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An Eye on the Future of The Singapore Blogging Scene / A Brotherhood Perspective

Posted by intellisg on June 19, 2007

eyes.jpgTHIS is a recent interview conducted between J. Kompf and Darkness. Key developments in the Singaporean blogging scene will be discussed: growth factors, trajectory, direction and the various pull and push forces that will play a role in to shaping the eventual form and texture of the blogosphere.

Factors such as commercialization, business opportunities and the scope for creativity and innovation will also be discussed. Alongside these discourses an in depth comparative analysis between the MSM and blogosphere will also be examined – along with other issues, such as; the role of bloggers – their relevance – readership trends – content development etc.

Readers both new and old will also be able to gain an appreciation of the Brotherhood Press as it serves to clarify much of the philosophy, goals and common misconceptions.

Brief excerpt of interview “on the future of the blogging scene in Singapore.” Read the rest of this entry »


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Searching for a Place called Home – The Return

Posted by intellisg on June 19, 2007

home.jpgHAVE you ever asked where home is? No. I am not asking geographically. I know precisely where Singapore is: 01º 22′ N, 103º 48′ E. A tiny sliver of land immediately north of the equator positioned just off the southern edge of the Malay Peninsula between Malaysia and Indonesia.

I am asking in a philosophical sense,

“Where really is home in your heart?”

Against the backdrop of a globalization, more and more Singaporeans are finding themselves working abroad these days. This brings into sharp focus, the need to look deeper into what really constitutes loyalty and citizenry in the context of the question –where is home? Along side this goal there is also a plan to increase the population of Singapore to 6.5 million – how does this sit with the whole notion of nationhood? What notions would be conflated by the need to forge a national identity and shared destiny? Can this be reasonably accomplished? And more importantly how does this all add up to call our tiny dot – home? Read the rest of this entry »

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Jun 19

Posted by intellisg on June 19, 2007

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