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Here’s The World. Take it! – How Successful People Really Think.

Posted by intellisg on June 26, 2007

take-the-world.jpgTHERE’S a story – two salesmen who were sent to the African continent during the 1800’s to sell shoes – the first after spending a period in the Ivory Coast telegrammed the London head office and sent the following message,

“All of them are barefooted here! No point. I am coming back home.”

The other sent the following message,

“All of them are barefooted here, fantastic! Send as many shoes as you can!”

This story embodies a mystery, “what does it take to have good business judgment?”

There are some obvious hallmarks that we all associated with those who have good business sense – firstly, they can all navigate themselves out of sticky situations and all of them seem to have the maturity to remain unflustered when the shit hits the fan. Nothing ever seems to derail their sense of confidence and surefootedness. These winners also seem to have a keen nose for spotting opportunities which usually. When push comes to shove, they all have this uncanny ability to anticipate their competitor’s next move – right down to the minuteness detail.

It raises the question: what does good business acumen actually consist of? Does it have something to do with taking action? Following that mythical line called gut feel, intuition or does it have more to do with just plain good olde luck?

Can I or you develop good business acumen?

I presented this question to our resident subject matter expert. Dr Chandra who has counseled dozens of senior executives as they attempt to develop strategy in order to find out more of how, these winners regularly define personal and organizational success – what do they really have?

The Myth of the Action Man.

“Firstly, let me be clear on a few points, ‘good business acumen’ is nothing other, than a function of wise information management – that’s to say highly successful people and it really doesn’t matter whether it’s a technician leading a team on a production line – or a Prime Minister helming the nation, only really do one thing time and again. They never ever rush into things. Neither do they allow others to use time as a strategic weapon to leverage against their long term interest. They are masters of time.

This is where, one really needs to appreciate the difference between being prudent and probably slow and coming across as a man of action. Unfortunately public perception always favors the latter i.e those who are authoritative, decisive and can’t wait to roll up their sleeves to get the job done. These are traits we usually associate with winners.

Historically these sort of leaders have a patchy trek record at best. We all know Stalin defeated the Nazi’s, but at what cost? Dropping the atomic bomb ended the Pacific war, but at what cost?

This I am afraid also implies forbearance and restraint don’t count for much these days – that’s a myth that closer to fiction than the truth. In reality, highly successful people, firms, institutions and anything rarely ever produce results either incrementally or revolutionarily leveraging strategically on those attributes – forbearance and restraint.

If we believe the myth making machine for one minute, it skewers the whole picture and all too often it makes the charge of the light brigade looks like a sensible military enterprise – romantic it may have been – poetic even – but a rash failure it certainly remains!

As I said, highly successful people don’t allow time to control them, they know all too well, it can be crafted into a strategic weapon to be used for or against – its the same reason why: in most robotic labs – the best way to ensure steady prototypal development is by turning down the speed to the lowest level. That way every movement is slowed down. One may of course suffer inefficiencies in the short term, but in the long term, this offers us all a means of managing the learning curve, mitigating the risk by deliberately factoring in a greater margin of error. Only after this phase of proofing, do we actually consider ratcheting up the speed setting. One reason why the Titanic sank during its maiden voyage wasn’t because it hit an iceberg. That was incidental to the main causal reason: an abject failure to keep this rule of slow and steady progress. The directors of the white star liner wanted to win the coveted blue ribbon at any cost – so they went full speed ahead – the results were catastrophic.

Slowing down means, highly successful people often listen more than talk. Now this may sound like a cliché, but there is a real difference between just listening and deep listening. The former is just a sounding board and too often people listen to confirm what’s already  in their minds, that’s to say they aren’t listening as much as practicing selective hearing ,deafness or what I term listening for confirmation – that’s to say, they aren’t actively gathering information as much as they are seeking out some form of validation to confirm  their world view. Ones see this very often in certain blogs and this is where we simply have to appreciate that group dynamic has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with psychology. This of course means even highly intelligent people can too often make mistakes, if they rush into something. We regularly register this sort of phenomenon in mass collective robotic behavior – when one robot does something, the other mimics it without really going through the thinking process and the same rule applies in human psychology – that’s why we often get horrific car pile ups in highways, everyone assumes the person ahead must have a good reason for traveling at the choosen speed. They don’t of course, till of course the air bag goes off in their face. We see the same phenomenon in stock market behavior, where people may buy, hold or buy, not based on fundamentals, but instead on sentiments, but that is another topic all together. You get the picture – rushing into anything = lousy business sense.

Coming back to deep listening it’s definitely a characteristic of highly successful people. That’s one of the reason why deep blue the IBM chess computer was able to beat Kasparov in 7 out of 10 games- all of Kasparov’s moves from the first day he started to play professionally, where downloaded into deep blue that allowed its program to exercise something very similar to the results typically generated by deep listening skills. Allowing it not only too familiarize itself with the opponent, but also gaining key strategic intelligence which is used to predict Kasparov’s next move.

That’s the difference between winners and losers. The former can see a coup coming ten miles away, the latter is left with a bag wearing a dumb look when the tanks roll in – it’s tragic.

What I need to emphasize is this – Deep listening doesn’t really mean listening as much as the systematic ability to ask really important questions. That’s to say, they don’t begin with any assumptions and they restrict their conclusion solely to what they consider to be information and nothing else – let me give you an example what I mean by this in practical terms. A few years ago, while driving my car some chap in a SUV behind me started honking, flashing his lights and waving his hands at me. So I got out of my car armed with my camera phone and guess what? All he wanted to do was tell me, one of my doors hadn’t been closed properly! Silly me you say, but bear in mind this sort of assumptive or presumption based error happens all the time in board rooms – that’s what happens when people don’t listen deeply – the miss out – get the wrong picture- they screw up!

What this means is of course is highly successful people may not even process information conventionally and this may mean they can even be unpredictable usually doing the opposite of what others would expect of them – for example, they may not choose to come across as the smartest person in the room, because all the information tells them there is someone smarter there. So they switch gears by seeking out those who are the smarter and more importantly forging alliances with them. Of course, in common lay terms we call it charisma or the ability to inspire, but always remember: what makes it all possible firstly – is the ability to listen deeply.

You don’t need to be Freud to realize, if you can’t even be bothered to know what is or isn’t important to the person you are talking too then you will have practically zero chance of gaining a strategic advantage over him. Sun Tzu has spot on, if you know only yourself and not your opponent, its always only 50/50! I rather be playing Russian roulette any day!”

The Myth of Gut Decisions.

“Look here! This is one area that I happen to know a lot about. Let me just say a few things, if you want to get yourself employed in a firm that’s going to transform itself into a charitable organization overnight – then follow a leader that regularly makes decisions using two cells in his colon.

