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When History just isn’t your History – The “Rosetta” Project.

Posted by intellisg on June 22, 2007

rosetta.jpgHAVE you ever wondered: why politicians, corporate and even religious leaders rewrite history? Tell me now. Did the Singapore government ever pursue a eugenics program? Was the Shin Corp fiasco entirely the fault of the irrational Thai junta? Were the Jews responsible for the death of Jesus?

See what I mean: the path that leads down to history invariably ends up in a hall of mirrors. Do we really value the truth enough to ensure history remains accurate and a reflection of what really happened? After all the Christians like to say, only “the truth has the power to set you free!” Really? Well on first impressions anyone might be forgiven for assuming that we don’t really care much about the truth and bother even less for those who may choose to regularly gut out reality and substitute it for their own version of the truth. I am serious!

Just look at literature, if you don’t believe me. Did you know, Moby Dick was originally a novel about the serial killing walrus with had a penchant for human meat. Had Melville not switched the titular beast for an albino whale, the yarn might have languished in obscurity today, forgotten by all but a few ardent environmental fundamentalist. Yes re-writing history does serve a purpose: it offers a convenient way of rehashing and re-packaging reality to remain relevant with prevailing times. That’s to say, it’s often re-constituted like potato crisp to make it more palatable for mass consumption. After all didn’t you know the truth kills? What if politicians and corporate honcho’s bare their souls and tell us they have just as much control over the economy as a butterfly flapping its wings in Tokyo? Where would we be? How would this revelation sit alongside our notions of power and politics? Truth remains, if we really care to take a long look around these days, everyone is into the business of rehashing history – novelist are the worst, often passing off the old as new. Musicians are just contrite, continually lending their own swagger to old scripts and historians are shambolic. Since they keep telling us, “actually this wasn’t what really happened!” while furiously cutting and pasting huge chunks of events which they regularly pass off as humanity’s on going disquisitions Though these erudite lot continue to insist they are merely – “rediscovering” instead of “rewriting history.” How justifiable is this form of tweaking? Does it really add any value to our understanding of the truth? Or is it just plain self-serving white washing?

Well before we dive into the debate. I have something surprising to share: despite all the panic about the truth being white washed, it’s missing a vital ingredient: a genuinely alarmed public. The vast majority of us have already taken to the idea of rewriting history like fish to water – believe it or not! – in more ways that I can possibly recount -thereby acquiescing in part to this would-be-conspiracy, real or imagined. Granted, it may all be occurring at a subconscious level, but have no doubts: It already happening in earnest even as we speak! Our history is being re-written right before us!

While I don’t doubt, from time to time the notion of some political, corporate and religious leader attempting to rewrite history does genuinely cause some of us to jump up and down no end. For example: when the Japanese historical institute keeps insisting the term, “military campaign” is synonymous with “invasion” to describe Japan’s WW II history in China.

In the vast majority of cases most Singaporeans care about history only mainly in the abstract. Sometimes and only very occasionally, a well-informed community unites to voice its concerns and displeasure on topical issues like the ministerial pay rise and the UNSW Asia debacle. But by and large, even as politicians and corporate figures continue to cover a blemish or two by re-writing history: vis-à-vis: layering the truth by glossing over the so the account, most of us remain curiously bovine and indifferent.

If you think, I am just over stating the apathy consider just a handful of examples: was the A*star program supposed to carve out sustainable competitive advantage in the form of tangible intellectual property? Or was it simply to generate, “indirect benefits?” Was the Shin Corp debacle a “blip” or does it reveal a systematic weakness in Singapore Inc capability to manage and mitigate risk in the regional investment strategy? Was MOE failure to tack down UNSW ASIA a “bridge too far” inspired by over-confidence? Or is it simply a set back that has a marginal impact on establishing Singapore as an education hub? I could really go on all day really – highlighting the uneven patches where history has been white washed no end!

What’s really happening here? Are we simply suffering from mass amnesia? Or has Al Qeada tampered with our water supply?

