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Today’s Reads (May 27/28)

Posted by intellisg on May 27, 2007



3 Responses to “Today’s Reads (May 27/28)”

  1. Kee said

    There is a latest report on the potential danger of ‘Hi Fi’ wireless, which has been called to be banned in some countries. Singapore is going wireless, but there are health hazards associated with it. If you are able to, do watch this on BBC’s investigative report on ‘Hi Fi’ before it is removed on the web.

  2. Kee said

    I forgot to add, the investigative report is entitled “Panorama”.

  3. And here’s the rebuttal:

    “This show was on the suppressed dangers of radiation from Wi-Fi networks, and how they are harming children. There was no science in it, just some ‘experiments’ they did for themselves, and some conflicting experts.”

    “Of course you should be vigilant about health risks. I don’t question that there may be some issues worth sober investigation around Wi-Fi safety. But this documentary was the lowest, most misleading scaremongering I have seen in a very long time.”

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