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Why Only Dummies Search For God in the Net? – A Cautionary Tale

Posted by intellisg on August 21, 2007

dummies.jpgSome articles are easy to write, others are just painful – this is the latter. I had it lying around in my inbox for months rotting away, but it seems like a good time now to just let it go when all the confetti about the ND speech has settled. It’s a very personal take on what happens when we go on-line to search for God – a cautionary tale even about how a good idea can go so very wrong so bear in mind though the message may even be humorous, the message is dead serious. If you’re not in the mood for the personals this Tuesday, skip it. Read the rest of this entry »


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Removing The Plank – Why Religion and Politics Don’t Mix.

Posted by inspir3d on February 5, 2007

“One muggy morning in late July many years ago, on a graveled stoned path flanked by cedar trees; two men walked towards the top of a hill. The man who had just turned forty paused, coughed and apologized to the preacher, who smiled on registering his companion’s lack of stamina. He (the younger man) had just given up the bottle less than two weeks ago, since then he had been trying to get into shape, but there was still much to be done.

When both men reached the top of the hill, they paused for a while and took a sweep of the Kennebunk-port compound. The taciturn yet convivial Billy Graham, spiritual mentor to the rich and famous, turned to the man and said,

“George, I want to talk to you about those moments when a booming voice in your head, just speaks to you.”

“Yeah Bill, I know that voice and it sure booms, like a jet plane splitting the sound barrier. I get that feeling every morning when I wake up.” The man shakes his head.

“No George, I am not talking about a hangover. I am talking about the voice from up there!” The preacher points up and smiles wryly turning to the younger man.

“Bill, you’ve seen them too…I’ve had this experience once, when…..”

“Shhhh George, I am talking about the old man upstairs, way up there. He told me last night in a dream, he has great plans for you George………great plans.”

Both men turned upwards to the skies and at that moment the sun broke through the clouds – it seemed that they were witnessing the beginning of a new dawn. Read the rest of this entry »

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The “Intelligent Design” of Monkey Business – Lessons from an American Classroom

Posted by inspir3d on February 1, 2007

The struggle between evolutionists and creationists has never been so cogent – as the world begins to define and sharpen itself through the process of globalization, schools of thought and states of mind are continuously being hammered, harmonized and reconciled into one extruded long stream of logic. Sticking up along like kinks on a smooth straight line remain two lumps strangely at odds with each other, standing at opposite lengths and eyeballing each other menacingly – they are the evolutionist and creationist.

Central to the evolutionist and creationist debate is how policy makers, educators and parents reconcile the eschatological gulf between these two opposing camps: to effectively profile an educational program to holistically explain both the sciences and the phenomenon of evolution without compromising on accuracy and depth – against this goal lies a complex tapestry of contradictions. For one, both creationist and evolutionist have rival narratives accounting for man’s origins, rival roadmaps about what the deeper meaning of life is, rival sets of philosophies governing change and stasis, and above all, rival endings about how the book of life will come to an end.

One way to understand the various aspects of this great divide is to look at its recent historical baseline in the US and chart its course to where it has settled these days. The present struggle over evolution is often seen by defenders of Darwinism as the clash of the titans in which creationism is a part of a general right-wing ideology that justifies the formation of a traditionalist autocratic class, wholly based on the ideal of protecting, “our way of life,” against assaults from post modernist adherents who they see as intent on overturning long held moral values into immoral compromises. These adherents are usually found in Marlboro land in the US (you know the cowboy who only shots blanks because he is puffing himself to extinction), more popularly known as the rural, South, the Midwest, and the Southwest, proudly counting themselves among the supporters of the current Bush Republican administration than among urban Northern Democrats (Coincidentally, this is also the place where they all believe aliens go around abducting people after getting bored of that, they go around forming crop circles.)  Read the rest of this entry »

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