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Today’s Reads (May 21) – JBJ is back

Posted by intellisg on May 21, 2007

JBJ Returns



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Just Me and Myself – Cycling one Sunday (Musings & Reflections).

Posted by intellisg on May 21, 2007

cycling1.jpgI am happiest when I am cycling, doesn’t matter whether it’s with the boys or just by myself – coming to think about it. I am always alone. I prefer it this way.

It seems to me at least, being or preferring to be alone these days is increasingly being seen as a character flaw. I remember as a kid, it wasn’t unusual for other children to call me “weirdo” or “psycho boy.” Or even for my teachers to refer to me as a “loner.” As if I was afflicted with some incurable contagious diseases. Of course as one gets older for males at least, choosing to be alone is seen as a mark of a thinker (or perhaps a crazed gun man, I really don’t know). And this is where I think one of the readers who wrote to me recently summed it up quite well, when she said:

“….nowadays Darkness, if you are a single girl like me and you’re not hitched. People expect you to be actively on the prowl – speed dating or something. All of these “die, die must do” stuff are discussed as if they are fact. But recently I’ve come to the realization that’s all a crock of shit! You see darkness, I just want to know why you sail, climb and cycle all by yourself –Is it possible to be completely content with your life and be alone at the same time?” – Irene / Bukit Batok

What’s interesting about Irene’s case is, she not referring being alone in the context of “single and looking” or “have to be alone because someone died or I got dumped” or even “single because I am married to my job.” Irene is not talking about that sort of loneliness. Rather its one where one elects by choice to be alone. That’s to say it’s “I choose to remain single.” That’s the direct opposite of “I have to be single because I weight 2 tons and I look like the elephant man and I am as interesting as a soviet warehouse.” She is talking about “I am single, beautiful and successful and I like being alone.” Read the rest of this entry »

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