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Posted by inspir3d on August 25, 2007

Dear Readers,

Recently certain events have prompted me to re-evaluate the role & relevance of the Intelligent Singaporean in the Singapore socio-political blogosphere. These events have forced me to reconsider whether continuing my aggregation work furthers the original cause of IS.

The original intention of IS was that it would act as a mutual ground of exchange and to facilitate civil discussion about socio-political issues in Singapore. The blogosphere has however evolved rapidly in the intervening year and IS is no longer able to serve the changing needs of the blogosphere today.

I have therefore decided that this would be an appropriate time for me to redefine the nature of my participation in the blogosphere. Unfortunately, this includes the discontinuation of IS as it currently stands. Rest assured all previously published content will be retained and will continue to be accessible to the public-at-large.

It has been a privilege to have been involved in the undertaking of such a project. I would like to thank all those who have contributed to IS in one way or another, including all the readers who have supported my work. My only regret is that I will no longer be able to provide you with the same convenience in navigating the socio-political blogosphere that I have been able to with the Intelligent Singaporean.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.



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