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The Most Important Building In The World! ( An Explosive Travelogue )

Posted by intellisg on May 19, 2007

building1.jpgLOCATED at Sixteenth Street, NW in the District of Columbia, sits a monumental building in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C – The Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia. Its architecture is an adaptation of the famous Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the

“Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.”

The January 1916 issue of the London Architectural, referred to this building as the

“Most powerful building in the world,”

It’s none other than the head quarters of the most powerful organization in the world – the secret brotherhood of the free masons.

Inside the House of the Temple, the walls are adorned with Egyptian hieroglyphics complete with mammoth sphinxes guarding its porticos. Here every 2 years powerful and mysterious men simply known as “the brotherhood,” gather behind closed doors. Over the centuries the select membership has included the likes of George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Gerald Ford and 13 other presidents allow with a long list of luminaries – they are know as the freemasons.

In this special travelogue edition, the brotherhood has commissioned its most trusted writer, the bird of prey to undertake one of the most dangerous missions ever conducted in our history to bring all of you this explosive expose which takes us all into the inner sanctum of the most important building of this world!

To ask the question; who are the freemasons? And are they silently controlling the events in the world? Who are these people? And what secrets does the House of the Temple hold in this formidable neo-classical building in the heart of Washington, DC?

Free Masons have a secret which they carefully conceal from you and me and the rest of the world; in Masonry many of the ceremonies of the Druids are preserved in their original state, at least without any parody. With them the Sun is still the Sun; and his image, in the form of the sun is the great emblematical ornament of Masonic Lodges and Masonic dresses. As we enter the building, we note the golden disc that hangs ominously over the foyer with its Greco- Hebrew references. Through out the entire building the metaphor of the all seeing sun or eye is repeated again and againbuidling2.jpg throughout every passage, corridor and chamber of this mysterious building. It is the central symbol of this secret order and Masons as they are called often wear it also as a pendant, and it features prominently in all their processions. The all seeing eye is even present in the reverse side of a US one dollar bill,

complete with the thirty three pieces of stones which complete the pyramid – incidentally, in the same building the number of steps leading to the lobby are exactly 33!

The Lodges of the Masons re-constructed in a manner to correspond with the apparent motion of the Sun. They are situated East and West. Guess what the building we are in corresponds exactly to this geometry.

As we walk along the lavish oak paneled corridors in the temple past gilded serpents, Ionic columns. Our highly secretive investigative team registers scores of portraits in a sort of I-didn’t-know- he-was-a-Mason-gallery, which included luminaries the likes of John Wayne,building3.jpg Arnold Palmer and John Glenn who sported an astronaut outfit.

Masons have long been accused of political chicanery and undue influence. Even our African American yellow cab taxi driver who drove us to the temple charges,

“Hey man, those mother******** control the world man. What you chinks from the republic of China going into there for? Hell, there are even rumors saying, there is an underground tunnel that connects the white house to that place. Its evil man, those Free masons are controlling the world!”

Yet when visitors throw out pointed questions to our tour guide a 57 year old retired military man, he insist stoically,

“The Masonic order has nothing to hide. This secretive nonsense is all mumbo-jumbo that stems from way back.” He goes on to add rather proudly, “if we were a secret organization, tours wouldn’t be a standard feature of the temple.” He looks at us suspiciously; we shuffle along pretending to appear uninterested while we take in the mysteries of the temple.

The House of the Temple abounds in ancient, if not always interpretable, symbols, from the 19 –ton sphinxes flanking the entrance to nine point stars and the recurring number 33. An stain glass window we passed across to our way into the “scared chamber” bears the all seeing eye, which, theorist of Freemason conspiracies like to note is evidence of the will of the Masons to control the world.

Again we pepper our guide with these questions, but he goes on to insist,

“Look here, I don’t know who the brotherhood is in Singapore, but really I have never heard of darkness, except when I switch off the lights to sleep and I know you people are supposed to be some superpower in the internet and all that, but to be honest with you. We Masons have nothing to hide! We number about 1.3 million in the United States and probably three times this number throughout the world and I telling you honest to God buddy. We are just here dedicated to philanthropy and we donate about two million a day to healthcare, education and other causes. I know for a fact you people make good space stations and sell them on the internet. I can even speak to my boss if you want, we may want to make a contribution to your cause of spreading international peace and love!”

building4.jpgWe remain unconvinced, but acknowledge the offer as a sign of good faith – one of us gives the guide our secret sign, he balks at us saying, “What the hell is this!”

