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Posted by inspir3d on September 21, 2006

Who owns the street? (YB) “It was supposed to be a lively, yet thought-provoking carnival, filling the Substation, its grounds, and bursting out onto Armenian Street.

The police killed it.”

IMF/WB: Singapore fails to Impress (Asian Banker) “Singapore was certainly a victim of its own ambitions to impress.

Oh they’re gone? Gee, I hadn’t realised (Kitana) “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Unchanged”

Activists did not have a voice (Singabloodypore) Another reply to TODAY letter from Ministry of Home Affairs

Thailand’s Military Coup (ChemGen) “Pundits posit that Thailand’s rocky bumpy winding road to democracy has always been dependent on miliary intervention and deposing a democratically-elected PM, and the tacit backing of the Monarch. Strange but true.”

Police, State (MM) “The KTM asks in his entry, “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”: “can we please cut the police some slack?”

A great question, indeed”

In The End, (Xenoboy) “In the end, the sunflowers did not really die, the Cenotaph is still enclosed and many groups of people are unhappy over this event hosted in Singapore. The guests are not happy, the hosts are also less than pleased, local activists remain immobilised and the foreign activists keep their heads high and their beliefs intact.”


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Why I Would Like to Leave

Posted by inspir3d on September 21, 2006

It’s been a while since the last IS Opinion piece. This piece really struck a chord in me, and I hope it strikes a chord in you as well.


Why I Would Like to Leave, by Kitana

Before I went to Canada for a year, I had to go for a medical check-up. During that check-up, the doctor told me that I would love Canada. And he had said that most of the people he knew that went to Canada, either never came back; or when they did, they’d returned to Canada shortly after. Few ever stayed in Singapore.

At the time, I wondered why. I don’t anymore. Read the rest of this entry »

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