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It’s Official: The Singapore Government Has Blasted Off To Cyber Space!

Posted by intellisg on August 21, 2007

space.jpg Man it had to happen – it’s bound to happen – and now it’s finally happened. What am I talking about? The Singapore Government has decided to put on their space suits and magnetic booties to explore cyber space big time. It’s all here in this article:

Nope it’s not just talk this time, it’s real and just in case you have any doubts, I have even gutted out the juicy bits just to show you how serious they are in projecting into the virtual:

“AN IT-SAVVY government agency here owns an island – but one which does not exist in the real world.

Along with at least two other agencies, the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) has bought real estate to operate in a universe that exists only online.

This virtual world, called Second Life, is visited by more than 8.9 million residents from about 100 real-world countries.

Besides the IDA, the Singapore Tourism Board and Economic Development Board have bought stakes there – not for commercial gain, but to reach their audiences, or to explore operations in a virtual world.

Senior Minister of State for Information, Communications and the Arts Balaji Sadasivan, revealing this yesterday, noted that life in this digital age was making the world increasingly porous, so it was important for people to ‘exploit the opportunities opening up’ in the cyberworld.”

Now I know most of you don’t really know what the virtual is – it remains the stuff of I know, but not really. So I am going to spend a few minutes just laying it out.

In a nut shell it’s a computer-based simulated environment that’s no different from any other domain. Granted there are a few kinks in this surreal world which still reminds one it is real – usually its always the small stuff, like you could break a chair and it breaks exactly the same way all the time – plasma guns never ever jam in real life and if you die, you can always come back next week, that sort of thing. Having said all that life in the three-dimensional graphical representations of the virtual world is very ‘real.’ Real enough to suggest that if you tabulated all the trade that goes on in a virtual environment in Norrath, it even has a GDP that’s equal to a country like Russia! Real enough even to suggest millions are traded in the sale of ray guns, space ships and minerals. Along with all this, of course is the ordinary stuff that one usually finds in the real world – real world rules such as politics, economics, sociology, technology and of course the means to put it all together.

I mean there are many genres of the virtual world, I can really go on all day to just list them all and along with what makes them so unique – Second Life – although not games, per se, but more like virtual environments that can include gaming – Entropia Universe, The Sims Online, Red Light Center, Kaneva, Weblo, particularly massively multiplayer online role-playing games such as EverQuest, Ultima Online, Lineage, World of Warcraft, or Guild Wars all add up to form the virtual environment that continues to attract people to sign up and define their “live” in computer worlds instead of the real.

It’s enough to ask to why? And now even the Government has decided to come into this domain – I don’t need to know why, there are really a thousand motivations accounting for it – it’s simple economics, where people flock to one place trade, transactions, ideas and possibilities happen. There is a whole lot of happening in the virtual realm and most of it generates even a strong enough gravity to attract real world businesses like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Reebok, Nissan and Calvin Klein to stake a claim on their ant hill.

We are not talking peanuts here, it’s big business conservatively estimated the market is somewhere around the upper reaches of over $1.2 billion on (earth) year and the ‘underground’ trade is at least 4 to 5 times this figure.

So am I so surprised the Singapore government is sending an exploratory space ship to find out more about this universe? Nope.

But don’t expect everything in the virtual world to be what it supposed to be – for one it’s not so different from the wild wild west. Most of the communities living in the virtual are very much like the early American pioneers who once transverse the great Sierra plains to stake a claim on ‘home.’ Whether you’re a person, a multi national company or even the government, it counts for squat all in the virtual world – the term ‘brave new world’ holds as much currency as words printed on the back of a chewing gum wrapper – its a gross understatement – so just remember every advantage, network and tool that works in the real world is pretty useless there! In the virtual your might as well throw away your clip boards along with all your real world tools of making sense of the world – nothing is what it ever seem – so be warned.

Having said that the virtual world like any frontier is the happening place for entrepreneurs – we do a brisk trade on all sorts of stuff in the virtual, from selling space stations to even magnetic boots. There’s even motels along with retail outlets that peddles kinky bondage paraphernalia, whips, ball gags, rubber suits and all just like the real world!

And it’s all real – real enough for thousands of people to even give up decent paying jobs just to work, live and play in a place like second Life, and you know what they even make real money that allows them to turn the wheel of life in the real world!

Big businesses are also muscling into the action. Avatars (virtual characters) can visit a virtual Reebok shop and even customize their footwear.

