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An Eye on the Future of The Singapore Blogging Scene / A Brotherhood Perspective

Posted by intellisg on June 19, 2007

eyes.jpgTHIS is a recent interview conducted between J. Kompf and Darkness. Key developments in the Singaporean blogging scene will be discussed: growth factors, trajectory, direction and the various pull and push forces that will play a role in to shaping the eventual form and texture of the blogosphere.

Factors such as commercialization, business opportunities and the scope for creativity and innovation will also be discussed. Alongside these discourses an in depth comparative analysis between the MSM and blogosphere will also be examined – along with other issues, such as; the role of bloggers – their relevance – readership trends – content development etc.

Readers both new and old will also be able to gain an appreciation of the Brotherhood Press as it serves to clarify much of the philosophy, goals and common misconceptions.

Brief excerpt of interview “on the future of the blogging scene in Singapore.” Read the rest of this entry »


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The Perils of Attempting to Regulate the Internet

Posted by intellisg on March 25, 2007

Recently at a Foreign Correspondents Association lunch, the government unveiled its strategy to manage the new media. Second Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan – mentioned the need to set “the rules of engagement” for the new media.

It’s a development that has generated considerable consternation in blogosphere – some have labeled it, simply as yet another attempt to control and regulate the internet. Others feel real or imagined. This was simply just another ploy designed to cower wayward bloggers to behave or else…… The oblique threat is clear – we live in a world of implications. So now you know the facts of life – the writing is on the wall.

This throws out the question what are the drivers which had led to this development? What does the government hope to accomplish and more important will it really work? Are there any pitfalls? Read the rest of this entry »

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The Extinction Game (or “Saving the Internet from its Detractors”)

Posted by inspir3d on March 3, 2007

Recently the politics of fear have been directed towards the internet. It may have been by design or simply the result of flawed thinking, but whatever it is, the result is clear. By deliberately demonizing everything to do with the net, critics suggest in broad strokes that the internet is nothing more than predation, the devil incarnate – it’s a claim that, by highlighting the obvious, doesn’t take much imagination to shore up: the moral turpitude of porn, falsities in conspiracy theories, visceral posts from racists and a handful of cases involving deceit, not to mention the internet’s nature as “feral” or a “free for all.” It’s a scene that suggests we are all suddenly going to sink inexorably into a moral cesspit.

To suggest sex fiends, confidence tricksters, conspiracy theorists and hucksters exist in the internet is certainly a palpable truth – to even suggest that these elements constitute a threat to the young and will ultimately confuse, mislead and even prey on the unsuspecting is probable. But arguments which neither consider the good currency of the internet nor attempt to draw out a trade off or even cost/benefit calculation of the internet are nonsensical. Read the rest of this entry »

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S’pore government revokes FEER’s permit

Posted by inspir3d on September 29, 2006

High impact2Far Eastern Economic Review (FEER) can no longer be sold or distributed in Singapore from today, as the government has revoked the permit given to the Hong Kong-based monthly magazine.This follows the failure by the publisher of FEER to comply with the conditions imposed under the Newspaper and Printing Presses Act (NPPA), said the Ministry for Information, Communications and the Arts (Mica). Full Story (Submitted by Samaryn)

FEER Response


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Thursday Treats

Posted by inspir3d on September 7, 2006

“Thoughts About My School” Flying Low, “All that talk about the rebranding of Singapore led me to think of my school.”

“Entangled Contracts” Xenoboy, “There is a very convenient way of analysing politics in Singapore. It is what most 101 undergraduates studying political science will be exposed to. It is a seductive way of intellectualising political discourse vis-a-vis Singapore. I am talking about the fabled “Social Contract”.”

“Israel’s Unprepared Reservists: Could the Same Thing Happen to Singapore?” Singapore Patriot @ Singapore Angle “Given the similarity between Singapore’s and Israel’s conscript army and geo-strategic constraints, Israel’s military lapses may unveil some useful lessons for our defence policymakers and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) commanders to consider.

“Rethinking NS – Part 1” Mr Wang, “Recently, I had lunch with a lawyer. A foreigner who has been working for some years in Singapore. He has PR status now and has been offered citizenship a few times. He also has a very young son, about three years old. During lunch, he asked me point-blank to explain the NS system and how he could avoid his son having to do NS.”

“Peaceful Streets” Yawning Bread, “In an unusual public statement, the Singapore police said last week that if anybody behaved in a way that threatened another, they would shoot to kill. It’s very extraordinary that they should trumpet this stance.”

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Tuesday Afternoon Bulletin

Posted by inspir3d on September 5, 2006


“Singapore’s Education System: On the Right Track?” by Dr Huang

“Can we Make Things Better?” by a Singapore Teacher [This link appears to be dead]

“CNA, Fifty Dollar Men” @ Yawning Bread

“The Ching Cheong Verdict” @


Book Review: “The Lenovo Affair” @ SG Entrepreneurs

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Evening update

Posted by inspir3d on September 4, 2006

“Government Scholarships – Not Always the Be All and End All” a guest contributor @ Singapore Angle explains why he turned down a government scholarship even though he was the top scorer in the ‘A’-levels, but not before discussing the issue of scholarships and foreign talent.

“The Adventures of BG Yeo” Mr Wang leaves a lengthy comment in response to BG Yeo’s third post.

“Entering Treacherous Waters” A discussion of the impact of the internet on Singaporean Politics.

“The Battle of Toy,” Xenoboy, “I would like to talk about his recent call to the Young PAP to place recruitment on the top of the agenda.”

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The MSM Smiles Bravely

Posted by inspir3d on September 2, 2006

“I had mentioned that the Straits Times recently interviewed me. They had wanted to do yet another story about MSM versus alternative media. The story appears in two articles today – on the Prime News and the Insight pages.

The articles were rather …. boring. No, I’m not being mean. Just expressing my opinion.” …more (Mr Wang)

Ben Ho also gives his take on the MSM here

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What Andy Ho must know (but isn’t saying)

Posted by inspir3d on August 31, 2006

“When you first consider the matter, it would seem logical to treat the MSM and the ‘New Media’ as Andy Ho refers to internet-based alternative media, in the same fashion in regards to regulation. Hypothetically, media is media, and the same rules should be applied equally to all… right?

Wrong.” …more (Mercer Machine)

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Selling Immigration

Posted by inspir3d on August 29, 2006

High impact2One of the chief topics in Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally speech (20 August 2006) was the need for foreign talent, and by extension, immigration. Predictably, the Straits Times then annoyed me (and perhaps many others) by featuring “new Singaporeans” – you know, happy nuclear families, doing well in life. More importantly, they all sang praises of Singapore: this is great, that is great and that’s why I relocated my family here, and took up Singapore citizenship.” …more (Yawning Bread)

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Machiavelli on Singapore Media

Posted by inspir3d on August 28, 2006

“In order to get a sense of the rationale behind the recent apparently erratic attitude towards blogging in Singapore, it’s instructive to turn to Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’. Specifically, what he has to say about the difficulties inherent in conquering centralized versus decentralized states is remarkably relevant when applied to the mainstream media (MSM) compared to alternative media, specifically the blogosphere.” …more (MercerMachine; recommended by Cobalt Paladin)

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Blurring Lines for a Clearer Picture

Posted by inspir3d on August 28, 2006

Writing for TODAY, Wayne Soon wonders if blogs like Yawning Bread, Singapore Angle, Singapore Economist, Commentary Singapore, and The Intelligent Singaporean can cross the chasm between New Media and the Main Stream Media so that the two mediums can “engage each other” …more (TODAYonline)

You can also find the same article (and comment on it) on Wayne’s Blog.

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