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Jul 12/13

Posted by intellisg on July 12, 2007


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Rising costs in Singapore? Capitalism to the rescue!

Posted by intellisg on July 12, 2007

This independent article presents a solution that a capitalist would choose against rising costs.

“Not again !” said Geraldo Gan, 34, “The last time we have transport fee hikes, now I have to pay more to watch the sports channel on Starhub and it doesn’t change the fact that some special matches are still pay-per-view !“ The voices calling for a boycott of Starhub grew louder as more people reacted negatively towards the news. The company defended itself by citing evidence that prices have not risen once since 1995 and this adjustment, in view of past record, is a reasonable one compared to many other cable operators around the world.

11th July 2007 marks the day Starhub will increase subscription fees for its cable services. The basic group package monthly costs for cable subscription will increase by $4 every month. The sports channel subscription package will have its cost increase by a fairly substantial amount of $10. Like all previous price hikes, news alike this are often greeted with a lot of unhappiness and accusations of Starhub being a monopolizing entity hell-bent on squeezing every little penny from the consumer is flaying all over the Internet forum.

The truth of the matter is that all Singaporeans have to live with price hikes from time to time. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Speed Demon in Seville / Powered by a Mysterious Brew ( Travelogue Spain)

Posted by intellisg on July 12, 2007

speed1.jpgThe Moors had it in the evenings flavored with dates. Christian crusaders during lunchtime with a dash of nutmeg and when Christopher Columbus first spotted the first sliver of ‘terra incognita,’ he nearly choked on it. Yes, he was having it too on the tub, the Santa Maria. They’ve been having it since the year zero from the looks of it. From lorry drivers to nuns in their starched habits, they’re all chomping it down fast and furiously all across Seville. Sorry, I got to dig in. If it cools, it hardens to a consistency resembling a brick so it’s best if we hurry and gobbled it down – absolutely delicious. What are we having?

It’s the best kept secret in the whole of Spain Read the rest of this entry »

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