All this of course is made possible by the game master, the people who put the roads, building along with figuring how fast a stream should run and how many times you need to dip you hook, line and sinker to land a virtual trout, but again don’t expect them to know what’s really happening in the virtual world – there are plenty of blind spots and alternate universes in the virtual world – as the saying goes, there are chambers within chambers – which even the people who put it all together don’t even have an inkling what’s really at the heart of the virtual community. Through the years, you’ve be surprised how many ways we’ve figured to perfect our stealth technology that makes us invisible. For one the virtual realm is too big and there is so much human collaboration going you could even be assured of one thing – if you asked them ten questions, you likely to get nine sensible answers and one that sums it all up: “hey you go figure that one out yourself, we just put up the stuff together!”

So don’t be surprise space cadet Balaji Sadasivan, when you just basking in your artificial beach beneath a sun that never ever sets in your brand new virtual island – where waves can be produced ten foot high for surfing at the press of a button, each precisely the same as the last. Nor does this virtual paradise even have the mild inconveniences of crabs, jelly fishes and pesky creepy crawlies.

A place where you might even say to yourself: this just feels as if – how nature should be – don’t be alarmed, if you look up into the bluest of the blue virtual sky and suddenly an armada of space ships appears over the horizon lowering down their landing gear (no if the green starboard lights are blinking, its not an invasion. It’s just a friendly visit – don’t forget that, so keep the safety on those plasma blasters) – don’t reach for your plasma gun, be cool – don’t make any sudden movements, because our scanners can even see through your bunny trunks –As the alien steps out from the space ship, I know our diplomats look funny (we are working on issuing them some new uniforms). It’s probably Astro Boy. Don’t be alarmed by the brotherhood gothic garb and baby bonnet – after the exchange of pleasantries a conversation of sorts will probably follow (that’s how we train our diplomats), it starts with the weather and stuff like “how you’re enjoying yourself?” – “can we offer you a complimentary drink?” After that of course, they serious stuff slips in, “By the way, we are the brotherhood do you mind if we just park our fleet in one corner of your island? Coming to think of it have you renewed you license? Did you realize you need to buy recreational coupons and pay GST to lie down on this beach?”

Remember always: anything can happen in the virtual – tables can get switched around- sand shifts – but it’s a start a very good start and welcome, we have been expecting you – what took you so long?

[This has been brought to you by Aurora / written by Darkness, Harphoon, Astroboy & Trajan / Socio-political / Economics / Strategic Studies / Brotherhood Press 2007/ 983728-90 ES The Brotherhood Press 2007]


109 Responses to “It’s Official: The Singapore Government Has Blasted Off To Cyber Space!”

  1. dory said

    As much as I know so many of the brotherhood readers love those deliberate spelling mistakes – I really wonder how many times do I have to write to darkness to tell him that he should just write normally – does it have something to do with the difficulty of typing in zero gravity – I wonder.

    Nice one!

  2. observer said

    You people just started. They the brotherhood are light years ahead. I dont mean just ahead, but really really far ahead.

  3. Clarence said

    i think i enjoy the articles without reading the comments. some of the comments are really anal.

  4. Aurora: Book Announcement said

    Dear Valued Readers,

    Darkness has just completed his much awaited latest internet novel / entitled “The Tree That Binds,” it was inspired by a Korean Series, he saw in Japan.

    “The Tree That Binds” is a love / drama – it runs 40 episodes (Chapters) approx 170 pages and goes for 30 Imperiums per chapter.

    Happy Reading


  5. As It Is! said

    Its a good one, Darkness, Harphoon, Astroboy & Trajan!

    I really like that “… what took you so long?” stuff.

    You pay cadet Balaji Sadasivan a visit during the day and I will go and check him out during the night. OK? Now, its getting very exciting. Real “fun” and “ad hoc” too!

    No lah, I am just faking lah.

    I’d rather remain:

    AS IT IS!

  6. Aurora: Book Announcement said

    Darkness has just finished writing his much awaited love novel entitled / the tree that binds / This love -drama tale was inspired during a trip to Japan where we saw this Korean Serial.

    The tree that binds goes for 50 Imperiums.

    Get it now

  7. darkness - Dear Valued Readers said

    I do not need any links from The Online Citizen TOC, need even less from Mr Wang and certainly dont need any from anyone – we have critical mass – our readers have always sought us out wherever we go!

    Even if we pack up and leave the IS within the hour – within 48 hours most of our readers will find us that puts it all into perspective.

    People who need links to point them to read are no better than donkeys, yes you heard me, four legged, long eared, dumb chattles – whose whose can be plucked and pulled just for bc someone said here look you should read this.

    I cannot imagine anything more demeaning, humiliating and stupid in the 21st century apart from jumping out of a plane without a parachute.

    If you want to be dumb go ahead, its your life.

    All I can say is you have a brain and you do not have to be subject to the marketing process if you decide to use it, you have the freedom to choose what you want to read and to evaluate it yourself with the power of your brain – the rest you can more of less throw out of the window, that is all they are worth.