There are loads of historical precedents on this area and most of it has been compiled strangely not in the business world but in the field of failure test analysis i.e crash investigations namely conducted by the NTSB, for one voice cockpit and flight recorders give us a before, during and after account and in virtually every case. What we regularly see is disasters are caused by individuals who are really not so different from people who are shopping for power tools in a mega store. I am of course gross simplifying the process so that the lay audience here understands what I trying to say, but all they are doing is sorting through a pile of possibilities, rejecting as they go along, before settling on the one that they want i.e they don’t even have a purchasing strategy. Neither do they understand the strengths and weakness of what they are getting themselves into – so is it so unusual, too often they end up making a lousy buy decision – Have you bought a shirt that you want to donate to the salvation army? Or bought a car wished someone would steal? Or married someone who you wished an alien would abduct? Get the pic? We have all walked down that road.

The key is this (and please if you forget everything else, remember this. It’s jugular!): highly successfully people don’t nearly select or settle for anything, least of all off-the-shelf solutions. They tailor. What did I say? They tailor, in the same way many of you chaps fiddle around with your bicycles which I know you chaps ride regularly – that’s to say highly successful people are big into customization. Now I know some of you are saying well that’s a darn expensive business! OK agree and disagree. Because if all look or shall I say listen to it using our deep listening skills. It’s really a trade off between the short and long yield/benefit calculation – that’s to say, if one is really serious about peak performance, we all know off-the-shelf anything just doesn’t cut any ice! Firstly, it doesn’t take stock of your unique physical characteristics. Secondly, you need to accommodate the machine instead of the other way round, so there’s bound to be some drop off in efficiency and effectiveness.

That’s why peak performers are regularly big on tailoring everything from their retirement plan to strategizing their next empire building moves. And if you look at what they produce for their users, they are regularly tailoring solutions for their customers, partners, clients and supporters. In every case what we regularly see here is – how they are keeping all the possibilities in mind, rejecting none, They are not nearly trying to choose among alternatives as they are trying to come up with an idea that combines several elements – that’s to say, they are choosing the best out of each manufacturer or service provider to complete a whole solution, instead of going to a one-stop-shop. Using the bicycle analogy, that could mean buying the frame from X because they are the best, brakes from Y because they are the best, gear shift from Z because they are the best and when it comes together is it such a wonder one usually gets something superior than anything that is offered on the shelf?

Now you can take this analogy and even extend it by saying good business acumen isn’t just about profitability or the return on investment. That in my view gives you only a vignette – what if it comes at a cost of environmental degradation? Or it props up a socially abhorrent culture that exploits minors as sweat shop workers? The really smart businessmen are the ones who know the art of seamlessly fusing equal measures of realism and idealism, values with vision and goals with dreams. So next time you see a petroleum company spending millions on planting flowers, you know why they are doing it.

In every case if you break down the motivation, they are not really doing anything so different from how many of you regularly get the best components to enhance the overall man and machine performance factor.

Conversely, if you look at the really successful sales person, he isn’t as much selling you stuff as he is a valued partner in trying to facilitate you in reaching your goal. Now I know that I often come across as the guy that hates darkness because I disparage him no end, but in truth, if I want lets say a solution for a drive train that doesn’t exist in a catalog. We usually go to him and he regularly does something very strange when our engineers gives him the blueprints, he burns them or uses it as toilet paper and it doesn’t stop there – he sends acidic e-mails which begin with the words, “You fool…” and then, he comes up with his own designs and guess what, its usually superior to ours! That’s because I am not a manufacturing/ operations scientist. I don’t really know the difference between using titanium, aluminum or even timber to get the job done, but he does, so when he adds his inputs, value is generated, knowledge gets pushed further and as a result real and tangible improvements are produced.

That’s why really successful businessmen, never ever start a sentence with the word, “it is our policy…..” or “in our experience….” Once you start using those sort of adjectives, nothing new, innovative or creative ever gets generated and all you have is a man who is putting stuff together like Lego blocks and lets face it any idiot can do that – you don’t even have a competitive differentiator!”

Good Judgment about the Internet?

Now we all know that we live in the internet age and all, but what is worrying is this, the people who have the power to effect the highest degree of directional changes are also the ones who know the least about this medium. They don’t interact with it, neither do they really know from first hand experience and they know even less about its attributions, yet these people are the ones who are regularly charting, profiling and coloring how it should look like in the foreseeable future. That to me is a worrying sign, because what’s really needed is the kind of creative, constructive response that is the product of good business acumen and judgment – in other words, the people who have the best knowledge to tell you what you should be doing this week, next month or the in the next two quarters to be creative and competitive! Instead of just using those words like clothes hangers – those people aren’t even represented in the dialogue –perhaps you can tell me whether that’s good business anything?

(Harphoon / Dr Chandra – Science/ Business/ Socio – EP 99278A- The Brotherhood Press 2007)


94 Responses to “Here’s The World. Take it! – How Successful People Really Think.”

  1. montburan said

    Alright, that’s much better, remember no more space post or anything related to rockets or you know what we will all do again!

    This is very educational and informative, thats the way we all like it rock steady grounded down to earth.

  2. HBR reader said

    This is ripped off from Harvard Business Review.

  3. montburan said

    That’s good to hear, at least this confirms my suspicion, there is more than one harvard grad amongst them. tsk, tsk, tsk.

    Do tell which page and edition, pleeeeeeeeeeze.

  4. lassie said

    This also means of course, its all probably true – How Successful People Really Think. Tell me does HBR regularly get their stuff from MIT?

    Thanks been waiting for this.

  5. HBR reader said

    Sir, you do not have to look further than the current issue, which is Vol 85, Issue 6, pg 60-67.

    I’ll at least give you this: the writer of this article is an excellent paraphraser who makes business jargon and executive thinking more accessible to the layman through simple writing and clear analogies. You’ll get no marks from me for original content, however.

  6. koalabear said

    Good Afternoon all,

    How are you Lass? Actually – Harvard, MIT, Stanford blah blah blah, makes no difference to me, knowledge is knowledge and what goes around comes around. Besides I read the HBR issue, the latest and they, the HBR actually ripped it from bits and elements of Michael Porter /Paul Krugman / Kenichi Ohmae / Ishikawa / Gary Hamel / Ross and maybe 300 hundred other academics who once either wrote, spoke or commented about successful leaders. So to say that they ripped it is like saying that someone has commoditize alphabets, grammar or numerals!

    All of us who have followed the brotherhood press know Dr Chandra is a very knowledgable fine gentlemen. At least he doesnt spend his time like Bamb1 talking about space. Thank you very much Dr Chandra for taking the time to add to our knowledge. I for one know it takes alot of effort on your part to produce this article. Bye and do have a very nice day.

  7. chronicler said

    “Sir, you do not have to look further than the current issue, which is Vol 85, Issue 6, pg 60-67.

    I’ll at least give you this: the writer of this article is an excellent paraphraser who makes business jargon and executive thinking more accessible to the layman through simple writing and clear analogies. You’ll get no marks from me for original content, however.”

    Perhaps you would like us to give you a point to point rebuttal.

    The term – how do successful leaders think or really think, has been used at least 3,729 times since 1895!

