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Where is Paradise? – The Biggest Con-Job in History – (A Spanish Travelogue)

Posted by intellisg on July 9, 2007

paradise1.jpgSometime in the early 12th century a returning Crusader walked through the narrow cobble lined streets in Seville. History records the event as having taken place in March, at the spring equinox, when the orange mangroves which once lined the main boulevard of this ancient city of labyrinths are most perfumed.

The Templar knight carried with him letters of credentials from a mysterious Christian emperor from the East addressed to Pope Alexander III. Twelve pages long complete with even a map detailing the mythical kingdom, it contained the most startling information. For it related the story of the strongest and most powerful Christian state on earth – a veritable super power ruled by a priest king who now wished to perform his religious duty by recovering the Holy City from the infidel – Prester John, myth or fact? Read the rest of this entry »


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