    I dont even spend half a second thinking abt it!
    Darkness 2007

    PS: I am responding to this bc I have received over 130 e-mails asking me whether this will damage the bro press.

    I say this, dream on! Remember I did NOT start this war, till today all, I have been asking all along is a very basic and simple question why wasnt the brotherhood press mentioned in the Singapore Angle blogosphere review, till today I have not even receive a simple answer – all I get is a whole lot of people pretending they saw, heard and think even less and these are the same people who incidentally talk about change.

    They have as much credibility as a snail trying to break the land speed record – good luck.

  8. darkness - Dear Valued Readers said

    My Dear Readers,

    This is in response to some of the mail, I have received.

    All I have done in the net is compete fairly and squarely. I give as good as I take!

    Yes, I do not doubt, my methods are crude and uncouth even you may say, but they in the true spirit of competition.

    But what have they done? They have pulled every unethical cat out their smelly bag – systematic marginalization, eliding us wholesale, pushing us to the sideline. Whatever it is, it smacks of dead cat dress up even as sense and sensibility even claiming the a moral high ground – I call it simply hypocritical!

    Go on with your dirty tricks campaign it changes nothing.

    Do what you need to do, it will change absolutely nothing either.

    No one can tell you (the reader) what you should or shouldnt read the choice is yours alone.

    You have nothing to lose but your chains!

    Darkness 2007

  9. As It Is. said


    How come so many people know your email address?
    And I, the dumb one, still do not know?
    Could you kindly let me know? You can get my email address from
    Inspir3d. It is in his records, I am sure.
    Will you do me that favour, please?

    I am yours always, and remain:

    AS IT IS!

  10. Aurora said

    Sure AS IT IS,

    Inspir3d can you pls forward the brotherhood mail to AS IT IS, thanks.

    However, pls note due to the prodigious volume, it is kept in a cachet file.

    I am the one who sort it out most of the time and due to some program issues with MS software and the Nokia Communicator – the message is sometimes delayed or worst still lost.

    Pls bear with us while we sort out this problem. I think we may have to move to those really portable SONY computers.


  11. Your friendly Apple rep said

    Not that I want to chup siao, but…

    You should really use macs.

    Steve Jobs just announced new iMacs with a new keyboard. The wireless version of the keyboard hasn’t got the numeric keypad so it’s much smaller (and thus fits your portability requirements, I’d suppose).

    The MacBooks are cool, too.

    I’m not sure if the iPhones will work with your VPN but, seeing all the tech that the BH can muster, I’m sure you can make it work.

    Your friendly Apple rep

  12. Darkness said

    Dear Valued Readers,

    People who need links to point them to reads are no better than donkeys, yes you heard me, four legged, long eared, dumb chattles – whose whose noses can be plucked and pulled just so someone can say look you should read this.

    You want me to give an example of this:

    here you go:

    Aug 22, 2007
    Some NBC Links

    Bear in mind this is also the same guy who allows others to take potshots at us and when we reply he deletes our post.

    I cannot imagine anything more demeaning, humiliating and stupid. Did I say stupid, yes I very did in the 21st century apart from jumping out of a plane without a parachute.

    If you want to be dumb go ahead, its your life – do what you like.

    Any this applies to the people who run singapore angle as well – till today I have asked one simple question:

    Why wasnt the brotherhood press mentioned in the review?

    Till today, I have not even received even a single sentence that qualifies as a reasonable answer.

    So if you happen to be a reporter, blogger or just a reader remember this.

    I am darkness. It will NOT GO AWAY TILL I GET AN ANSWER!

    darkness 2007.

    NB: Aurora, I want this post to be attached at the end of every single brotherhood article, till I get a reply from Singapore Angle!

    From this moment all e-mails on this subject is closed! I have stated my views clearly in simple english.

  13. Darkness said





    Darkness 2007

  14. Darkness said


    I want post (12) to be attached to every single brotherhood article.

    Darkness 2007

    You have pushed me to my limit and now you I have to simply face the music.

  15. General Duties Receptionist said

    Me no understand.

    Zero gravity must be bery powerful.

  16. Mandy said

    I really find Darkness very cute for taking this matter this far.

  17. Mandy said

    Are all genius like Darkness behave so eccentric ?
    Probably, Darkness will like to leave pass incident behind and look forward because I don’t think BL, Kevin etc are really interested in responding back to Darkness after such long time.

  18. Nacramanga said

    If we do not fight this point and seize the high ground it will happen again and again and again and again.

    Today it stops here. Today we say ‘no.’ No more!

    One roll of the dice, darkness style – all or

    Have the balls play on, if not just take your sweet time.

    We have all the time in the world.

