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It’s Official: The Singapore Government Has Blasted Off To Cyber Space!

Posted by intellisg on August 21, 2007

space.jpg Man it had to happen – it’s bound to happen – and now it’s finally happened. What am I talking about? The Singapore Government has decided to put on their space suits and magnetic booties to explore cyber space big time. It’s all here in this article:

Nope it’s not just talk this time, it’s real and just in case you have any doubts, I have even gutted out the juicy bits just to show you how serious they are in projecting into the virtual:

“AN IT-SAVVY government agency here owns an island – but one which does not exist in the real world.

Along with at least two other agencies, the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) has bought real estate to operate in a universe that exists only online.

This virtual world, called Second Life, is visited by more than 8.9 million residents from about 100 real-world countries.

Besides the IDA, the Singapore Tourism Board and Economic Development Board have bought stakes there – not for commercial gain, but to reach their audiences, or to explore operations in a virtual world.

Senior Minister of State for Information, Communications and the Arts Balaji Sadasivan, revealing this yesterday, noted that life in this digital age was making the world increasingly porous, so it was important for people to ‘exploit the opportunities opening up’ in the cyberworld.”

Now I know most of you don’t really know what the virtual is – it remains the stuff of I know, but not really. So I am going to spend a few minutes just laying it out. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Art of Agelessness and Timelessness in an Ever Changing World – The 20/80 Rule.

Posted by intellisg on August 16, 2007

agelessness.jpgYou know what? It just dawned on me. There are a few things which are iconic to only “me.” Well not actually the ‘me’ that I am even remotely conscious of – rather it’s the “me’ that others just associated with me.

The stuff that usually provokes the trite expression, “it’s so him, isn’t it?”

One of them has to be my venerable Hewlett –Packard 12c which I never fail to whip out to mark out my boundary on a conference table. I am sure you all seen that prehistoric Soviet era paper weight. Born at an age when microchips where vomiting and struggling to say, gu-gu-mama. These days when my HP 12c sits alongside the likes of modern PDA’s cum phones, camera’s, GPS navigator etc, it just looks like a prehistoric fossil set alongside space age high tools.

But you know what, it doesn’t bother me. For one it’s a dream to use and through the years you’ve be amazed what I have managed to do with this little baby. For one it’s a winner with its easy-to-use layout, crispy buttons with just the right tactile feel, a clear monotone one-line LCD display and the best thing, its discreet, not like the modern ones that all regularly dole out ring tone torture.

Yes, I know these days, one can probably get something that’s roughly a million times better than my trusted HP 12c, but that’s hardly the point of this article – I am asking a very fundamental question here; why do some things endure? While others just go the way of the dodo bird? To paraphrase, why do some things remain ageless and timeless well beyond their age? While others can hardly even maintain their foothold as they’re swept away into the garbage heap of “has-been’s” I guess you could ask the same for monuments, sculptures, music, film stars, relationships, firms, philosophies, ideologies or for that matter anything under the sun.

Have you really wondered, what’s the winning secret that separates a winners from a loser? Read the rest of this entry »

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The ‘Word,’ That Could Change Our World

Posted by intellisg on July 30, 2007

world-word.jpgYou would have thought one of the hardest problems for any technologist to grapple with is the nuts and bolts making a product work. In fact, nothing can be further from the truth, the annals of tech history suggest, making stuff work typically constitute only 12% of the success factor. This leads us to consider what’s the other 88% that kills innovative ideas from emerging triumphantly into the market place? What’s the name of the grim reaper that lurks in the wings responsible for this dismal rate of failures?

Do you want to know his name? Do you want to know how kill him before he cuts you down? That could just be the difference between ending up as a statistic or getting ahead of the crowd. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hey! What Happened to the “Golden Age,” of the Future?

Posted by intellisg on July 16, 2007

goldenage.jpgSomewhere hidden deep inside, the dark recesses of the store room just beneath the stairways in a small briefcase – I’ve got a stack of old popular mechanics magazines, a gift subscription my parents bought for me around just around the time I turned 13. From time to time, I still leaf through them usually during lazy Sunday afternoons. It’s surprising what one finds when one rummages through the past. I once found a nine page death threat from a childhood sweetheart. Obviously it never got to me but that explains why I didn’t get the job in the firm where she now works as the human resource manager.

