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Aug 16/17

Posted by intellisg on August 16, 2007


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The Art of Agelessness and Timelessness in an Ever Changing World – The 20/80 Rule.

Posted by intellisg on August 16, 2007

agelessness.jpgYou know what? It just dawned on me. There are a few things which are iconic to only “me.” Well not actually the ‘me’ that I am even remotely conscious of – rather it’s the “me’ that others just associated with me.

The stuff that usually provokes the trite expression, “it’s so him, isn’t it?”

One of them has to be my venerable Hewlett –Packard 12c which I never fail to whip out to mark out my boundary on a conference table. I am sure you all seen that prehistoric Soviet era paper weight. Born at an age when microchips where vomiting and struggling to say, gu-gu-mama. These days when my HP 12c sits alongside the likes of modern PDA’s cum phones, camera’s, GPS navigator etc, it just looks like a prehistoric fossil set alongside space age high tools.

But you know what, it doesn’t bother me. For one it’s a dream to use and through the years you’ve be amazed what I have managed to do with this little baby. For one it’s a winner with its easy-to-use layout, crispy buttons with just the right tactile feel, a clear monotone one-line LCD display and the best thing, its discreet, not like the modern ones that all regularly dole out ring tone torture.

Yes, I know these days, one can probably get something that’s roughly a million times better than my trusted HP 12c, but that’s hardly the point of this article – I am asking a very fundamental question here; why do some things endure? While others just go the way of the dodo bird? To paraphrase, why do some things remain ageless and timeless well beyond their age? While others can hardly even maintain their foothold as they’re swept away into the garbage heap of “has-been’s” I guess you could ask the same for monuments, sculptures, music, film stars, relationships, firms, philosophies, ideologies or for that matter anything under the sun.

Have you really wondered, what’s the winning secret that separates a winners from a loser? Read the rest of this entry »

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The Economics of Finding a Soul Mate – A Singapore Tale of Love.

Posted by intellisg on August 15, 2007

soulmate.jpgRecently, I lunched with a university mate of mine and half way through, he lamented how it’s almost impossible these days to find a “decent” girl. Usually, I don’t butt in till the rant runs it’s course, but on this occasion. It just came out the way it did. Please don’t press me where it came from. I have absolutely no idea besides I have a good excuse, I fell down a flight of stairs when I was six and hit my head in every conceivable direction to qualify as a “believe-it-or-not” showpiece. I am serious. I even have those grainy X-rays and autographed plaster cast to prove it.

What did I say? Well something like this, “Maybe you’re still single because you don’t understand the economics of getting hitched?” That did it, my friend promptly stood up, flashed a flustered look of frustration and promptly packed off leaving me to pay the bill. Now as I sat there negotiating how I could down the remainder of his tuna sandwich without getting half of it on my trousers.

I wondered to myself why can’t we use economics to make sense of love? I am serious. Hell, we use it from everything to send a man to the moon – designing how wide roads should be even how many families should be pigeon holed into HDB estates. It begs the question: why do so many use economics as a basis for making sense of matters of the heart? Read the rest of this entry »

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The Perils of Making Sense in a Parallel Universe

Posted by intellisg on August 15, 2007

perils.jpgI am sure you’ve experience it before. It goes like this: you read, see or hear something in the real world and form an opinion on it. Then you log on only to find the same topic written in an opposite way. It leaves you wondering, “hey, did I miss something or what?”

Calm down, you’re not in the “twilight zone,” you’ve just stepped into the “parallel universe.” – the internet.

The Parallel universe is a self-contained separate reality coexisting with our own known world, it implies a relationship with our own universe. The internet and the MSM is perhaps one of the starkest representation of this motif where truths are as malleable as chewing gum. Often differing to such a degree one can even draw endless contradictory accounts to suggest they are two different worlds set so far apart – heaven and earth would do quite nicely to describe the relationship.

What’s really behind this contradictory depiction of the truth? Read the rest of this entry »

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Aug 15

Posted by intellisg on August 15, 2007

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Let’s not go down the way of the Crazy Horses Again! – A Lesson in Basics in Business.