    Everyone is in the brotherhood is behind you as for the council, they can pretty much go to hell!

  19. Nacramanga said

    This is not the first time we have had to deal with people like this bfr. I cant even remember how many times we have gone down this road.

    No one erases our history.

    This is a worthy cause.

  20. Nacramanga said

    As for fence sitters you can get lost – we dont need you. Find a hole to bury your head we will tell you when the fireworks is over – that’s all you are good for.

  21. observer said

    I have seen this at least abt 28 times, on 2 occasions they even vanquished two civilizations in the virtual on this one point alone. They wiped them clean off the face of the universe. I think they just had enough. Enough to even put all the chips down on one square and spin the wheel and come what may lah.

    Indeed tragically very brotherhood.

  22. donkey said

    “Darkness Says:
    August 22nd, 2007 at 9:31 pm
    Dear Valued Readers,

    People who need links to point them to reads are no better than donkeys, yes you heard me, four legged, long eared, dumb chattles – whose whose noses can be plucked and pulled just so someone can say look you should read this.”

    Inspir3d, I think I am one of your donkeys who visits IS daily, to be pointed to where the good posts are.

    I recall kitana, in her last post thanking you, and I recall Mr Wang leading me like a donkey to your IS site, and Singapore angle interviewing you.

    I remain your humble and grateful donkey.

    Anyway, the silent treatment is really really funny.

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    Dear all readers,

    The BH Press has relocated to this site. Sorry for the inconvenience and late notification. We hope you will continue to visit us and please pass the word around to your friends.

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  37. Soothy said

    Find out what’s really happening in Myanmar!

  38. Beehiver said

    Great Read on current happenings in Myanmar!

  39. Boneman said

    To read:

    “I have NEVER, nor will I ever, read blogs” Ong Son Fern.

    Google: 9836636371

  40. Boneman said

    To read:

    “I have NEVER, nor will I ever, read blogs” Ong Son Fern.

    Google: 9836636371

  41. dorothy said

    Hi Boneman,

    Are you the same Boneman that regularly goes sailing with Bambi? Thanks for showing the way, 9836636371 manages to print out better. Many thanks.

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  44. boneman said

    To find out more on what’s really happening and going to unfold in Myanmar.

    Google: EP 9923104653-ES

    Happy Reading!

  45. observer said

    “What has happened today is a travesty of justice to the Burmese people and the rest of our civilized people through out the world.

    Your history will not be erased, it will never ever be forgotten in the virtual -here it will remain clear, sweet and true to live on forever!

    You have my word on this! I regret this is all, I can offer you

    Darkness 28-09-07 / Primus 9937-02”

    Old and new fly together – the old represent the fallen of 1988 and the new is represented by the flight of the Euro fighter, the current 2007 generation of Burmese.

    Trailing behind the ‘new’ and ‘old’ a single fighter peels off from the rest and powers up towards the sky symbolizing the solitary last flight of the ‘unknown soldier’ towards the eternity of the heavens.

    He shall live on forever.

    Leave a Reply

  46. sitis said

    My tears came down, after so many years of self restrain, for the Burmese people as well as all those who suffer under the hands of the the cruel and ruthless animals in human form.

    My tears came down again, with the joy of knowing that there is a light out there to uphold justice where justice is due or overdue.

    The spirit of bravery and courage to look tyranny and despotism in the face shall live on forever and ever.

    My heart goes with you!

  47. Boneman said

    To Read What’s Really Happening in Burma. Read ‘Mandalay Dreams’ – Monkey Business in Myanmar.

    Just Google: 99602218-8EP

  48. observer said

    To get a strategic analysis on what’s really happening in Myanmar.

    Just Google: 9923104653

  49. Boneman said

    Come on Army! Shoot me! – A Brief History of Deadly Games Being Played Out in Myanmar.

    To read the full article,

    Google: 98383552190

  50. sitis said

    Another article from the BH Press, local time 02-10-2007, 0008 hours: Title of Article:

    “Come on, Army! Shoot me! – A Brief History of Deadly Games Being Played Out in Myanmar.”

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  52. Sitis said

    New article:

    “The really strange reasons why you write the things you do.”

  53. Sitis said

    New article at from the Brotherhood Press at WOS:

    Why It’s Time To Move Beyond Mr Brown?

    Food for your thoughts. Happy reading.


  54. Britianity said

    Great site. I dont know where to post. I have been following IS and BP for a long time. I just want to say good luck Inspir3d and keep up the good work BP.

    Darkness is right. If all of you just focus on the vitals, everything else takes care of it’self.

    There are all sorts of ppl in the net giving themselves all sorts of meaningless titles, but as darkness said, if your production rate is very little – then zero is zero – and in every practical definition of the word, it simply means you dont add to alot.