Popular Mechanics was a perfect magazine for a boy of a certain age and interest with it’s heady mix of pseudo-science (UFOs, Bermuda triangle, Yeti, Area 51 and Where is Atlantis galore), all written in way as to suggest the golden age of flying cars, wrist radios and Lunar vacations was just around the corner.

Fast forward to the present – what happened to those promises? Read the rest of this entry »

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Don’t Be A Crash Dummy! – Traffic Safety in Singapore

Posted by intellisg on May 14, 2007

dummy1.jpg“All bus stops will be reviewed to see IF they need to be fitted with safety bollards.”

Land Transport Authority (LTA) Spokesperson. 04 May 2007

Safety bollards (1m high) are made of steel sections filled with concrete, and are used to absorb part of the impact if a vehicle runs out of control. Safety bollards have been installed at 1,500 bus stops since 1999. The review to incorporate them to cover the rest of bus stops island wide comes after another accident last Tuesday, this time involving a bus stop that did not feature safety bollards. The outcome was tragic, three women were killed and four others seriously hurt when a car ploughed into a crowded bus stop at Bendemeer Road in May 1998. Neither is this an isolated incident either in September 2003, six people were injured, three critically, when a car slammed into a bus stop in front of Jurong Camp in Upper Jurong Road. And in June 1997, one man was killed and two others were injured when a car rammed into a bus stop at Lavender Street.

It raises the question how safe are bollards in reality? And the broader question of how do we manage the safety factor and what actually forms much of this science of risk management?

In this special investigative report, the brotherhood press has assembled a scientific team to examine much of the science of safety and bring to the fore front some disturbing issues which you simply need to know – if you don’t want to end up as a crash dummy! Read the rest of this entry »

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The Extinction Game (or “Saving the Internet from its Detractors”)

Posted by inspir3d on March 3, 2007

Recently the politics of fear have been directed towards the internet. It may have been by design or simply the result of flawed thinking, but whatever it is, the result is clear. By deliberately demonizing everything to do with the net, critics suggest in broad strokes that the internet is nothing more than predation, the devil incarnate – it’s a claim that, by highlighting the obvious, doesn’t take much imagination to shore up: the moral turpitude of porn, falsities in conspiracy theories, visceral posts from racists and a handful of cases involving deceit, not to mention the internet’s nature as “feral” or a “free for all.” It’s a scene that suggests we are all suddenly going to sink inexorably into a moral cesspit.

To suggest sex fiends, confidence tricksters, conspiracy theorists and hucksters exist in the internet is certainly a palpable truth – to even suggest that these elements constitute a threat to the young and will ultimately confuse, mislead and even prey on the unsuspecting is probable. But arguments which neither consider the good currency of the internet nor attempt to draw out a trade off or even cost/benefit calculation of the internet are nonsensical. Read the rest of this entry »

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We Are Not Alone

Posted by inspir3d on January 14, 2007

9 January 2007 at 7.30pm somewhere around Siglap in the Republic of Singapore.

Two men in a petrol kiosk in Siglap, high above them a mysterious greenish rocket shaped unidentified flying object heads south.

Mr A: “UFO! UFO!”
Mr B: “Yeah I know all cars these days take only unleaded fuel even your ten year old boneshaker. I am not stupid!”
Mr A: “Not that UFO, the other one.”
Mr B: “OMG that’s a UFO! A real UFO!”
Mr A: “No doubt about it’s an alien space craft. One of those long range reconnaissance deep space shuttles.”
Mr B: “Shouldn’t they be flying over the white house or somewhere important instead of the padang?”
Mr A: “No they’re too smart to talk to Bush.”
Mr B: “You mean those green men consider our PM more important than Bush?”
Mr A: “Well last time an intelligent civilization had a conversation with a Bush, they ended up wandering the desert confused for 40 years…….Alamak, look its changing direction.”
Mr B: “Magnetic ion silent drive right?…….hey it’s gone!”
Mr A: “More will come….just you watch and see…more will come.”

Read the rest of this entry »

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New CISCO tracking system will cover all of Singapore

Posted by inspir3d on July 21, 2006

The proposed new CISCO tracking system creeps Gayle out …read more

Source: Gayle Goh

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