The truth of the matter is the vast majority of us: Don’t actually realize history is being continuously re-written. A clue to this phenomenon lies in “word creep,” which occurs either by social evolution or design – “word creep” as the meaning implies refers to the process how narrative is regularly changed and colored by conditional factors. A case in point is the word, “gay,” which once referred to a happy or joyous state of mind, but through specific usage, it’s lost its meaning and today assumes a totally different set of definitions that refers specifically to the sexual orientation a person.

The danger is: if we remain bovine to the corrosive effects of word and statement ‘creep.’ Eventually, our grasp of reality and meaning will simply leach away. Essentially, this is one way how history typically gets re-written most of the time. I don’t wish to come across as paranoid, but we may even wake up one day in a country that we hardly know! I am not joking and just to prove my kernel of a crack brained theory –let’s conduct a mini experiment. Now I am going to throw out a basket of words out and why don’t you tell me what they really mean – zero tolerance – war on terror – new and improved! – globalization – we don’t have a choice! – welfare is bad – hands out’s are demeaning- Asian values – rule based society – being a journalist (reporters) in Singapore is the hardest job in the world – if we don’t compete we will perish!

Something’s amiss right? Yes, I know. You ticked them all off mentally, but something is still missing – you can’t put your finger on it – the “real” meaning that is, can you?

Now the reason why you can’t really pin point what those words actually mean is because they aren’t real words – they being “rewritten, rehashed, reconstituted or reduxed.” Call it what you like, but that’s what’s happened. That’s to say they are “bag words or statements,” which carry with them a whole range of ideologies, philosophies and even schools of thoughts. In a sense by attempting to reduce them into convenient sound bites what’s really happened is these words have been reduced to a sort of pidgin language that imposes certain thoughts on how one should make sense of information.

The purpose of “bag words and statements” is simply to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits proper of the devotees of the marketing manifesto, party political order or an institution. It’s a creature of convenience like acronyms, mottos, slogans, mission statement. Or anything that is based on reductionism – take the word, “new and improved,” for example what does it really mean?

It doesn’t mean “new” and “improve” as much as it’s trying very hard to stimulate your appetite to consume. The insidious aspect of bag words is it renders all other modes of though impossible except perhaps only – one or two at most. The whole idea smacks of zoo keeping, but that doesn’t detract from the fact much of how bag words operate is designed primarily to instill behavioral discipline – it could be a cue to buy, to stimulate a need or even induce a craving, but in every case bag words are one of the most effective tools in re-writing historical accounts. Adolf Hitler used it when he coined the ideal of the Aryan man and lebensraum.

The main and operating principle that allows bag words to work so well on our psyche are eerily similar to the mode of speech needed to communicate with automated systems. First, the most distinguishing mark that it uses to convey meaning is through the economy of grammar and regularity. Take the word “war on terror” for instance.

Let’s just spent sometime spreading it out and de-constructing it – what is the sum of all your fears? Is it terminal cancer? No! According to metaphor coined by the Bush administration, it’s a man who wears naan bread on his head, lives in a cave and drives a donkey to work. I am not trying to water down the threat of terrorism, only I am trying to illustrate how it’s possible to use a set of “bag words” to amplify a threat to ridiculous proportions! Truth remains, more Americans are killed each year from artery clogging hamburgers and lousy roads signage than Osama Bin Laden could possibly kill in a hundred life times. That’s a fact! And I am prepared to challenge anyone statistically who tells me otherwise. Now let’s turn our attention to the “war” – did an Islamic superpower take out the world trade center? Nope, just a bunch of confused people who believed that if they ploughed into a skyscraper they would end up with 71 virgins in paradise – doesn’t matter if all of them happened to be vintage 80 year nuns from the order of perpetual chastity – these are just minor details that bag words users typically don’t feel the need to highlight.