    In other words, you cannot fool others, though you have succeeded in fooling even yourself. Personally, I have alot of faith in BP only because they are just like one of those bad reoccuring dreams, if you try to kill them, they just multiply, shut them down, they will move to another location, track them and they will all squeeze into one tiny line, so they just keep on getting stronger all the time.

    That is why in every engagement with their enemy in the virtual, they have never ever lost even once. They just cannot be stopped!


  55. KOHO said

    Cerebus and Aurora, split the job into 3 time zones, I will get more manpower in. Meanwhile arrange someone to personally met up with Singapore Daily folks, get his IP. Small matter.

  56. darkness said


    Listen to me, these are merely distractions. We cannot allow it to affect us – do you understand?

    That is what they want us to do – run around and chase our tails. This man is a fool.

    No one will believe him that we are trolls, not even a single person, that’s why he’s resorting to this underhand tactic – he is very desperate.

    There’s only one man shouting all by himself. When a man is invested in fear, he is already his worse enemy, so it would only be a matter of time bfr he explodes. Dont not bother abt him.

    Just ignore him and let the Singapore Daily deal with him, if he appears again.

    If he tries to tar us, allow him to do, it means that, he is misdirecting his energy.

    When people fear, it’s usually a good sign, it means they are nervous and they are thinking with 2 cells in buttocks, so this is the time to attack! Get Team B to join Harphoon and the rest, we double out the production rate, that is how we will reward his efforts.

    It also means we must be hitting the right spot.

    So nothing must be allowed to interfere with the flow – do you understand me?

    Calm yourself down and tell the others not to overact.

    Darkness 2007

  57. Sitis said

    Yes, he is the same guy using all sorts of different names. I have his IP.

  58. dudu said

    At least this time, its handled by darkness and he is able to calm down the others. I dont think you boys should really be bothered by it, darkness is right, focus on the vitals. You must be getting something right, ppl dont get flustered like this unless you are really near.

    Good writings and cool runs

  59. sphgirl said

    “At least this time, its handled by darkness and he is able to calm down the others” I don’t doubt, he is able to calm everyone down, but you are also forgetting one terribly important detail, Bambi Bad Boy has a reputation of being cold and ruthless in the gaming network, now I know that’s just a game, but when you take it online to the blogging community what actually happens?

  60. Sitis said

    Hi, All,

    Another article from the BH Press:

    When 8 out of 10, Just Means 8 out of 10.

    Happy reading!


  61. darkness said

    My dear brothers,

    We have been attacked. Our way of live is being challenged, don’t believe me, go and have a look at what’s happening in the Singapore Daily. Our enemies have are impersonating you and me.

    What will we do about it? How will we respond?

    (send this across the strangelands – put the heading chronicler “we have been attacked!” direct them all to the Singapore Daily – do it now!)

  62. Sitis said

    Do not respond.

  63. snoopy said

    Senator Darkness,

    The Council wants to know how big the force is darkness.

    I will be honest with you, they think you are making it all up.

    They even think you are blowing up the whole matter deliberately.

    You, yourself said that its only one person. Before this can be broadcasted into the strangelands we want at least 3 independent witnesses to confirm that it is a real attack.


  64. snoopy said

    Darkness and the FC Boys,

    We will set aside our differences with you / I will send a com-sat to the Carpathia / why are you not communicating using this line? Are you sure there are thousands of them? How is it possible that they disable and destroy the EP codex?


  65. KOHO said


    Tell the council that I estimate at least 10,000 to 20,000, possibly even 30,000.

    If the council doesn’t believe it, they can go to the Singapore Daily, WE HAVE EVEN INSTITUTED A RVC!

    We may have differences with the Council, but we are still a fraternity are we not?

    We should unite together in times like this and put our differences aside, this is what mature people do.

    We don’t know how long, we can hold out, maybe a day or two at most.

    Tell the Council, we need help.


  66. KOHO said

    There is no need for 3 independent witnesses or a fact finding team, this is an emergency.

    You must help us, let us put aside our differences like brothers.

    They have even impersonated the entire ASDF council team, see for yourself in the Singapore Daily.

    Darkness estimated only one man? What did you expect him to do, he has to lie to the rest, otherwise they will be nervous.

    There are thousands of them, we need help.

    Will our own brothers turn us away?


  67. Snoopy said


    I will up-link you to the chronicler’s office and assign a HAL 9000 unit / meanwhile I will open access the repository to you, this should tie you boys down for the time being. / that way you wouldn’t need to work so hard when searching for info from the research list.

    Is there anything else?

    I still need Vollairne to pass off on the bigger help list.


  68. Snoopy said

    KOHO, do you have any idea, who they are? 30,000 is alot of cyber troops!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you have a working codex?

