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Today’s Reads (May 15)

Posted by intellisg on May 15, 2007


One Response to “Today’s Reads (May 15)”

  1. nonsuch said

    ‘There was much that was controversial about Jesus. Perhaps the thing that was most controversial was that where religion had always been based on the premise that if people weren’t clean or pure enough they could not come close to God, Jesus said it was with those who weren’t clean or pure that God would be found. It was in the company of the excluded that people would discover the presence of God. Jesus said that those who were poor were closer to God than those of us who aren’t. Those who grieve know something of God the rest of us can’t fathom. Those who make peace are touching the heart of God, in a way the rest of us don’t.’

    ‘Meek and mild teacher, or mysterious rebel with a cause?’ (The Age, 8 April 2007)

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