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Auditor General’s Report: Millions Missing

Posted by intellisg on June 1, 2007

By request, this is a special announcement for TOC (The Online Citizen)

TOC (The Online Citizen) recently reproduced in full the Public Accounts Committee convened by Parliament to scrutinize irregularities highlighted by the Auditor General’s report for financial year 05-06. It gave few concrete figures to highlight the irregularities it was pointing out.

TOC tracked down a copy of the original AGO report, which gives a far more comprehensive overview of the scope of the irregularities. This is reproduced in full. We hope that members of the public will step forward to scrutinize the report and ask the necessary questions of our public servants.

In light of the limited scope of the Auditor-General’s report, TOC believes that the public deserves a more thorough audit of its public offices. Further, action needs to be taken to examine why these mistakes occurred in the first place: were there cases of corruption involved, or was it just incompetence? What were the consequences of these multi-million dollar mistakes?

This report can either be swept under the carpet to the further detriment of the credibility of the media and our government, or it can serve as a reference point for a new era in government transparency and accountability. We hope the latter will prevail.

Choo Zheng Xi

Read the entire report here


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