  69. KOHO said

    You tell me, we have no idea. Thanks, the up-link will help alot.

  70. KOHO said

    I am just really happy this whole matter has re-united us all, that’s the only bright side, I can see to all this.

    You have no idea how happy the rest will be when they hear that the Council is supporting us.

  71. Sitis said

    Nice to hear that you’re all finally re-united.

  72. Council of the Wise said

    Senator Darkness,

    The Council will be holding an Special Sessions Hearing in the Great Hall under the Extraordinary Time Session at Primus Time: 9902782 /02

    You will obey this!


  73. KOHO said

    Councilman Cerebus,

    Pls inform the Council, the good Senator will be there.

    However, I would like to impress upon all of you as an ICG rep, who is neutral on this matter, all of you in Primus should desist from treating him and his men like a renegade rebel force.

    They are after all one of us and we are after all family. We should in my opinion do our utmost to rehabilitate him.

    That is only my personal opinion. The council will do well to remember always, many brothers are watching this development closely.

    I have spoken to the chronicler, even he agrees with me, the Council should be lenient towards brother darkness.

    I can personally assure you if this forgiving strategy is adopted, he will certainly subordinate himself to the authority of the council as his only desire is to return to the fellowship the brotherhood.

    He has even intimated to me that it pains him no end that so many in Primus insist on treating him and his men as outcast.


  74. Chronicler said

    Council will do well to remember that we are stuck in the Sardonyx sector.

    The last time, I checked, the front is like WW1 trench warfare.

    We are fast becoming the laughing stock in the gaming network – many have asked what has happened to the sharp, short, shock of the brotherhood. Not even our feared Sardu-Khan can punch through the salient.

    Our men do not even faith in their commanders.

    Our scholars have failed us.

    Only darkness can lead us out from this quarmige, even a fool recognizes that we need a military genius like him to break the dead lock. He will secure us victory.

    I move for a motion to for sanctuary for the FC boys – we should be big hearted and accept them back to the fold.

    There is after all bigger issues as stake, is there not gentlemen? Think.

    I give my time in Primus to the floor in favor of darkness.

  75. 130th said

    Councillor Cerebus,

    The chronicler is right – our men do not respect their officers – all they do is issue orders from their bunkers.

    We need crusaders like darkness, only he can break the dead lock in the Sardonyx.

    He has a funny way of waging war that endears him to our men, he says, “follow me” and great things happen.

    We may not have a choice after all.

    Consider this carefully, if we do not win the war in the Sardonyx, there may be a coup.

    The chronicler is right our scholars have failed us.

  76. chronicler said

    Since there is so much ridding on this.

    I think, it’s to everyone’s interest if we appoint a neutral party e.g the navigation guild to broker the return of darkness. I have considerable influence there, so I can make the arrangements.

    I am very sure, darkness will agree to certain concessions and terms even, but I don’t see how this can be accomplished in Primus by confronting him.

    Does Vollairne really believe Darkness will bow to the Council in Primus under those conditions?

    He may or may not, but if the matter is negotiated first, there is a better chance both sides can strike a win-win.

    I shall make the arrangements.

  77. snoopy said

    I dont want to sound impertinent, but why do I get the feeling darkness can say all these things, but the others are just his mouthpieces?

    We all know, he regularly uses all this so called “neutral” parties to test water no end.

    Let’s face it, how can you guys be neutral when you run with him! So let’s not kid around.

    He has run out of money hasn’t he? Now he senses the Council is bleeding in shark infested waters because the virtual osfront war is not going well as we are trapped in a Iraq of our own making, but he offers no solutions.

    If he is really sincere about returning to the fold, he should work with Nacramanga and the rest to flesh out a new strategy for the osfront in Sardonyx and planet Dni!

  78. KOHO said

    Snoop, I never recalled anyone ever asking his opinion till now on the Ostfront. Infact, on every occasion, when he did volunteer his services, they said it is all under control, now we all know those control levers are all connected to nothing!

  79. darkness said

    My position concerning the Singapore Angle is NOT subject to negotiations. If the matter is even on the table, then we might as well not waste each others time.

    Is that clear – thank you.

    Darkness 2007

    As for the Osfront, if you want a solution -ask and it shall be given!

    Darkness 2007

  80. Sitis said

    What is going on? Oops, no question asked, I forgot ….

  81. […] Singaporean Last MessageSuspensionIt’s Official: The Singapore Government Has Blasted Off To Cyber Space!Deconstructing the Singapore DreamAug 21Why Only Dummies Search For God in the Net? – A Cautionary […]

  82. Vollaraine said

    “My position concerning the Singapore Angle is NOT subject to negotiations.”