We simply acknowledge the feigned response as a sign that they know who we are, our lips are sealed. After all we are in the most powerful building the world.

Half way through our tour, one of us discovers a secret passage, it is hidden behind a heavy velvet curtain – pressing the button shaped as a stone head, we gain access into a corridor – the way opens up quite mysteriously in typical Freemason fashion. The passage snaked darkly for a full minute as we pressed on into the darkness. Surely this must be a secret passage to some treasure! Indeed, the stairs leads to the power room – it’s the electrical supply room! And there we are greeted with an old man who simply said to us all,

“I think you need to go back where you came from! You have all taken a wrong turn.”

(This report does not have an EP code – The brotherhood cannot confirm or deny having taken this secret mission – 2007)


10 Responses to “The Most Important Building In The World! ( An Explosive Travelogue )”

  1. KOHO said

    I received a mail from a someone calling himself,

    “The Mason”

    He writes,

    “I know one of the writers is Astro Boy. Just tell him, they eye sees everything!”

  2. KOHO said

  3. KOHO said

  4. KOHO said

    We give all the facts. You decide.

  5. inspir3d said

    could i ask, why the fascination with freemasonry?

  6. wbg said

    “As long as he believes in a supreme being, he can become a mason”.

    A round table charity society except one has to believe in something to join, sound pretty familiar.

    Perhaps it was created because the men felt left out from the female witches.

  7. astroboy said


    Visiting Washington DC without touching on Free Masonry is like going to Disneyland and missing out Mickey Mouse. It just doesn’t sit right.

    When we do a travelogue on Orlando, we will definitely touch base with Mickey.

    Don’t think so much.Meanwhile just enjoy the show.

    Besides it’s a nice conspiracy theory – very informative and educational.

  8. :P said

    Hi there,

    I write to enquire why the build quality of Singapore’s Construction Industry is at best on par with Third World standards.

    I remember as a kid that newly laid-out tiles followed the geometric order in terms of right-angles meeting right-angles; lattice-like.

    And then suddenly, in the late 1990s and since, you could tell by just looking at the end result, that in my capacity as previous Art Elective Programme student, I’d bet you a million Australian dollars that I can lay tiles better than your half-arsed construction industry.

    Why do I mention Australia, you’d wonder?

    Just last week, enroute to a group mate’s still-in-construction service apartment, I got scolded by a builder who was carefully laying tiles in the lobby.

    The security system that I had to reach to dial for my friend in order to be let in was a lean-on-the-wall away.

    In so doing, the front of my soles tapped slightly on a freshly-laid tile in front of me.

    I hadn’t seen that tile. But the builder got frantic and kept saying, ‘Get off my tile! I’ll press the thing for ya! Just off my tile!’

    Needless to say, I was impressed! (Just that my group mate later thought I was mad to make such a fuss about, a tile.)

    Now, try finding a builder with such passion for their work in Singapore.

    Even for floor tiles, the Aussies had those 3D plus-sign-shaped plastic supports, as they do for tiles on the wall. (Don’t tell me I’m making generalisations. This is a more-than-one-time observation.)

    For all my life in Singapore, I’ve never seen those used before. Maybe they used that in the past, which was why the build quality was better.

    So either you start doing that and come take a professional development course from RMIT here; where the builders take courses as well or, find yourself a better job for your trashy Mindef-level pride standards.

    In the meanwhile, please don’t give me this shit about the civil servants deserving to their pay hike when obviously, some people are just Third World countries with lots of money.

    Talk about instituted corruption at its core.

  9. inspir3d said

    “Visiting Washington DC without touching on Free Masonry is like going to Disneyland and missing out Mickey Mouse. It just doesn’t sit right.”

    Aah. so you ARE really intrigued and fascinated with Free Masonry, aren’t you.

  10. Kira said

    Will no one help the widow’s son?


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