    If your mother gave you any balls you may wish to challenge the brotherhood press directly and not Dr Chandra, as this is an article that carries our tag / btw I have read it and I see similarities with that article with perhaps 50 others which I have read in the last ten years. If it is abt success then a certain degree of commonality would be expected, but I strongly take issue with your claim in 3:56 it has been “ripped” (your exact words that is) which you subsequently changed and qualified yourself later to the term “paraphraser” on 4:14.

    So bfr we roll out our heavy artillery to flatten you into a pulp in front of everyone here, can you please clarify to us which is which one of the two do you really mean?

    Dont say I never give you a chance.

  8. chronicler said

    HBR reader,

    The brotherhood press disagrees completely with you!

    I would seriously recommend all readers to read that article that HBR reader posted and pls draw your own conclusions.

  9. chronicler said

    Furthermore, pls note:

    The term – how do successful leaders think or really think, has been used at least 3,729 times since 1895!

    If your mother gave you any balls you may wish to challenge the brotherhood press directly and not Dr Chandra, as this is an article that carries our tag / btw I have read it and I see similarities with that article with perhaps 50 others which I have read in the last ten years. If it is abt success then a certain degree of commonality would be expected, but I strongly take issue with your claim in 3:56 it has been “ripped” (your exact words that is) which you subsequently changed and qualified yourself later to the term “paraphraser” on 4:14.

    So bfr we roll out our heavy artillery to flatten you into a pulp in front of everyone here, can you please clarify to us which is which one of the two do you really mean?

    Dont say I never give you a chance.

  10. chronicler said

    Pls understand when you use the word “ripped,” u r accusing the BP of plaigrism. And the rules of the game are super clear, we are not Pravda or ST, we do not regularly steal creative material from blogland and pass it off as our own, we take great pride in what we regularly produce and if it from another source, we always provide attributions.

    So we are waiting, which one is it now? And pls dont disappoint us!

    However, I would strongly recommend all our readers to cross check it with the current edition of the HBR and draw your own conclusions.

  11. scholarboy said

    hahaha hbr reader

    I don’t think you know what you are talking abt. Seriously.

    I don’t even believe you know how the harvard business review actually works as a publishing house.

    It is not a refereed academic publication duhhh! That’s why its called a “review,” not by even the forgiving standards of a par 2 without bunkers and there’s a very good reason why, none of the authors who regularly feature in the HBR are required to disclose a biblio or attribution list for what they have written. That means whatever they have penned may even have originated from somewhere else i.e even they are hardly original in the academic or lay sense!

    So when you say,

    “You’ll get no marks from me for original content.”

    My response is simply this, you have demonstrated without a shadow of doubt to everyone here, how shallow and ignorant you really are.

    Chronicler pls dont waste your time.

  12. chronicler said

    I have to insist scholarboy. If we do not get a reply from HBR reader within 72 hrs, we will just retrieve the IP and take it to the next logical step.

  13. chronicler said

    I believe Kitana left us with that legacy – threatening to “expose” ppl IS permissible and acceptable in the Singapore internet . We are merely abiding by the “acceptable” rules of engagement. Though I admit, outside Singapore, we should NOT breach this rule.

  14. Council of the Wise said


    You cannot break art of Kanly. We don’t know who is monitoring this site, but trust me they are here. Walls have ears. It could be someone who once purchased one of our Space stations or satellites under the terms of silence Kanly imposes.

    May I remind you as a senior member of the guild, we live in a world of consequences and implications. Think! What kind of message will we be sending out to the rest of the universe?

    Darkness please control your men.

    I was not here.


  15. Harphoon said


    There is a gold test here. All our regular readers need to do is turn to page 60 of the June 2007 Edition of the HBR and read. Its evident to me, there is nothing common there except the title which is really like saying all roses are red or the sky is blue or how successful or unsuccessful leaders really think.

    Its always best to leave it to readers to be the final arbiter, but thats a good sign, it just means we must be hitting very hard where it hurts – we are finally making them lose sleep.

    What do you think? I leave it to you, of course.

  16. Harphoon said

    I dont see any honor here. If it ripped, I say its ripped and if I am asked – I will provide the evidence to show why I believe it was copied word for word.

    If its paraphrased, I will say its paraphrased and if I am asked, I will show which section and where it was lifted. But I never twist and turn by saying its “ripped” one moment and conveniently change it to “paraphrased” the next or something else the third time just bc someone cornered me – as if I dont know the meaning of words – there’s no sportmanship to it, its conduct unbecoming like shooting a man in the back. Its a big problem when a man doesnt understand thats a problem especially for those who have to either work,live or play with HBR reader. Bc when a man is a man of convenience, chronicler you really dont need to do a single thing, he himself is his worst enemy. Btw I wrote the article.

  17. darkness said

    Bingo! Council boys here man. What you say, we just get back in the car quietly and drive back where we came from?

  18. chronicler said

    Will u stand by me darkness? If you stand by me the council wouldnt dare to make a move. I built the brotherhood press from nothing and I will protect its sterling reputation at all cost. Will you stand by me?

  19. mrswyx said

    what the hell are you boys on about? get a life.

  20. darkness said

    Chronicler, I hear you and I understand. Believe me I do.

    Will I support you? Lets cross that bridge when we come to it.

    First thing first, lets give politics and diplomacy a chance: if we move against “HBR reader” without first exhausting all possibilities for a peaceful resolution, ppl will say we are heavy handed, over sensitive or worst we dont have a sense of scale. Result: we will win the battle, but lose the war.

    So what we need to do is give her an opportunity to respond. After that grace period, if there is still no reply and if we move with resolve to settle, not a single person not even one in blogosphere will say a thing. Neither will any of the senators in the council lodge a protest. Bc we acted reasonably. However, if we behave irrationally like masters of the universe as in the case of MICA vs MrBrown or as Harphoon mentioned, hantam from the back without regard to the protocal of sportmanship, then no one will support you! How can they?

    So if this is so important to you, lets do it by the book.

    On your part, I want you to consider very carefully what are the long term geo-political / economic implications of breaking the art of Kanly. Do I have strong opinions abt this issue? Yes, but they are immaterial to decision nexus here and even if I had such a thing as a strong opinion, they cannot be voiced, not without unduly influencing you, so it’s best that you take this grace period to reflect on what you are really asking of me – that way you will be internally persuaded that what you have asked is justifiably right, otherwise you may even come to regret your decision.

    I will personally issue an official com to HBR reader stating our official position why we believe her statements are “False, Malicious and Ill-conceived.” It hardly requires repeating, anyone with an IQ of 5 below idiot can peruse through these two articles and within a matter of minutes derive at the conclusion its not even an apple to apple comparison, but again my observation are irrelevant. Nonetheless, this serves to lend reason to Harphoons approach, let the readers be the judge.

    Meanwhile the brotherhood press will cease all its operations till this matter is resolved.

    KOHO stop the com, channels off / SLF off.