    Thank you very much from this gentlemen, we can more or less surmise how he proposes to “subordinate” himself to the council.

    Thank you. Yes, gentlemen, may I give you all the great darkness.

  83. chronicler said

    You should not take it out of context councillor, after all, I believe even your post was deleted by the Singapore Angle.

    Perhaps, the honorable gentleman was simply defending your modesty.

    Perhaps you should judge him on how the rest of us sees the situation.

    As far as SA is concerned, it is finished, why should we waste our time over spilled milk?- is it wise?

  84. chronicler said

    Consider Councillor, how much does the SA respect even the Council?

    It is clear, that Senator Darkness acted to protect the name of the Council.

    Anyone can see that, if you do not believe me, go and see for yourself, the entire transcript has been deleted – go and see for yourself Sir.

    You must ask why? What we have here is a derelict academic who has absolutely no idea how to foster trust – why should we waste our time on such a lost cause?

    I personally do not see any value in nurturing a relationship with any of them – besides look at their output, they are finished, even their writers know it.


  85. cerebus said

    Ask darkness to show up in Primus. I am certain, we can reach an agreement. I don;t feel comfortable con’t the dialogue here.

    Tell him that he has my word we will look favorably on his case.

  86. Sitis said

    Dear Councilors,(and also other members of the Brotherhood),

    Please allow me as an outsider to say a few things:

    I used to visit the SA regularly, as a beginner to blogs and blogging, to read articles. After what it has done (i.e. erasing so many good comments, including the councilors, which were not favourable to them), I have stopped visiting that site hence, because I have lost my respect and interest.

    Now, as a distant observer, from the way the councilors have commented in the SA previously, and from the way you are now trying to negotiate on behalf of/for the SA, I can’t help but get the impression that something is amiss and strange here.

    As I have perceived, the SA has directly or indirectly caused much damage to the image and reputation of the Brotherhood, as well as a severe drift/split amongst the members of the Brotherhood, yet you are still curiously bothered to negotiate on their behalf.

    May I, therefore, curiously and humbly ask, as an inquisitive neutral third party:

    “Is any of you, amongst the councilors, connected to/with the SA in some ways?”

  87. Praetorian said


    Allow me to be clear, so clear as to set the record straight. We do not understand how it was possible to have missed out the Brotherhood Press from the Singapore Blogosphere review. I do not believe anyone out there understands either. So ALL of us agree with darkness, we only differ in the methodology as to how to resolve this matter.

    Till neither Mr Bernard Leong, SA or Mr Kevin Lim has even provided us with an answer. I believe the answer, Mr Bernard Leong provided was deleted by him along with our question and many of the comments posted by many who showed interest in the matter. You have to draw your own conclusion what these means. But let us be mature, one cannot throw stones without expecting stones in return, so even he would have known if we did such as thing, there would be consequences.

    I my opinion it is best to leave it to the public, well the visitor counter in SA says it all, the public has certainly spoken and it is very clear for all to see – pls go and draw your own conclusions.

    As for the SA damaging the BP, this is not possible, they would have to first fulfil the first criteria of the competitive requirement – they must first be prolific producers, otherwise whatever they claim just doesnt gel with reality.

    Do not for one moment believe people like darkness writes and writes and writes and nothing happens and everything just stays the same or that anyone can even pretend he doesnt exist.

    You either have to be supremely stupid or delusional to believe that degree of output will not somehow solicit some form of reaction or response from the readers.

    As far as darkness issue with BL is concerned, I dont think the council even wants to get involved, if the SA and Kevin Lim can wash their hands of the matter so can the Council. It is a private matter between these two individuals and I really dont think, they will issue another comment on this matter.

  88. memphisto said

    If darkness says, he wants to “return to the fold.” Then, I for one will welcome him with open arms. There are no conditions, no terms, no stipulations, we are brothers.

    He shall have my seat in the great hall.

    I rejoice that “my brother” has seen the light!

  89. memphisto said

    Now stop your nonsense and take your seat senator, we have serious business to conclude in Primus.

    We expect you to be there! And I do not have time for this, do you understand Darkness?

  90. elfinman said

    Very well said. The brotherhood is first and foremost a fraternity of gentlemen – take your place along us darkness, walk with us.

    I too rejoice that “my brother” has seen the light!

  91. elfinman said

    The elders have been patient with you young man, it is time for the sleeper to awake, it is time for you to join the ranks of the serious men.

    I give you my word, if you play ball, you will be councillor in a few years, it has all been arranged.

    Our role here is enable not disable people, think young man! Why should we turn away a mind like yours?

    It doesn’t make any sense. Come and take your place beside us, but hold your tongue! Come come, even you must see how ridicolous all this is.

  92. whistleblower said

    Good Evening.