The Second way in which, history is re-written is by often giving a very subtle expression to every meaning that a firm, party or institution could properly wish to express, while excluding all other meanings. Take the statement, “if we do not compete, we will perish.” Or a better one would be this, “if we introduce welfare, then people wouldn’t be motivated to work or take responsibility for their life!” Usually when these words are used the pronunciation and cadence deployed is causal and short, so as not to minimize the number of echoes in the audiences mind. Again the rationale of those statements are predicated on the evolutionary belief that we would all benefit from a dose of cave man I knock you out and you knock me out competitive theory i.e survival of the fittest. But hold on a second, all species eventually die off don’t they? Well at least 99.9% of them do, so where does competitive anything fit in the larger scale of continuous improvement anything? Isn’t the whole idea of “compete and perish” redundant? So what the hell are they talking about?

Your guess is as good as mine.

While I remind myself, I am not yet a cynic, I really should be. Only because real dangers exist when history is continually re-written without either the possessors or those who are trying to make sense of modern sound bites today – I am not for one moment suggesting, there is an evil organization out there out to control every aspect of our thought processes. Only it’s the most expedient, economical and effective solution to a very difficult problem; facing the truth head on! I for one am inclined to believe, it’s a temptation that man is ill suited to resist in this age.

History is indeed fragile – what will cyber archeologist discover when they sieve through the Singapore internet in the distant future?

Will they successfully unearth the Mr Brown saga – Shin Corp and UNSW Asia fiasco -Wee Shu Min incident intact? Along with countless other miles stones that has shaped the contours of the Singapore narrative? I don’t doubt for one moment, those archeologist will do roughly the same as those before them – piecing together, forming and shaping their impression of the known truth in the early half of the 21st century. Only as they winnow through much of the electronic dust which we presently term internet chatter in virtual excavation sites like either the Intelligent Singaporean or Aaron Ng’s blog. What will they glimpse from our long-dead civilization? What voices and libations will they hear? And what will be scooped out of the gunk Singapore internet’s enduring eloquence? Perhaps the truth or maybe only muffled murmurs.

Its something to consider very seriously when you next blog or post a message – you may just be writing our history.

[A Brief History Lesson:

Two hundred years ago, during the battle of Aboukir. When Napoleon’s troops were strengthening the foundation in Fort Julian on the West Bank of the Nile, French soldiers unearth part of a large stela, incised with writing in three different scripts. The stone is a fragment of an ancient slab proclaiming the “Memphis Decree” issued by Ptolemy in 196 BC. One of the scripts was Greek, and it stated in its concluding paragraph that all three texts carried the same message. Since the other two scripts were hieroglyphic and cursive demotic respectively, it was evident that this was a discovery of great importance; a key had been found to the history of ancient Egypt, till then hieroglyphic had remain indecipherable – the Rosetta stone had been discovered!

In the year 20482 (strangelands aka brotherhood time) during the Reign of Padishah (earth time: 2003) – a series of automated capsules christened as the “Rosetta’s” – was successfully launched by the brotherhood into the infinity of cyber space. In the sealed sarcophagus, the entire repository of the brotherhood press is stored in 49 languages and formatted in 62 versions. On the aft section of each Tritium powered capsule is a replica plaque similar to the version mounted on Voyager 1 blasted into deep space by mankind on September 5, 1977. To date, 2 such repository robots or “library drones” as they are often called, have been successfully launched into cyber space – the first of the “Rosetta” modules serial no: 00001 ERT is scheduled to return home to earth and re-enter the Singaporean cyberspace in 2999 AD (earth time). It has been pre-programmed to broadcast in 59 known languages “we come in peace” followed by 30 variants of binary codex / machine language – “We shall never forget.” – The Book of Ages, The Chronicler]

(By Scholar boy & Harphoon – Socio / Political – EP 992002- The Brotherhood Press 2007)


28 Responses to “When History just isn’t your History – The “Rosetta” Project.”

  1. scb said

    History when written by men and not the events themselves are just mere plagiarisms!

