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July 01

Posted by intellisg on July 1, 2007


3 Responses to “July 01”

  1. scb said

    SingaporeSurf noted that only 24% of Hongkies and 27% of Singaporeans have sufficient funds(savings) when they retired. Both Countries share some similarities in size(landmass), costly properties, and the most damning to their citizens’ woes; extreme high populations in their resourceless lands and high costs of livings. The Leaderships of both Countries also share an idiotism, wanting higher population when their countries lack resources and spaces. AN IDIOT LIKE ME, knows that if one lacks the resources(space included), then one should preserve and conserve. Exploiting all the available remaining resources is like hothousing developments to early demises. BUT and a big but in this case is that Hong Kong is not an Independent Nation, it is a city of a giant nation that will ensure its'(HK) survival and wellbeing! Should the Singapore State Managers admit more foreigners as residents, work permit holders, permanent residents, students and what not, the elderlies(above 55 year olds) will have difficulties not only in finding jobs, they will have no homes of their own. Notice the ‘sleepers’, wanderers, lost souls other than rubbish pickers of recyclables. Many in Singapore are appaled by family breakdowns(marriages) and break-ups(parents/children) and yet they happened in most families. It is common knowledge that such family disputes are due to lack of space and hence lack of privacy, crammed living space and shortage of amenities(toilet/bathroom). The so called middleclass highrise living is all but a misnomer to its’ namesake. It is truly a shame that the State Management with all its’ specialists in governance, economic, social(and culture) sciences and all are oblivious to the social malaise afflicting the people! Affluent country with sad and angry citizens maketh a sick society!

  2. Visitor943 said

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  3. Visitor994 said

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