    I just want to inform the council that I have evidence to suggest, darkness misled a woman (Scimitar) by deliberately suggesting to her, he will met up with her.

    Only for him to derogate from his promise.

    May I ask whether he will face disciplinary proceedings for his dastardly act?

    I feel he should be dealt with under the strongest possible terms.

    Thank you.

  93. Sitis said

    Councilor Praetorian,

    Thank you very much for such a detailed explanation.

    I am really glad to hear that Darkness has returned and welcomed into the Brotherhood with honour and respect. That is what matured people do. The Brotherhood is certainly comprised of wise gentlemen.

    Though I am an outsider, I still rejoice with you guys.

    Long Live the Brotherhood!


  94. Sitis said

    Dear Readers,

    Another new article from the BH Press:

    “377A – The Unbearable Lightness Of Being.”

    Happy reading.


  95. jp morgan said

    To write like this, is to fly like an acrobat – darkness has an enormous talent for creating worlds that are both fantastic and believable, that are almost abstractions of reality but nonetheless still ring true. I like the way he single handedly takes out the 377 issue and says that it has nothing to do with right or wrong and instead it has everything to do with defining what is means acceptable.

    Original and I suspect truer than truer. I am glad to see this has moved up deservedly to the No 1 slot. Kudo’s

  96. jp morgan said

    Why can’t the ST write like this? Can they really blame people for voting with their mouse clickers?

    Maybe it’s time to compete!

  97. Sitis said

    ST writers are under control. After self-censorship and self-restraint, they have to be vetted by the Editor and others. So, how can a good brain develop under limitations and constraints, as well as FEAR of losing a job or breaking a rice bowl?

  98. kokopop said

    All I know about brotherhood is this, they celebrate intelligence, that’s to say, if one fellow is smart, the rest will form up around him to learn from this one. That way, they are always declaring war of stupidity. It is very different from the real world where if you are smart, then someone will say you are being to cheem, atas or too philosophical. In the brotherhood that will never be allowed to happen, that is why they will always bag 99% of the intellectuals.

  99. Primagal said

    Dear Sirs,

    I wish to raise to all your attention the following:

    “whistleblower Says:
    October 21st, 2007 at 9:30 pm
    Good Evening.

    I just want to inform the council that I have evidence to suggest, darkness misled a woman (Scimitar) by deliberately suggesting to her, he will met up with her.

    Only for him to derogate from his promise.

    May I ask whether he will face disciplinary proceedings for his dastardly act?

    I feel he should be dealt with under the strongest possible terms.

    Thank you.”

    May I respectfully ask what follow up action will Darkness Bambi Boy face?

    Many Thanks.

    I do hope, I get a reply.

  100. sphgirl said

    Yes, I believe some lashings is certainly in order. I believe, he even misled Scimitar and told her, “I will be happiest to met you” only to slink away on the last minute.

    I wonder what will the brotherhood do, you ensure that such a malingerer owes up to his duty.

    It’s clear to me, that darkness should be held to account for his ungentlemanly behaviour!

  101. Sitis said

    Oh, yes, he also said that he would bring along an extra bicycle for her. I remember that alright. (I think he could have broke her heart by not turning up as agreed.)

    But may be he did turn up but when he saw too many people there, he just scoot?

    And I was the one who had suggested to Scimitar to marry him. What a bad suggestion I had made! My apologies, Scimitar. Please forgive me for my poor perception.

    From now on, I shall mind my own business, and remain:

    AS IT IS!

  102. Sitis said

    Dear Darkness,

    As Observer had previously suggested to me to remember giving the 24 hours’ notice. I am now taking the liberty to give that 24 hours’ notice to the Brotherhood Press that I will be closing down the site in 24 hours’ time.

    I am getting fed up of the guessing and cat and mouse game. I wish to go back to my full retirement to enjoy life instead of getting mixed up with all the strange fellows.

    In 24 hours’ time, all my sites would be closed to the public, as of now: 22 October, 2007, 2050 hours.


  103. darkness said

    We understand, we have already provisioned for such a contingency, thank you Sitis.

    Long live the brotherhood!


  104. darkness said

    Tell your masters you will not get the information you want.

  105. darkness said

    We will confound you, we will confuse you and we will keep you guessing who we are!

  106. darkness said

    You can get as fed up as you want I do not give a flying fuck – guild provision to crash on another liebstandarte site!

    Do it asap!


  107. Sitis said

    Dear Darkness,

    Please ignore the above. It was written at the spur of the moment.
    I just simply couldn’t do such a thing to someone whom I have adored and respected for so long. Please forgive me.

    The WOS will always remain open. I will close down all my other sites instead.


  108. darkness said









  109. Khairy Jamaluddin said


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