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Archive for July 12th, 2006

Nation Building

Posted by inspir3d on July 12, 2006

The government’s strategy to invite foreign capital and MNCs into the country has given Singapore many advantages. Singapore continues this strategy in instances such as the field of life sciences where it has spent much on foreign talent. However, is this strategy necessarily the best one for the future? Here’s some commentary on the issue …read more

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Express Yourself

Posted by inspir3d on July 12, 2006

John Aglionby of The Guardian isn’t a Singaporean, but the Mr Brown issue has caught his eye. He surveys the recent incident, trends in Singapore media, and its implications on freedom of expression. …read more


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Posted by inspir3d on July 12, 2006

The government wants Singaporeans to speak a world class standard of English. It also wants Singaporeans to be fluent in their mother tongue. What, however, has been the social impact of government policy on language, and has the language policy been a success? Milli Vanilli writes a very hard hitting and forceful point of view …read more


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Public Transport: SBS’s FAQ

Posted by inspir3d on July 12, 2006

Have you noticed anything lately with the recent change in taxi fares? Molly Meek certainly has. Indeed, there seems to be much more than meets the eye when it comes to public transport in Singapore. Here’s some food for thought when you next get on a bus. …read more

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Flags and Monuments

Posted by inspir3d on July 12, 2006

National Day is approaching. Many Singaporeans will be hanging their national flags on their front doors, balconies and windows. Is doing so, however, a sign of support for Singapore, or a sign of support for the PAP? Are they one and the same, or is there a difference? Alex Au explores the question …read more

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Let Mr Brown Speak

Posted by inspir3d on July 12, 2006

Many of you will have written to Today regarding Mr Brown. Unfortunately, none of the letters were published. Here’s just one of the more heartfelt voices regarding the issue …read more

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Running A Marathon

Posted by inspir3d on July 12, 2006

Running a full 42.195km is an extremely challenging task. You have to be in it for the long haul. The IS has only been around for slightly more than a day, but hopes to be here for at least 42.195 days more, if not 42.195 months… (maybe years??) Dr. Huang has some tips on how to hang around for the long run. …read more

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Higher Standards in the Press

Posted by inspir3d on July 12, 2006

Everybody seems to have something thoughtful to say about the Mr. Brown issue. But as Mr. Brown found out, being thoughtful in Singapore can get you into a mess. Mr KTM fears he may get fired from STOMP, but here at IS, he’ll always be noticed. He’s cooked up some tasty kway teow for thought. …read more

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