  2. repairman said

    Nice coffin. Wouldn’t mind being buried in it, looks abit like new age Dracula memorbilia. This must be way bfr my time. Was this the mythical pod darkness single handedly built and launched from solaris in icered SB? Does it also have the entire repository of those missing threads? It would be nice to see it all again to read abt how the brotherhood started-the beginning that is. Where is the Rosetta now?

  3. chronicler said


    Good job on the space jump. They all came back safely. Everything there! – you ask it, we got it all in the casket. Every single thread.

    Very little exist today abt, most of it has been wiped out. That was why the library pods were launched, so much of our history is woven in those threads.

    In the above link, you can catch a glimpse of darkness, his moniker was “bad boy” then – he was considered one of the most eloquent and popular writers, bc it was there that he first launched the confessions, followed by moon in daylight and spring light – a 3 internet novels proved very popular. disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Till today many fingers point to the brotherhood.

    Legend has in the coffin contains the last thread just bfr the whole site disappeared.

    Its an interesting write up on the historical perspective, that should keep you chewing for a while.

  4. astroboy said

    Actually Atomic Monkey helped him – he didn’t do it all alone – chimp used to be a man like the rest of us in the virtual, but he was irradiated with deadly fission material whilst handling the Tritium power source on board the solaris. They had to work fast bc was sinking fast.

    Darkness saved him by downloading his character into a Disney character they stole from Warner brothers.

    Monkey’s condition is irreversible.

    Legend also has it the briefcase that darkness always carried with him in the virtual is in the first pod. There is alot of juicy stuff there, the prototype drawings of the first space stations, worm trains, kinetic architecture, ray guns, space ships, worm gates everything is in that briefcase.

    Last year, I tried to track the Rosetta’s down, but no luck, those drones are primitive, but they are devilish smart. I don’t think even darkness knows where they are. I do know they are interactive, that’s to say, every time we put an EP code into any of our articles, it just hunts and archives it automatically.

    It also has limited defensive capabilities, like morphing and self-replicating capabilities to avoid detection and capture, so those things aren’t dumb, they are like wet glass, virtually impossible to track down.

  5. scholarboy said

    “Last year, I tried to track the Rosetta’s down, but no luck”

    Not surprised. AB you cant hunt them down, they’re virtually impossible to find.

    If memory serves, darkness used a sort of K9 program -he was trying to hide it from our own ppl – the guilds who had an ulterior motive to rewrite their own version of history, that’s why it’s called the Rosetta.

    Trying to find them is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Besides with morphing technology, they can assume any shape and form, so they can burrow pretty deep into a site without even the knowledge of the WM.

    On top of that those drones are probably guarded by the Order of Purple. If you look at the design carefully, there are elements of pre-Imperium influences, the gold trimmings etc, that’s not the sort of materials or even the engineer spec we would regularly use these days for space crafts, but it was quite common during the opulent period of the old republic – when the order of purple ruled the universe. Although most of them are said to be extinct, they are still lurking around – those were the original gamers, so they know all the trap doors and secret passages.

    Like I said, you dont want to get mixed up with them.

    If you notice darkness still wears a purple cape and from time to time, he dons a ridicolous looking headgear, I can only describe as a baby cap – that’s their uniform in the virtual – the order of purple – an ancient order long before our time.

  6. chronicler said


    Order of Purple!!!!! Hogwash. There was a very practical reason behind the Rosetta Project. When bad boy bambi first posted internet stories, many webmasters maliciously either deleted or edited many of his post.

    So our wonder boy came up with the idea of robot posting, what we term spamming these days.

    The problem was this: how would the robot know when to repost? I didnt, so to help it along, darkness deliberately incorporated spelling and grammatical errors into what he regularly wrote. It was a primitive encryption technique and very effective method of finding out where my stuff is in the net. That’s why harphoon has two “h’s.”

    Now the funny thing was many of the readers took on to the whole idea of a writer who regularly mangled up his sentences with lousy grammar. Till todate no one really knows why, I guess it added to the authenticity factor. So the practice stuck, till this day.