    Chronicler, I hear you and I understand. Believe me I do.

  21. dentist said

    Actually, if you need to settle a score. Right a wrong. Why do you need to shut down the brotherhood press? Unless of course you wish to ferment anti “HBR reader” sentiments amongst your readers. Especially in the SLF where we are told, “this may last indefinitely!” This reminds me of how the Romans used to manage the territories they once occupied, kill one Roman soldier and the whole village will be denied salt or access to the well till the murderer is surrendered. So may I ask, how fair is it? You arent even giving him or her a fair chance. From where I am standing its a set game.

  22. This is an official communiqué from the Brotherhood said

    This is an official communiqué from the Brotherhood. / Primus codex 990282

    Dear “HBR reader,”

    I seek only to understand. Could you please tell me how your derived at the conclusion our article was “ripped” (according to your words, pls see above the thread) from an article published in the Harvard Business Review / June 2007 / Pg 60 / by Roger Martin?

    I seek only to understand. Because I have read both the article here and the HBR version at least 4 times! And I still fail to see how our article can be considered even “ripped” or “paraphrased” from the HBR version you mentioned (please refer to your comment above).

    I seek only to understand. I do not want an apology, retraction or even an admission that you are wrong. Only wish to understand: how you derived at the conclusion that you did? So please take a reasonable period of time and do come back to us here on the point that I have mentioned.

    However, please understand this – I cannot wait too long – otherwise I have to come looking for you. I am sure you understand.

    Yours Sincerely

    Darkness 2007

  23. KOHO said

    com-link / SLF / ED-COM to the Intelligent Singaporean has been severed.


  24. […] Wednesday, June 27th, 2007 in random shit Here’s The World. Take it! – How Successful People Really Think. […]

  25. caleb said

    Just because of one irresponsible **** all of us suffer. It just doesn’t seem fair!

  26. Oprah said

    “June 26th, 2007 at 4:14 pm

    Sir, you do not have to look further than the current issue, which is Vol 85, Issue 6, pg 60-67.

    I’ll at least give you this: the writer of this article is an excellent paraphraser who makes business jargon and executive thinking more accessible to the layman through simple writing and clear analogies. You’ll get no marks from me for original content, however.”

    Everyone has a right to an opinion, but there is no excuse to be wrong factually these days. Singapore is a very unforgiving place, you can fail, but only conventionally, but if you fail in any other way, there will always be plenty of people who will remember.

    Like WSM, she can never ever return back and work in Singapore like an ordinary person, better for her to pursue a life abroad.

    Either way, its the crying game for HBR reader, submarines run deep and silent for only one reason. Just because you dont see them doesnt mean they arent around.

  27. hummer said

    Which section of it was copied? Did you even bother to read the HBR article you posted! Or maybe HBR reader you just googled it and read the summary.


  28. hummer said

    The great devil will (censored)

  29. shoestring said

    Great, perhaps HBR reader could churn out some original articles for us to kill time while waiting for the Brotherhood to come back.

    HBR reader, here’s your chance.

  30. someonewhoknowsthebrotherhood said

    Hello fellow Netizens,

    There is only one reason why they stopped. Notice, the red eye in this site is gone. That means they know who exactly HBR reader is. And they know very well, it will be a messy business from this point. You see it is really very simple, the calculations.

    I have read both articles and I cannot see how HBR reader can defend his case. He would be overun in minutes and he knows it only too well. I strongly encourage everyone to do the same to draw their own conclusions. All I can really say is there is as much similarities definitionally, conceptually and axiomatically as heaven and earth, and this really to: What was HBR readers motivation? He cannot be say, he was just voicing his opinion, because in this particular case, the error is obvious as it is gross.

    This of course leads us all to consider who actually is HBR reader? If he or she is a journalist working for lets say SPH would it be wise for such a person with such questionable moral values to be retained in a position that gives such a person such a wide sphere of influence? Doesnt this perhaps point to a pattern in a character flaw, that makes this person totally unsuitable for such a job. The same can be said if the person is an academic. I question the values behind the action, the lack of ethics.

    They will strike. I can almost guarantee this 100%. I know because I happen to be a Tirianian, we have seen it all bfr. In our game there is a very boastful fellow, his name is Bobofet. Oneday Bobo did something very silly, he started posting messages in the internet, that the father of the game was dying of some terminal disease, it was all in very bad taste and many of us warned hi,. Bobo even boasted nothing will happen to him and all was well.

    One day they came in the dark and he just disappeared into the wind. What is sad is it didnt have to be like this.

  31. anongal said

    Hbr reader

    There is dignity in remaining silent, but it hardly applies here, not if what is claimed is altogether so different from what actually is.

    They are two different articles with distinctly separate POV’s – Sorry HBR reader – that could well explain why you are hiding in your cupboard – sorry, no dignity there either only darkness. (mind the pun)


    Indeed, its surprising to realise the great chronicler of the brotherhood happens to be a cry baby. Darkness obviously has no choice but to go through the motions of kicking up a great fuss.

    Yes, thank you for the chinese opera. Can we now please have the next article? Most of us are getting quite bored of all this!

  32. Mr Lim Teck Heng said


    I haven’t read the Harvard Review, but I shall. I will reserve comment till then. I only hope, if my suspicion holds true, ‘HBR reader’ happens to be a teen, that could be his only defence, I am sure the brotherhood will let the matter past if that’s the case – but, if it’s someone who is already in the workforce, there’s no defense because of the presumption of maturity and that’s cause for concern for his current and prospective employers. There is no excuse ethically, professionally and otherwise.

    I would certainly never hire or vouch for such of character of questionable standing – it’s a sure indication of either vindictiveness or negligence and in both cases it’s fatal to today’s work environment.

  33. davidhuang said

    hbr reader,
    now you really get ripped off !

  34. As It Is. said

    As it is, it is a very serious allegation with the intention to blacken the name of the writers (Harphoon and Dr Chandra) and the Brotherhood Press, as well as the credibility and quality of the articles/essays produced by the Brotherhood.

    Whether it is a teenager (who claims to be a HBR reader) or a working adult, the matter remains serious enough for certain reaction to be taken, either from Chronicler or Darkness, or any member of the Brotherhood Press as well as the host of this website, Inspir3d, or even a regular reader of this website, like me for example.

    Until and unless the “HBR reader” reappears to explain or justify his actions, to clear the air, which is now his sole responsibility to do so, the matter cannot be laid to rest just like that, without a serious doubt being created in the minds of some of the readers or visitors of this site, including the possible spread of rumours upon the quality of the Brotherhood’s works presently and in the future.

    If the “HBR reader” does not respond within the time-frame given, it could be deemed as a very irresponsible act, an act which provoked certain consequences if the due process is allowed to take its course. Whatever the consequences, he should expect to bear the full blast that might be forthcoming within the grace of the Brotherhood.

    Unless, of course, he does not remain:

    AS IT IS!