Posted by intellisg on August 13, 2007

crazyhorse.jpgYou have no possible idea how I rued the passing of the Parisian inspired Crazy horses show. Only because a perky derriere and a silken mane does wonders for a flagging appetite – these days, I am back to staid Sentosa, whenever I have to entertain my regular troupe of overseas customers whenever they make their way to Singapore. Things just aren’t the same.

Recently there has even been talk of turning our little red pimple into a Monaco of sorts. Yes, I know the Formula 1 is scheduled to make its roaring debut soon. Along with the ear shattering screams and the aroma of burning exotic rubber – it’s enough for me get excited again.

But I am already jaded and there is enough of me to say “we’ve seen it before haven’t we?”, the sort who knows only too well how hatching a smart product is only half the story. The other half of is whether such “great ideas” can sustain and more importantly make money without fizzling out like Crazy horses and packing off like a traveling circus. Whenever I am in one of my famous fatalistic moods, I console myself with sobering thoughts like – have you forgotten the helium filled days of the dot-com era? – didn’t Temasek take a dive with Shin Corp? – Hey remember those Iranian Siamese twins who died?

Yes, we have all seen it before haven’t we –the before, during and sad after when some great idea starts off with all the razzmatazz only to slink silently away with an air of abject embarrassment – I wonder: why do good ideas go so bad? Read the rest of this entry »

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Aug 12

Posted by intellisg on August 12, 2007

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Aug 10

Posted by intellisg on August 10, 2007

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Nation Builders – A new video by Martyn See

Posted by intellisg on August 9, 2007

Visit Martyn’s Blog Here, or watch below

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Are We All Alone? – [A National Week Message]

Posted by intellisg on August 9, 2007

alone.jpgSomewhere in Middle America on a spring June in 1947, a traveling salesman by the name of Kenneth Arnold proclaimed to the world; he spotted the first flying saucer in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. At first everyone brushed him off as a Looney. But this didn’t stop Arnold and his motley crew from spreading their message through out the American radio circuit. No one really took them seriously beyond regarding them as freak shows in between advertising slots for detergents and soda pops.

But it was just after WW2 and most Americans were tired of looking down, flying saucers offered a good excuse as any to lift one’s head towards the heavens. Today – ‘UFO’ ranks as the second most Googled word and scores the second highest hit just after ‘porn’ – three in every five people believe our planet has been visited by an alien civilization – there’s even an US government funded program (SETI) to look for little green men.

I wonder are they all delusional? Perhaps they know something, you and I don’t know….

These days anything to do with UFO’s is serious business. Gone are the days when the likes of Arnold and his motley crew were treated like inbreeding cretins paraded around like circus freaks. These days UFO believers make the Freemasons look like a consortium of bus drivers. Don’t believe me –check it out yourself;

Reads like a who is who’s list. Right? Still think we’ve crazy? Not so sure now are you? Read the rest of this entry »

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Aug 09

Posted by intellisg on August 9, 2007

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How do you tell a real elite, from a fake elite? (Part II)

Posted by intellisg on August 7, 2007

real-elite-2.jpgWhile writing the second part of this series on ‘how do you tell a real, from a fake elite?’ I found myself mulling over an issue which started as roughly the size of a mustard seed: did you ever consider, how your assumptions about ‘elites’ came about?

By lunch time, that seed had grown to roughly the size of a tennis ball. Yet, I was still no closer to resolving the mystery – did someone put it in my head? (this may be another case for agent Molder and Scully). After rummaging through the annals of my averagely miserable childhood – I realized none of my teachers or for that matter even any my friends actually spoke to me about what an ‘elite’ is or isn’t – let alone how they should or shouldn’t behave and how to recognize one.

Mmmh strange…very strange. Maybe someone fiddled with the water supply? No, I am just kidding, but you get my drift don’t you. It’s disconcerting when you can’t pin down – how a thought managed to latch itself so firmly into your head.

Now if this sounds to you like the ‘revelation’ scene in the Matrix when Morpheus presents Neo with the ‘red and blue pills’ with the prophetic words,

“You take the blue pill – the story ends here, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland …… Neo, I don’t know how it will end, all I can tell you for certain how your journey will begin.”

That’s because this is one of those rare cases when life actually mirrors art – it begins the very moment you click on that ‘continue reading further’ side bar Read the rest of this entry »

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