    Eventually those robot poster developed into a mobile respository, something akin to a virtual thumb drive. In those days those nifty tools didnt exist.

    So again our wonder boy figured out, why dont I just use the internet as a free, accessible and perpetual storage space? Hence Rosetta was conceived.

    And that’s a historiccal fact with two C’s children. How are the negotiations going with the Tirianians? Any news?

  7. astroboy said

    The order of purple isnt gaming myth. There are plenty of references in the BOA which speak of their existence – e.g the chapter of relics.

    In Pillium for example, the BOA refers to them as “the guardians.” And in the Ascension wars, they were called “the legion.”

    In Pillium, “the hundred” or “fulcrum” as they were called vanquished 17 divisions of Altians in planet D’ni!

    After Pillium, the order of purple was disbanded by Imperial decree and their history was systematically eradicated by the guilds for geo-political reasons.

    Many of the senators remained suspicious of this ancient order modelled according to the knight templars.

    At the end of the old republic, they were considered rebels and systematically hunted down in the virtual by bounty hunters, pushing them out of the game.

  8. chronicler said

    There is no purple order. Look here, public response to brotherhood press production from day one has been always been mixed.

    When darkness first started posting his novels on line, he got roughly 6.7 to 7.5 times as much shit as Wee Shun Min and this was occuring on a daily basis!

    What was his response? He just kept producing. When that didnt work, they ignored him, what was his response? He produced more! They boycotted him! What was his response, he tripled the production.

    The moral of story is this: Nothing can break your spirit and even less can break your heart, if you dont give others the permission to do so.

    The robot was simply a manifestation of this credo. It was an instrument of persistence.

  9. chronicler said

    Fact of the matter is in the early days darkness was very much like a German tank. He figured out a few things from the word go, firstly, do I waste my time responding to all these forumers? Should I try to placate or do I just F them? Or do I invest my time, energy and resources producing? So he asked himself, what am I?

    It may appear like a simple economic calculation today, but thinking back let’s not fool overselves, this requires nothing short of discipline to just press on with one strategy -produce, produce and produce.

    As more got produced, eventually it became a virtual library and that was how the brotherhood press came about.

    We all know everyone goes to the library for only one thing – to read. That’s why if you notice today if someone like a novice writer like repairman writes an article and it only manages one hit, darkness isnt too bothered. He knows that writing success can never be measured in terms of individual output, it has always been about the cummulative.

    Allow me all to give you an example of what I mean by this “diversity of footprint.”

    In the ST today, a reporter Chua Mui Hoong wrote an article entitled

    “Striking a balance between civil liberties and security.”

    Now I want you to search the IS here for the article entitled,

    (1) The perils of attempting to regulate the internet.

    (2) The extinction game (or “saving the internet from it’s detractors”)

    And pls tell me: what does she have to say today that hasn’t been thoroughly dissected by the bro press? Zero, nothing, nada, kosong!

    That’s the advantage of having something like the brotherhood press, you touch on every topic that may be touched on today and in the foreseeable future – that’s why darkness never ever bothers about the individuals hits, not even his own, it has always been about team work – the cummulative – and above all the consistent producer who produces, produces and produces.

    darkness learnt this from lance armstrong. I have good news, he will be holding an interview with him very soon. He happens to be an avid reader of the brotherhood press.

    Sorry for the long post, but some things need to be properly explained.

  10. scholarboy said

    OK, if there is no order of purple chronicler, then how do you explain that strange purplish/indigo baby bonnet darkness always wears in the virtual – where did that ridicolous attire come from?

    Order of Purple?

  11. praetoria said


    Pls dont call it a “baby bonnet”, its called a chapel-de-fer. It’s an medieval attire worn mainly by scholars during the 13th century.

    See for yourself. There is nothing strange abt it.

  12. prima girl said

    Good afternoon Boys,

    “Fact of the matter is in the early days darkness was very much like a German tank. He figured out a few things from the word go, firstly, do I waste my time responding to all these forumers? Should I try to placate or do I just F them? Or do I invest my time, energy and resources producing? So he asked himself, what am I?”

