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The Cost of Living in a Scaredy Cat Society – Quality vs Quantity

Posted by intellisg on June 9, 2007

I AM not a big fan of fear, for one it stops me dead on my tracks, my heart rate goes up, my stomach curls up into a tennis ball and my tongue turns all hairy crabby. We all know that stomach churning feeling only too well. Don’t we?

That’s the reason why so many of us plan and design our lives to keep fear in check. We pay our taxes on time to avoid fines. We regularly sign up for health checks, just in case our helix goes bonkers. We circle the parking lot at least 3 times to seek out those pesky coupon aunties. But it doesn’t really go away does it? FEAR.

Even in the seemingly safety of our hermetically sealed imaginary secret garden, FEAR, the serpent lurks reminding us all, how open and vulnerable we are: we should worry about our health the bird flu pandemic it’s just around the corner. We should mull no end about our jobs, its being hacked away incessantly by out sourcers. The economy is growing, but most of the new jobs generated are low paying and/or part-time offering few, if any, benefits. Even blogging these days is under siege! I am of course referring to the recent threat that is currently facing from a time share company that has suddenly decided to take an interest in what’s regularly posted in blogosphere.

What’s the cost of living in FEAR? Read the rest of this entry »


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Weekend (Jun 9/10)

Posted by intellisg on June 9, 2007

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