  35. aibo said

    I agree with Mr Lim. I also agree with anongal. I dont agree with AS IT IS. Bambi darkness really had no choice, they cant write without chronicler playing ball, so he has to wayang abit. I guess by now, he’s probably as adept as Chris Lee, bc he has to wayang all the time. There are so many cry babies there!

    Harphoon comes across as the most level headed and sound, the rest are just a sham, including bambi.

    Let the readers decide, most already have. I dont like it because what HBR reader did was very underhanded and its sad for people to resort to such malicious tactics to gain an upperhand.

    On record at least, a chance to respond was duly given, in a quorum bfr his peers – hbr reader just didnt bother and thats also why if what has to come after this, no will say anything, they will just pretend they didnt see or even hear it – singapore style.

  36. aibo said

    Did MICA even give Mr Brown that right? The right to state your case bfr they rolled out the seige machine.

  37. hellokitty said

    Good Morning Aibo,

    MICA! If Morpheus Bahvani was dumb enough to pull the same stunt. Do you really believe they would have responded like Brown? Why do you think, they said Brown squandered the opportunity for constructive dialogue? Hello? They would have issued a point by point rebuttal pulling whole divisions of their intellectuals to the front line and by the time they had finished with her, she would fit quite nicely into Bambi’s famous plastic briefcase.

    This is hardly a fair fight. If HBR reader responds, do you think, they wouldnt issue a point by point rebuttal? If he does nothing its also crushing defeat by default. Either way you slice it, its lose lose, the issue is does he lose big or small? That’s all. Its checkmate! Game over!

  38. shoestring said

    Sorry seems to be the hardest word to say, and forgiving the hardest thing to do. But it is a win-win combination to me.

  39. fallen angel said

    Its not going to just go away. I dont know much abt the b’hood, but I know of darkness. This was the same man that damaged a cult church that operates in Suntec. One day the elders of the church accused him of committing a grevious sin. They ostracized, humiliated and shamed him. This cult church had a mountain bicycle team that regularly met in Bukit Timah every weekend, they refused to ride with him, hoping that he would just go away. So he did something that no one has ever done before in the history of MTB in Singapore, he rode the trail all by himself. Eventually he got so comfortable ridding all alone, news of this man spread like wild fire through the MTB circuit, they called him many things, ghost rider, the phantom, but most of the regulars called him darkness. He was well mannered and the ladies like him because he was a top drawer gentlemen.Sometime around this time the church bicycle team asked whether he wanted to ride with them again?, he said, he had a better idea – why dont you all join my team? Today, this cult church no longer has a cycling team, he destroyed it and their spirit and moral. Neither are there any thinkers in this church, they have all gone. The problem is he is still in the church they cannot get him out, neither does he listen to any of them, he and his men treat the elders like they are a pile of shit, that is the problem, they cannot get him to stop asking the question and they all wish will just disappear.Why?

    If you dont believe go and check out this story yourself. I saw it all, the fall of the angel. I think knowing the profile of someone is important.

  40. hotdog said

    come on lah dat sounds fair.U F with ppl, what do you expect? They will certainly F with you so what if you are govt or the Pope or even the church, they will F u. BTW we all know the story as well. They have no control over him.It is only a matter of time bfr it blows.

  41. hotdog said

    I dunno what is the “kitana protocol.” its must be something very practical and useful like the guillotine or the electric chair. Inspir3d why dont u release the ip?

  42. darkness said

    Good afternoon HBR reader,

    How are you? Did you know running may well be the oldest preoccupation after masturbation?

    It played in important part in antiquity, especially in Greece, at the first Olympics in 776 BC, where participants usually wore soft leather sandals called endromides which they regularly attached motifs of wings – presumably to symbolize speed by paying homage to the God of messages, Perseus. No one knows exactly how fast those ancient Olympiads ran, but we do know one of the things that vexed them no end was the configuration and shape of the track. Today’s experts recommend an elliptical circle as the optimal configuration, but in antiquity, there were all sorts of shapes, straight lines, figure eights, rectangles, squares and in the icy Caucasus, where runners often wore hemp slippers, they called Krepis, even an octagon was used. By the time of Diocletian, when shoes called gallica were almost universally used, the shape was more of less settled after much haggling, bargaining and even warring – it would be the elliptical circle for no other reason except to prove true the adage, one can run as much as one likes, but one will still end up where one once started. Did you know that?

  43. darkness said

    The rest of you can get lost, you don’t need to post or even bother to come here. There is plenty of interesting stuff to read in the IS outside of this thread. If you people want a kangaroo court or lynch mob please go to Mr Brown or short cake Miyagi site, that’s their area of specialist, I am not interested in that sort of rubbish unless you want me to hang you? All I want is a simple conversation that’s all between HBR reader and myself. So please go, yes what did I hear? No customer service? Yes ok. Get lost, if I am not nice to you bit-ches today, I will be nicer tommorrow, now get lost and take your bed sheets and burning crosses with you thank you so much.
    Darkness 2007

  44. The Consortium of Observers of Circles said

    ‘One must imagine Sisyphus happy.’
    —Albert Camus

  45. agnes said


    faim?….. soif?…..Je m’en fiche.

  46. guppy said

    No customer service! When is the next STORY coming out?

  47. olive said


    to fip-flop from ‘ripped’ to ‘paraphrase’ is like wearing a tuxedo one minute and prancing around naked the next. 90% of credibility goes out of the window (non-negotiable.) To call it the same thing is absurd and to believe they are one of the same reality is unalloyed madness.

    Read the HBR today, nothing there corresponds to here except the title even then it hardly qualifies as ‘original,’ was ripped from an earlier edited version from Peter Drucker, who wrote extensively about leadership.

    Absolutely nothing, Dr Chandra’s seminal piece is based exclusively on his AI lab comparative between man and machine interfaces, hardly the same thing as the concept promugated by the author in the HBR article which was a Toronto university general research piece based exclusively on interviews with corporate personalities.

    Personally, Harpoon seems to be the most mature person here. At least he respects the privity of compact between the writer and reader. And leaves the decision to the latter, that should be the way – a first class scholar and an even finer example of a perfect gentlemen.

    As for darkness, its obvious, he is just going through the motions of banging pots and pans to obviously placate his forlorn winging friend. He offers no real solutions except his typical blend of getai inspired showmanship.

    Very sad, very sad indeed.

  48. Sandra Dee said

    I really don’t know what the brohuhaha is all about. The chronicler is obviously dealing with soneone who is mentally challenged, who has refused to come to terms with what has happened not because he has the means. Rather he is petrified of the prospects of facing Bambi darkness. With loads of justification. It’s crystal clear for ALL to see – it takes a fool to cite the case as he has done, but it takes a bigger fool to defend the indefensible. So what did you really expect him to do? Comparing him to a hamster mesmerized by a snake says it all. Hardly a worthy adversary. Don’t you think so boys? Why even bother?

    Do write.