    Actually I know Amy (the girl who did a P Hd abt the net) personally and I was one of them who saw it all from the very beginning during the early days. Agree completely, he was certainly very persistent and nothing the posters lobbed at him appeared to affect him, but that was just the public persona, one will never truly know what occupied his thoughts privately.

    But I agree, the boycotting and ignoring featured very prominently but it didnt work. History and it doesnt even need to be the brotherhood variant always favors the persistent. He just kept on producing, producing and producing. No let up, it just went on and on and on like artillery.

    I just get a very strong deja vu feeling, he may be doing the same thing right here in the IS. Only this time he is much more confident, that is always good and bad, isn’t it.

  13. scholarboy said


    OK, thanks – thats very informative.


    I have known darkness for at least 6 years, never ever once heard him telling anyone how or what to write, never even once.

    I think he just told us all if we write, we write for ourselves and no one else, that could one reason why he just couldnt be bothered with competition or for that matter whether it even gets read – he used to say once it is written, cut and dried, and if you look back, you live in the past so it has to be finished and all you need to do is go on to the next write up. If you linger and stay too long, you will grow old.

    A very frustrating man to deal with, because you dont even know whether he has any buttons to press and there are no weaknesses – very frustrating Prima. Very.

  14. scholarboy said

    chronicler any new abt the Tirianians?

  15. Chronicler said

    They are still negotiating, mineral rights is very serious business. So it will take some time, I am sure of that. If there is news, I will tell all of you. meanwhile why dont you all go cycling or something?

  16. repairman said

    I dont like it, its taking longer than it should, it could be a trap.

  17. chronicler said

    LOL. Did u really believe darkness is in Spain all by himself himself?

    We have a whole crew there! LOL.

  18. scholarboy said

    hahahaha I guess that much!

  19. astroboy said

    Why are the mineral rights to the Tirianian mines so important to us? What they produce is hardly termed exotic – its more like dead beat saw dust that no one wants, so what gives?

  20. chornicler said


    Darkness did not tell, did he? This is where the river meets the sea. If we fail to secure a long term concession for the mineral rights with the Tirianians. We might as well pack up and go back to snake and ladders.

    Onxyian Prima Elixir, is a vital fuel source unique and specific to the Kilmaron system – it powers all our starcruisers and more importantly makes possible the space fold. Without it, we wouldnt even be able to transverse across the infinity of space i.e no more guild, no more mercantile exchange, no more brotherhood.

    This is where the game ceases completely to be a game and instead is transformed into a very real geo-political / economic high stakes chess game.

    For years the guilds have deliberately depressed the price of Onxyian Prima Elixir by building it stockpiles, but its bankrupting all of us.

    Remember always Norrath may only be a game, but if one totalises all the monetary value of its transactions, its roughly equal to the GDP of Russia!

    This is the moment of truth when the road ends and the virtual gives way to the real world. From this point onwards everything that happens is a real as it gets!

    Do you all understand now?

  21. Haprhoon said

    Perhaps, it’s best, if we con’t the discussion during our cycling session rather than here – we dont know who is listening. Do we?

    This afternoon’s session is on, east coast / airport rd / changi village / prison / expo.

    STSP. See you all there.

  22. Haprhoon said

    SB, AB & Trajan,

    I received this comsat from darkness who is still in Spain abt your recent write up, “HAL, You’ve Been Invited for Tea! – A Singaporean Odyssey.”

    “This is perhaps one of the best reads that surpassed even what I regularly produce (that shouldnt surprise anyone!) Let me just share with you all, why I like it so much.

    Pls bear in mind, I am not telling you chaps what to do only sharing with you why I consider it one of the best articles produced in the brotherhood press.

    Firstly, there’s a retro feel of it all, using the metaphor of HAL a character in a 60’s flick was certainly very creative, this reminds me alot of what Harphoon did with Rick’s History – remember that? Brilliant!

