long as they keep producing. So the producing part is where I believe, they are working really hard on not being even popular or even interacting with their readers. Infact, I have never in my life seen a more derelict group of ppl who didnt give two shits abt their readers!

    So like I said unless you can point me to one site in the whole of singapore blogosphere that is able to produce read material like the brotherhood at the frequency, quality and diversity – I will gladly tune off – the problem is no one can bc they are too busy gossiping and throwing mud instead of researching and writing as they are supposed too and you really expect me to believe just because some famous blogger says,

    “I never read their stuff, but I like the aggregator blah blah blah blah!”

    I am going to just believe him? I am just going to follow him? Just because he didnt bother with the producing part while someone else did?

    And do I give a shit whether they are a mysterious whatever? What did you say?”
    17/05 12:07:58

    I think all of us can draw our own conclusions. However, I agree with the statement that we should just focus on “producing.” Even if we do nothing else, except this one thing – the rest will simply fall into place and everything will turn out well.

  26. Council of the Wise said

    Inspirid pls post this as an article.

    Official communique from the brotherhood from Primus Aldentes Prime.

    Dear Citizens,

    In the history of the brotherhood there has been only two cases where we have requested for militia.

    Part of our history is here. Please read it.

    The brotherhood for the very first time will consider opening it’s ranks to females and others who may wish to write on our behalf.

    Under the ordinance of the militia you will be considered a free agent and mercenary for a period of 2 years, before you will undergo our order of skull and bones and swear eternal allegiance to the international fraternity of peace and international brotherhood and as it seems, “sisterhood.”

    We will arrange the initiation rights in East Coast park. Pls bring a spare change of shorts, underwear and T-shirt (it is a bizzare ceremony and we are sworn to secrecy!)

    If you have any articles that you wish to post as a militia pls send it to inspir3d. However pls include the code; brotherhood press in all your articles.

    No question will be asked and it will be hopefully published.

    Long live the brotherhood!

    The Council of the Wise.


  27. astroboy said

    Hey man. The sisterhood, that means SPH, we must be pretty desperate harphoon.

  28. astroboy said

    Can we pls have chandra’s article – he is expecting it bfr midnight. Thanks.

    I just want to lodge my protest pertaining to the use of militia.

    We had alot of problems with Pillium and the Ascension Wars – they are not as disciplined as us harphy.

  29. scholarboy said

    The militia is trouble. We spent 4 yrs getting them out of the system and now u r getting them back. Unbelievable!

  30. nonsuch said

    It depends, where is your point to view, isn’t it?

    Unless darkness is willing to say to obby; directly and concretely: ‘Follow your bliss…!’

    —Why should obby indeed, partake of the communion with ya?

  31. inspir3d said

    kwokheng, you are becoming a troll. more of this and i will have to exercise my rights as webmaster to ensure order on this website.

  32. inspir3d said


    i am not sure i am ready to publish a notice talking about ‘free agents’, ‘skull and bones’, and ‘initiation ceremonies’ until i understand exactly what these mean.

  33. scholarboy said

    “the call to militia” occured twice in our history. On both occasions we required gamers in the virtual to defend ourselves against a foreign attack out numbering us 40 to 1.

    So the brotherhood dispensed with its pre-selection process and open its ranks to anyone, calling it the special foreign legion division.

    The problem was no quality, but alot of quantity. Eventually they caused so much trouble we had to cut them off.

    So I do not know why the council is calling for writers using the same method, maybe they want IS to be the next Xiahue – one day 30,000 hits but not single intellectual amongst them.

    This is a very dumb idea.


  34. scholarboy said

    Then might as well get ppl like Gurmit Singh, Fann Wong and Jamie Yeo to come on down.

    Then might as well dont bother with articles like “why intelligent ppl make dumb decisions” – which require so much research and detail analysis.

    What people dont understand abt the bro press is quality not quantity.

    Some of our travelogues destination and especially the historical ones are so specialized they may even only attract no more than a two figure readership.

    But what alot of ppl dont understand is those readers are probably one of the smartest people in the country.

    So again I have absolutely no idea what the council is trying to accomplish – I think they could be secretly out to destroy the IS.

  35. scholarboy said

    In my view there are only three types of ppl who come to IS.

    (1) People who use it to navigate elsewhere and to read what has been aggregated here.

    (2) People who read the brotherhood press.

    (3) A combination of (1) and (2).

    (3) forms 99% of the readers in IS. That is why Wang is talking shit when he comes out with comments like, I dont read their stuff but I read what is aggregated.

    Life doesnt work like that, if there wasnt one, there wouldnt be another.

  36. astroboy said

    I personally do not know how it is possible for a travelogue like:

    (1) The Return to Chernobyl


    (2) One afternoon with Uncle Joe

    to have a mass appeal.

    Its not supposed to have a mass appeal, but that doesnt mean there is no market.

    It just means we are not writing for those ppl who never ever bothered to venture beyond our shores or typically do not see the wisdom of doing so.

    Or even if they do, the first thing they do is to seek the comfort of familiarity by hooking up with other Singaporeans.

    Obviously these ppl will NOT be interested in reading our travelogues. Why should they? It was never ever written for them!

    But we all know not everyone is like that – so have we asked ourselves where else would those ppl go too?

    If we did not produce the things that we do?

    Can someone tell me? I think not and there really is the answer in the palm of your hands.

    We dont need the militia.

  37. inspir3d said

    harphoon, is this the real KOHO? it is not posted using genuie line

  38. anongal said


    I really think this KOHO is a fake. The real KOHO doesnt need to tell ppl he is from the 130th. We all know dat alredi.

  39. inspir3d said

    wow. how flattering it must be to have an imposter who is willing to go to such lengths to know KOHO is from the 130th

  40. anongal said

    Hello all,

    I don’t really want to be pushy and all that. I really enjoy Dr Chandra’s series etc. However, we have already had 3 runs of the really serious and heavy – I am starting to feel a bit heavy headed – I hope, I am not turning into a dummy.

    May I ask when is the next travelogue coming out? I would really appreciate an update.

  41. sphgirl said

    “is this the real KOHO? it is not posted using genuie line.”

    genuie is an exclusive bro line – I think, used only by them bc it is the fastest and most stable line. We are not allowed to use it.

    I think this KOHO is a fake, could be anyone within this SLF. At anyone time there are over 800 ppl and it carries over 3,000 people, so really could be anyone.

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