  49. cowboy said

    “it takes a fool to cite the case as he has done, but it takes a bigger fool to defend the indefensible.” He came to the wrong place and pulled an incredibly silly stunt. I dont have any sympathy for the likes of hbr reader.Bfr Kitana and Ben left blogosphere, they gave us all great gift, the right to expose, it should be used precisely for this purpose. If it used, it could be said the brotherhood is just following a tradition.

  50. YEEHAW said



  51. passerby said


    I dont know abt Ben,I was a regular reader of Kitana’s blog. Its very sad to see the brotherhood attaching a tag to her, they call the “kitana protocal.” This ineffect erases all the good she has brought to blogosphere. Did I agree with her when she threatened to expose the brotherhood? No, just as I dont agree with the present threat to expose HBR reader and I hope the brotherhood will seriously consider the long term implications.

    Mr Harpoon is right, leave it to the readers to decide. The whole floor in my office has and in this day and age retrieving Vol 85 of the Harvard Business Review “How successful really think” Issue 6, pg 60-67 just takes 15 secs!

    Perhaps HBR didnt know that?

    That’s really how well read and informed he is and why would anyone even bother responding to such an idiot is completely beyond my scope of understanding. Sorry.

    Good day sirs.

    Dr F.Tan

  52. chief editor said


    Why take it so seriously? Is there something that you people are not telling us? Who exactly is HBR reader? 3 to 4 months is a very long time! This is sheer madness.If you dont believe me just conduct a poll amongst your readers! I dont even understand how such a decision could be made by people who are obviously very intelligent and experienced. I guess, I just have to live and learn.

  53. brinepot said

    The brotherhood will definitely square the accounts. They always do.

  54. small timer said

    One doesnt write 3 to 4 articles only to disappear into oblivion forever, it never ever happened that way in history, neither does that happen in the virtual world and I really cannot see how it can ever happen in the real world.

    I may not have agreed with the brotherhood press on every score, but I certainly enjoyed reading their POV. They were original and alot of effort and thought went into word smithing many of their articles.

    I personally believe many of them wrote primarily for themselves. Whatever their motivations, thank you and wherever you guys are may the wind always be behind you.

  55. montburan said


    I have never really felt a rapport with darkness. I dont mean to come across as malicious, but not really. He seems like quite a distant and faraway figure, its people like Harpoon, astrokid and scholarboy who I seem to know better on a daily basis. It is this ppl who I will miss reading not now maybe, but after a week, month and so on. Its a pity they only write under the brotherhood press tag. Even if harpoon was writing under his own moniker, I wouldnt mind supporting him, but it will never happen. My brother who incidentally has come across them in the virtual gaming world says, they are a feared force in the gaming community because the level of their discipline is the stuff of legends, that is why they can just appear and disappear without a trace.

    Life goes on and lets look at the good side ST seems to be getting better these days.

  56. sphgirl said


    you talk as if they are gone? Indeed that is laughable. You really believe they have stopped writing? just bc of that silly nilly ‘harvard reader’ who doesnt even have enuf brains to realize what it is called the harvard ‘review’ and not ‘journal.’ I dont think so, they are still producing. My brothers friend told me, they have infact increased their production to threefold! Cannot demoralize them, many have tried, cannot means cannot. You are discounting the psychological profile of their leader -darkness. This was a man who stood up against a cult church with a congregation of 15,000!

    Firstly lets be honest la, they dont take blogging or us very seriously – why do you think Bambi treats his readers regularly like shit? If the truth be known, what if they dont even write for us? What if each writer in the brotherhood press is just doing it for himself? To broaden and sharpen and his mind. What if we are just like Bambi darkness always says, just like the first monkeys blasted into space – we are just there for the ride. What if ah?

  57. koalabear said

    This great battle between bambi bad boy and his church has been raging on for years. Why cant they just set a date and slug it out? Why so like dat?

  58. caleb said

    “Cannot demoralize them, many have tried, cannot means cannot.” – Agreed, neither am I surprised to hear they are increasing their production of articles. The more I think abt it, this whole HBR reader saga is just one huge diversionary tactics. And they could even have been planning this for weeks, look at darkness interview abt the brotherhood perspective. It could just be a round of elaborately planned disinformation. For all you know they were the ones who posted it to give them an excuse to cabut off.Exactly for what reason I dunno, all my father used to tell me is this, beware of people who keep pretending they have been wounded or weakened. He said be very careful.

  59. CEO said

    I have to agree with Caleb. He doesnt seem like the sort to be pushed around. I happen to have alot of experience with these sorts. If you cannot break them within 3 months, you just have to learn to co-exist with them. They will always be in your face. And if you try to set the tone, nothing will happen. Try to use divide and rule – nothing happens. Try to stimulate competitition – they wouldnt even bother. Try to play one against the other – they will just stop playing.

    Very frustrating.

  60. CEO said

    Very very frustrating.

  61. CEO said

    Just impossible to pressurize, very frustrating

  62. observer said

    Why would anyone want to tekan darkness? I will have you know. He is a perfect gentleman, if ever you have the privilege to spend some time with him.

    If you dont believe me go and ask the webmaster in the Intelligent Singaporean or any of his regular readers, who often met up him.

    He is well mannered to the point of being misunderstood, polite to a perfect T and soft spoken. Hardly the character we all know in the virtual.

    That was the first thing that strikes most ppl like a sledge hammer whenever they met up with him for the very first time, the vast difference between reality and the imagined.

    So why would anyone in their right frame of mind what to tekan him CEO?

    He could very well have a dark side, but in the many instances where I have seen him interact with the other boys – he hardly even says a word, most of the time, he is by himself in one corner. He prefers it that way, to let others do the talking.

  63. observer said

    You really think he cares what the rest of blogosphere thinks abt them?

    There is an economic reason why organized criminals dont care about two drunks fighting in the back alley. He doesn’t care bc one SLF line which is a compression feed technology they brotherhood regularly uses for their games holds over 5,000 readers and they have at least 6 of them. 4 have been disable that is why the number of readers have gone up here. That just mean you can have one hit, but there could be any where between one to thousands of readers. They know how to hide their tracks. They have too.

    Why do you think they use their own stat counter instead of the one here? Ever wondered why? Why do think KOHO is always around? Or why do you think, there are strange numbers which start with EP at the end of each article?

    Darkness will return again.

  64. observer said

    That’s why if you notice carefully, they are always talking in riddles about the magic number 30,000.

    5 Single Feed Lines (SLF) x 5,000 = gives you exactly 30,000 readers.

    Another thing most of them die die will not go. They are addicted to those love stories he regularly churns out like the confessions.

    Socio / political blogging to them is only 3% of their market share. They dont even take it seriously, except harphoon.

    I have said enough, I must go now bfr one of them starts shouting at me CEO.

  65. long time reader said

    Good Evening Obby,

    Everytime you open yr mouth diatribe gushes out. Do you notice that?

    How many times do we need to hear you were there when it first started?

    FYI u r not the only one who has met darkness. No one said anything abt tekaning him, all CEO said was – he’s a hubris – a man of complications.

