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Today’s Reads (Jun 07)

Posted by intellisg on June 7, 2007


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The Inconvenient Truth – Lessons in Decision Making.

Posted by intellisg on June 7, 2007

HONESTY and sincerity are of course commendable traits in business and politics, but leaders and even followers like us all have to tread a fine line: to tell the truth can sometimes do more damage than good. If you don’t know what I am talking about, please move on to the next great read. This article is reserved for those who have to regularly struggle between telling the truth. Or settling for outright fibbing – still around? I thought so, even the best of us are sinners in this regard.

Lying is a necessary skill and don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. It’s indispensable when it comes to managing oneself and others. We all learn sooner or later the perils of being truthful. If you don’t believe me, just consider the following questions: “do I look fat in this dress?” – “do I look younger with this hair style?” – “can you see that I’ve have slimmed down?” Get the drift, telling the truth can often be hazardous to your health and even more damaging to your wallet. Some lies are just plain heroic, “He went the other way!” Others encourage and edify “don’t be silly of course you will recover and come back stronger than ever before!” Most of us accept while the truth is generally good most of the time it doesn’t always serve a noble purpose – that’s the cue for the “inconvenient truth” i.e necessary lie, to step in – please make room, siam!. Read the rest of this entry »

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