    Secondly all of you took something old and juxtaposed it with what is happening in the political scene today. Again, that’s something that certainly required considerable pre-discussion bfr writing, so kudo’s, the detailing is just right, not to heady, but firm enough to sink one’s teeth in. I also like the length 4 to 5 pages, thats always good.

    Thirdly, you brought that fool chandra into the frame to cap it all off by asking the paradoxical question – you left it deliberately open. Good tactical move. After all its a hypo question!!!

    This is definitely the best piece of write up this year that even exceeds what I have written in the last 3 to 4 years.

    Trust me, I know quality when I see it – and this is the real Mc Coy. It gets my vote!

    This article gets the best post of the year award for me.

    I just want to say that Harphoon is doing a splendid job and the privilege is always mine whenever I log into the IS. Thank you all very much and keep up the good work.

    Remember no one can ever break your spirit and least your heart without you giving them the permission to do so first! – and I dont recal seeing anyone here giving anyone that right! – we have always set our own standards – that is what it means to nurture brotherly love, relief and the pursuit of the truth.

    I am sorry for being so long winded.

    Long live the brotherhood!


    End of Message”

  23. Haprhoon said

    darkness continues,

    “Let me just share with all of you something real honest. If some of you look up to me, then I say, you have to be dumber than dumb! Bc you’re settling for a crappy role model in life. I wouldnt even consider emulating myself! Hozdat!

    If you ask me who embodies the spirit and ethos of the brotherhood – it is not me! I fall so very short, to even say, if you look up to me then you might as well model your life on a rubber duck, but I have always looked up to this man and he has always been a deep well of inspiration, whenever I feel things may not go the way it should.

    He is the one, that’s why he’s way ahead.

  24. sumiko said

    Good afternoon all,

    “That’s the advantage of having something like the brotherhood press, you touch on every topic that may be touched on today and in the foreseeable future – that’s why darkness never ever bothers about the individuals hits, not even his own, it has always been about team work – the cummulative – and above all the consistent producer who produces, produces and produces.”

    May I politely butt into this private thread (is it?) and ask what the “cummulative” means in the context of what darkness was trying to convey?

    Many thanks. Do have a nice day. Yes we are boycotting all of you. How do you all like the feel of our freedom of expression? We warned you all didn’t we? About posting space gibberish didn’t we? – so there you go! This will do very nicely, I think to show you all, we dont want any more space talk!

    And pls stop trying to ban me. I can always post from another account you know!

  25. chronicler said

    Hello siaow charbor,

    We never disturb u. Why u ppl like to disturb us huh?

  26. repairman said

    Sumiko, when darkness uses the word “cummulative,” in this context, he means actual number of readers.

    As you know, he has pioneered numerous theories on determining actual reader habits. He probably knows more abt this subject than anyone in Singapore!

    One controversial theory darkness came out with 4 years ago was called the reverse Paretto rule.

    (1) the total number of hits within 48 hours needs to divided by .6 to derive at the actual number of readers. So if one gets 1,000 hits, the actual number of readers is only 400!

    (2)After 48 hrs – the division value goes down according to a slide scale and levels off at abt 0.15. That’s to say after 48 hrs, the number of genuine readers increases dramatically.

    The 0.15 factorial against the total number of readers = cummulative.

    Now you understand why he keeps saying blogging has a long way to go in Singapore. You need to take the finer details of what he said directly up with him, but that from my understanding is the gist of it.

    The person who knows more abt this is KOHO.

  27. repairman said

    As I mentioned, this is a very controversial theory even in the brotherhood. But you could even assemble a panel of math experts and he can demo it bang, bang, boom! style to even prove it.

    That’s why KOHO regularly throws out 75% in the first 48 hrs and the real count ONLY begins after – that’s what we call the cummulative – the long tail -naturally writers like SB and AB are not happy.


  28. anongal said

    Hopefully, the same thing wouldnt happen to your capsule 🙂

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