    I dont doubt he certainly came across as well mannered, intelligent, humorous and very attentive etc. Infact, I have never in Singapore met such a gentleman bfr who knows all the strides of treating a lady with grace and style.

    However, even you cannot disagree that will always remain his public persona. Exactly who he really is, none of us will really know, including you Obby. However, rest assured he is certainly a man of complications in more ways than I choose to divulge.

  66. fj said


    You mentioned they are currently embroiled in another virtual battle. You seem to be the chappie in the know, what’s the beef this time? I thought the matter was settled? Why does the game require the mobilization of every single avaliable hand? Do you think HBR reader was planted by them? Why the need for such an elaborate diversionary tactic?

    There are many things I dont understand. Its my very first time posting despite being a regular reader. Looking forward to your wisdom and insights.

  67. observer said


    The game is everything to these ppl. It is what binds them together. If you see two brothers whispering to each other, 9 out of 10, its something to do with the game never abt girls, cars or even jobs.

    I dunno how it works. But I know it is modelled on the real world. So if you are manufacturing ray-guns for e.g you probably need a bit of steel, fuel cell etc.

    But if your supplier plays punk. Then it will have a ripple effect on other communities in the game, no ray guns = no armies = no empire = no domination of the universe. Simple as that not so different from the real world.

    Sounds primitive, but its very complex, thats why the brotherhood is big into economics & math, they have equity in every aspect of the game.

    To complicate matters, the game has evolved through the years in a haphazard way. No central planning bc there is already an economy, whole industries spring up and all sorts of ppl are playing it some not even at a high tech level, still using dice and honeycomb boards and inputting analog style like in the 80’s, two communities could play for years and not even come into contact with each other, thats how varied it is e.g the Tirianians. Their game developed believe our not in a school for deaf children in Madrid and they mine (I think) minerals which the brotherhood needs. So they want a higher price for their minerals. What do they do? They hold back on the supply but remember everyone affected by this short fall and there could be as many as hundreds of communities linked together so its complicated so when there’s a hiccup, diplomats are involved along with whole armies.

    Its complicated, I dunno, I have to sleep now. I didnt do a good job of answering your question, but what did u expect, I dont play.

  68. observer said


    If ceo meant that, I am sorry. But what did he really expect darkness to jump. Just bc someone started a fire? He is probably yawning away somewhere in the deep space. He knows only too well, whats happening. Why do you think he engineered this pull out?

    I have to really sleep now.

  69. Longbow said

    I dont really know much abt them, I am dead certain of one thing, they always choose their time, they will never play to any beat except their own, they set their own performance measures and they will certainly be back again!

    I want to thank darkness and his team. These ppl have researched and written. They have asked nothing in return. I for one remain very thankful. I dont know much abt the world, I have just only started working, but all I know is something darkness once said, what is good will always remain good. It doesn’t have the capacity to negotiate its way around the truth, good will remain good, what will change however is the perception of people and if you play to that tune, you really need to ask yourself is it taking you closer or away from the truth?

    long live the brotherhood!

  70. sumiko said

    There are no good bye’s and farewell’s in brotherhood speech. No long speeches. Doesnt exist in their vocal. Only a look, nod and they’re off. I means they will never be far away. It was good when it lasted and it will be better when they return, no everyone forgets, they did not ask for much, to be left alone to do their own thing and on record they gave without expecting anything in return.

  71. Louhan Hguo said


    “Just bc someone started a fire? He is probably yawning away somewhere in the deep space. He knows only too well, whats happening.” lol. Harpoon, SB and AB will jump into it. I dont think they are stupid, only they lack experience, but darkness, he is a lau chiau la, they know how to pick and choose their battles. Just my take

  72. littlebrother said

    Singapore is not like the USA or Europe, u dont need too many ppl to remember and wait for you. We are a small country a few good men is all they need to guide them home safely.

    They will return.

  73. Memphisto said

    All I know is they regularly produce good reads. I am not the type who likes to get involved in web based politics, so it doesnt bother me one bit whether they get along with others or not – all that nonsense means nothing to me. All I know is web is so big, you dont like, you go somewhere else lah. So what is the big deal? I think they are not liked very much bc they cannot and will not be pushed around like MICA or Wee.S.M, that irritates most bloggers who seem to think for some strange reason blogosphere is their grand father’s play ground. So when they all come across such a force, they throw their hands up.

    All I know is when I read, it is a one to one relationship – writer and reader.

    I like Harphoon’s writing the best. I have alot of respect for him bc when he managed the brotherhood press he stood back and allowed the less experienced writers to even shadow him. Sometimes, I notice even what he produced didnt get much hits bc of that, but that is good leadership. Darkness comes across as a circus master. He is a great crowd puller but too drama mama and attention seeking for my taste. SB is very methodical and logical can be a bit long winded. AB is playful and funny.

    Everyone has something to offer so I am looking forward to the next season.

  74. CEO said

    Actually, its simple human psychology. In my experience, when ppl dont feel the need to belong to a community, they are automatically perceived as a threat.

    Look at this:

    Darkness October 28th, 2006 at 12:54 pm

    This occured during the height of the WSM incident, but if you trawl the internet real hard, you could end up with at least a dozen such incidences. Imagine walking into a mob and telling them, their world is roughly worth rub all and their logic is horse dung.

    From this episode you can roughly determine the orientation of his worldview. He doesnt care to belong or even feel the need to conform or fall in line.

    Such people will always be a danger to the established order. I dont mind having as a friend to talk cock bc he is quite a knowledgable fellow, but if I have to work alongside such a character, habis.

    One of us will have to go.

    Thats my analysis start to end.

  75. CEO said


    “However, rest assured he is certainly a man of complications in more ways than I choose to divulge.”

    I think you meant to end it with a bang, but all it managed was a muffled whimper, tell la. Otherwise it will certainly be misconstrued again, remember the internet is predation!

    I jest, I jest only. I jest.

  76. Long Time Reader said

    There is no need to be coy abt it CEO. A few years I met up with Bambi Bad Boy Darkness and the rest of the boys in Punggol Marina along with a few female readers. They took us all sailing. We all won a pathetic raffle they organized in our regular book club. I remember it coincided with the launch of his 3rd internet book – ‘moon in daylight.’ I had to take care of my younger brother, so he tagged along. During the trip which circled a few adjoining islands in Singapore, I was able to observe darkness closely. He was patient with the child, explaining to him every detail of the sail boat. My brother is special, simple things we all take for granted is awfully difficult for him to grasp, but despite this. I noticed, darkness was genuinely patient, as if he had been living with us for years. You cannot pretend abt these things. Maybe, I am making a big deal out of nothing, but a few years latter, I noticed there was a pattern in all his online stories. In the confessions of the Singaporean gangster in chapter 19 and 20, a boy is suffering from a speech impediment. In the Java Dreams, his second book, the child is who offers water to the hero is disfigured in Chapter 5. Similarly in moon in daylight, the lover of the main protagonist has an autistic daughter. The theme repeats itself in his latter books right up to the seventh book. Coincidence you say? I think not CEO. Everything has a source.

    What if like those fictitious characters Bambi identified with them? Flawed characters who society regards as rejects? Could you say, he’s saw himself and perhaps the brotherhood in very much the same light? Always as an outsider who is looking in? Never ever belonging. And if he never belonged in the first place –why should he even bother to seek the affirmation and approval of others? I need to go now.

  77. sipphy said

    Generally in the years I have followed them, if u dont disturb them. They will never disturb you. Life is simple dont complicate it.

  78. sipphy said

    I just want to say its nice to chit chat with other book clubs. It’s a pity they dont encourage us to fratenize more often?

  79. cloveramah said

    “just want to say its nice to chit chat with other book clubs.” Enjoy while it last. When they come back as usual they will shut it down.

  80. sphgirl said

    Actually, there are significantly more of us than them. I really dont know why, we allow them to push us around. Really I dont!!!!!!

    As a result of giving in. Through the years, we dont even have anything close to a credible balance of power to counter them. The only read club that has a hit back factor is the Imperial College Mafia Troupe headed by Dr Chandra, apart from that zilch!

    Other online communities with a critical mass already have a buzzing chat box, but all we seem to do is read and go.

    Post 100 hundred questions, not a single reply! Occasionally, they pat one of us over the head and say, good comment can we keep this or that – sounds like pablovian K9 training to me.


  81. CEO said


    I don’t think, it’s personal honestly. I read somewhere during WW2, German fighter squadrons had a very strong culture of nurturing air aces, while the allies hardly had any. One reason supporting this culture was attributable to how German fighter command regularly rewarded their fighter pilots. Usually individual performance was prioritized above group performance, that’s to say fighter command usually placed a lot of emphasize on individual performance, hence individuals were rewarded with medals and so forth. There were very clear milestones, 5 kills earns an Iron cross 2nd class, 15 kills 1st class Iron Cross. Anything more than that Iron Cross with oak leaves and so on. The Germans had very clear definable markers of success, while the allies had none. Is it such a wonder the allies didn’t produce any air aces?

    The allies never suffered from this individual fetish, because group performance was the only measure of success. Hence, they never really bothered with individual as much as cumulative squadron kills.

    Similarly, if you look at how the brotherhood press is organized. Those ace writers like darkness aren’t judged by how many times they reply to a post or even how many people post in their thread. Neither are they judged by even how many hits they get either. Based on my analysis, their measure of a good writer is directly linked to the number of articles they are able to produce every month. That could be one reason why they write in teams, they are more productive that way.

    Under that sort of organizational framework, is it such a wonder most of them spend more time researching, writing and producing rather than chatting? Chatting registers no brownie points in their scorecard, no medals there but writing does. One could even say, this organizational principle of success serves as a disincentive to support a healthy writer and reader dialogue. In fact, I would go as far to say, it effectively kills it dead.

    Quite simple really, that’s why darkness will regularly come up with surreal statements like, “none of our readers post, they just read.” I tell you in any other organization where there is a producer and consumer loop, this people wouldn’t even be in business, but for some inexplicable reason it only happens in the brotherhood press.

    Very strange indeed. If you look around in the rest of blogosphere most writers don’t need to go through A to Z. Usually the posters carry on the dialogue, but not the brotherhood press, they arch it all, base line analysis, prognosis, suggested solutions right down to the summary, no wonder all their articles are over 4 pages long.

  82. panzerfaust said

    we have pump & go, pay & play so why not read & go?

  83. Longbow said

    “Actually, there are significantly more of us than them.”

    Yeah sure, but arent you forgetting something? They spy on us regularly. Through the years, they have inserted at least a dozen spies into the various reader chapters, remember boney, oppy, ringering, brolly…..etc.

    Why do you think, they always know our next move? Their intelligence gathering is top notch.

    Till today, we can’t even agree amongst ourselves how many of them, there are! Sumiko seems to be the only one who is regularly demanding the end to using the SLF’s and instituting a higher level of transparency, but to no avail.

    Providing the SLF exist, they will always be able to hide or amplify their numbers.

    Fish in a bucket dreaming of the infinity of the wide open seas.

  84. Aurora said

    There is someone always monitoring this site you know, pls don’t talk as if no one is home.

  85. T said

    “HBR reader Says:
    June 26th, 2007 at 4:14 pm
    Sir, you do not have to look further than the current issue, which is Vol 85, Issue 6, pg 60-67.

    I’ll at least give you this: the writer of this article is an excellent paraphraser who makes business jargon and executive thinking more accessible to the layman through simple writing and clear analogies. You’ll get no marks from me for original content, however.”

    because of one f%&*$# everyone suffers. some people rely on the bro press as a life line. If I go to your house and I start a fire and run away how do you like it? If you have a car and I decide to scratch it just for fun sake, how would you feel? If you spent all your time building something and I just came along and destroyed it, bc I was exercising my freedom of speech. How do you like it?

    HBR reader. Thank you very much. You came. You started a fire and you ran away. What did you actually give us all? Nothing! You are a giant deficit! I pray that whoever you are, someone close to you will die of cancer very soon or you will experience loss so that you will learn more about life and how your actions affect others. PPL like you need to experience loss. I want the brotherhood press back!

  86. T said

    I am not like you HBR reader. I am half paralysed from the neck down. There is very little for me to live for. The internet isnt just a diversion to me, its the only world I have. Do you understand me! It is not just another channel of fun! It is a life line. I dont have many avenues because of my disability. Who gave you the right HBR reader? To come here and take it all away! By what authority do you go around doing the things you do?

    Thank you so much. This is a great present. Today is my birthday. As for the brotherhood press you people can go and fuck off!

  87. Mrs Tan said

    sad. I dont think much abt the brotherhood press either.

  88. Mrs Tan said

    The innocent always suffer in a war. Even in a war of words. This is sad. Very sad. I will leaving here for good.

  89. Aurora said

    “The innocent always suffer in a war.”

    It needn’t be like that. Not on my shift. I am the controller standing in for KOHO.

    An Emergency Action Message has been sent directly to darkness personal comsat. As you know a state of war has been declared with the Tirianians in the Kilmaron system. I am not certain whether the EAM will reach him in the trenches as the enemy continues to jam our transmissions. He is at the front. I have done my very best.

    Truth, relief and love.

    Aurora. Your friendly controller.

  90. kokopob said

    hbr reader & friends this is your chance. Care to share?

  91. dolly the sheep said


  92. scb said

    Discords are no good for anybody!

  93. landser said


    Reasonable time has passed. This is Singapore. Do you your thing now, no one will say a thing, they would all just look down and pretend they didnt see it.

    Do your thing and move on. Reasonable time has passed.

  94. Dee said


    I would like to ask is there a part 2 that follows this write up?

    Many thanks

    Yours Sincerely

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